Managing Large Sets of 3D Assets

Gary jacobs, john- igloo, alex - igloo, bbrown - google, bryces - google,  denis beach

+ Gary jacobs, has 20k models
- needed quick way to call up stuff (digital assets), using adobe bridge to call up files
--  creating custom icons using a script then adding to the file for use in adobe bridge, uses watermarks to add logos to thumbs.
--  also using a program called Leap ($40), allows tagging,  supports color tags
--  content is  from lots of places, warehouse, formfonts, 3d cornucopia, and others
--  sub-licensing content is not an issue because Gary provides images of his work.

- Feature request - Support Tags directly in the file.  Leap tags are currently external to files
- Use cases - classify work (models) by cost, or type of work, or materials used, or location
- Work Flow - search in leap for a piece of content ("oak"), then drag and drop the file into SketchUp
- Naming is done by date for cars or by level of detail ("Lo - ford focus")
-  Warehouse improvements
--  search is sometimes poor
---  bad models are not well distinguished from good models
---   Authors are usually good indicators of model quality.

+ John from Igloo
- issue is managing 1000s of models on the 3D Warehouse.
--  tags and metadata is added "auto magically" to the model details and model attributes
--  would be nice if the warehouse pulled meta data directly from the file
-- "collections are clunky to manage"
---   Keep collections local and pass them up to the warehouse.
---   Use unix timestamps and version codes on models to be able to trouble shoot problems
- Promoting files on the warehouse
--  vignettes (scenes/groups of models ie a set of cabinets) get downloaded more often than individual models