Layers in Google Earth

Presented by: Csaba

Google Earth doesn’t recognize layers that are turned off in SketchUp.
Would like to export from SketchUp a timeline and in KMZ and Google Earth get that timeline and use it.

Would like GE to extend the history layer to have buildings and allow different models at the same spot in different timelines or the same model but show different layers visible at different time lines.  This would allow users to see a building built in 1200ad and then see it at 1400ad where it had additions and see it at 2010ad where it is now a ruins.  Currently you can only see the ruins and not the buildings at different times leading up to the ruins.

Another benefit would be to see current models as they are being built out.  First you have a basement, then first floor, then second floor, etc.  

So maybe click on a building and a slider timeline of the building is displayed and you can see the progression of the building being built or eroding along the slider.

Another issue: If you click on a building in GE, a bubble pops up.   If you click on a building that is local, not uploaded to GE but just displayed locally you don’t get the bubble, you have to sort through menus to accomplish the same thing.

Would like to export SKP to KMZ, exporting hidden layers and be able to hide / unhide the layers in GE.  KMZ supports a timeline.  Buildings should appear and disappear along the timeline.  An example is a 14th century Monastery that is now in ruins, but want to see it when it was first built too.

In summary:
Want to be able to have a timeline in GE where we show either the history of a building or for architects to show the buildout of a building.

Note to Dusty:
We can email Csaba to get html presentations.