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Mitchel Stangl

Q - cut lists, pulling off tags.

Mitchel - $2M job, $70K fees, structural engineer stamped.  
 Piping with 3D view on the mechanical design.
 All cut from 3D model - 1 model.  3D into another file, make all scenes.  
 Working model (don't want to take section files) use format LayOut-GA*
 Sectional callouts are in (don't say paper space and model space).
 Dimensions in SketchUp are a pain in the arse.
 Previous - 3D SketchUp model, 3D ACAD, do cuts & clips of it.
 Layers = Title stuff on top.
  Layers for revisions,
  Dim, Centerlines, etc… viewports == SketchUp views (Mitchel hates Autodesk-speak and thinks we should develop our own names)
  Vector / Hybrid rendering,
 Hatches as jpegs in SketchUp, explode them
 -> someone has a plugin?  Didn’t catch who?
 Does he give out his documents?  Yes.  Put planes, make components, make them slightly

 Less than 1% change orders now due to using 3D.  Duct & pipe work,
 SKP-0937GA, that's the only think to include (only one skp - people were surprised, thinking it was multiple skp’s).

 SketchUp / LayOut.  SketchUp file sets up all scenes to go to LayOut, equiv of doing XREF's.
 4 people working on a document,  someone will say fix in 1, ask others to reload.
 Still draw it once, draw it right - not true duplication of model.  If you only had to do 3 times, you're golden.

 SketchUp -- you'll see planes.  Std naming system:
   layerings on a model, sometimes Arch nomenclature
   1's are new, 2's are demo,
   REV files, not the ones from scrapbooks (get rid of that)
 3D clips - do they want you to go to Arch Desktops.
 This one has 20 drawings… 250' square building, dual dimensions (metric and feet, building in Canada).

 10' sliced to this model, conveyor goes out at oblique angle, so changed the views.

 Grayed out (obsolete), so mask layer (translucent), to mask
 LayOut3 - put color in fill put jogs in fill for hatching. (Feature Request)

 SketchUp model - to clients & customers (Mitchel owns components) - “no one gives a crap about my intellectual property or artistic value.”

 Sectioning of model, you need to keep sections on all the time.  L-All (all layers on) ->  the grid… cut through something, didn't look right… planes to give (a) location of cuts -> wants back clipping plane (name sections, control sections, name it and have bubble show up).. with fog??  Mitchel - should check that out.

Dan - your section planes on section cuts, snake on first plane, 2nd plane for the backing, Planes on North-South layers (naming uses CP = clipping plane),

Q - Section plane - apply thickness (front back + opacity)… section implied that you want to see it, once it's put, automatically assign a scene.  Mitchel (looked at Revit once or twice)…

Have done intersect with model, highlight line work…
Q - used wireframe;  sits outside of all, model has to be grouped with section plane, sits outside of that 10 mm;  Mitchel - small changes; e.g. - move door, and dimensions not right.

Constant point to reference grid - Mitchel:  I care about function (equipment, not building).  Same process, just different vernacular.

Setting up back a clipping plane.

Important thing about top section:  best practice is to have them on all the time and have plane above all the work, then any plan view, elevation view that you don't want to have on, you eliminate by turning on top plane.

Hyperlinking - link between LO docs (XREF);  in AutoCAD, always had to model 9 separate areas, external skin was another model - "go do staircases"… but we don't have that yet in LayOut.  

MS - working model/mitchel, no file locking, projects usually 1 person doing conceptual, then pieces.  Get to drawings stage, everyone in office uses it.  MS did 90% of work;  PDF stuff in LayOut.  Set up paper low quality.  If you're doing images, maybe higher.

Play around with styles…
Q - insert, if they have sections
A - Mitchel I don't want any sections.
Look at shadows.. fixed bug 7.1, every time you touch scene, you get a new style… bug fixed.  style 1,2,3,4…

To do models, remove section planes, looking at views.  Don't like in LayOut - some texturing (grating… opacity tends to be high - jpg from SketchUp material, not as crisp), shadowing, keep it high - darker lines, see what works for you.  

In most models, if you turn on shadows, walk away because it takes a while.

Shading is beautiful.

Q - modeling:  pipes have accuracy?  Secion - pieces?  
A - Mitchel - model everything that's important.  Don't model inside radius of pipes.  Pipes all 8 sided;  everything is exactly right - made steel shapes (beams & columns).  Columns have Centerline… all have steel surface, to get different surface.  CtrLine to pipe?  Log building - CtrLine is a big time saver… cardinal points.

Style in color by layer and axis color (black line - you know you're off axis) - don't present that way, but build that way.  Style dialog - edit, ine work, by axis.

Sections - work around to make these possible.
Q - sections in Outliner then attach properties?
A - Mitchel - only using section to cut 3d model.  Stay with your model - the minute you start doing 2D, you screw up….
Q - I just want call that entity gets to be named.
A - Mitchel - we wont see the ability to change layers - always be scenes.  Treat scenes as absolute things.  Use scenes.  Every item is checked on scene updates.

In Arch - not as much of moving stuff around;  door & windows are smaller amounts of changes, Arch == a lot of 2D things.

SketchUp drawing + LayOut file.

Q - Do you name scenes based on Section cuts?
A - Mitchel - no, you move stuff, 1,2, … then 1, 1.2, 1.5, 2

Q - Do you red mark?
A - Mitchel, drawing set, make full copy, then move fwd with existing set.  Save revisions.  Always save. :-)

Take the view, bring to vector and explode;  on detail on plan view.

This guy (name, help) ( talked at the end:

I use SketchUp Pro for all construction docs.  Was CAD user,  
 created course - SketchUp file & LayOut file - building this pavilion bldg, taking one section cut to show what to do

Creating surfaces in between lines - 2D in between 3D, can turn on & off, a subtly of color by material, black colored group, overrode.  But changed individual colors of textures.  style is such that anything not in section is in muted colors.  (white or off-white), can pick off.

Click on skin… change in model, quick change in 2D skin.  Viewsion,  Auth training ctr in Ireland -

Crude audio of the session is available at