Online Communities

(hosted by tommya)

some online communities:
help forum
push pull bar
3d Warehouse

-can be intimidating to post! (grammar, spelling, getting things right, etc.)
-lots of forums out there
-many niches
-resource is taken for granted
-can we take the information from the forums and display it elsewhere?
-you never know who you're talking to!

how do you get more people to post?
-invite them?

integrating the 3d Warehouse rating system and forum? make it more like community

How did you find SketchUp communities/forums?
-Help button
-SketchUcation forum
-by accident! got ton of replies, learning experience (forum etiquette, etc)
-AIA convention (by architecture trade)
-AIA 150 project
-people needs tools, scripts, plug-ins, etc.

Using other social communities for other social communities
-using #sketchup (to help label posts, search, etc.)
-search-ability, timeliness
-live Q&A
-tweet about things you're not selling

Online communities are started by having a common ground and can be strengthened by live/in person interaction.

You can develop a community based on anything, just need common interest!
-technology makes it much easier

Make a virtual (but physical) community online (meeting place?)

who has SkhetchUp hashtag?