Landscape Design Tools

Led by: Daniel Tal

This session was about the many Ruby scripts available to help with sculpting a plot of land.  Daniel started with an existing site and used the following scripts to shape the site-


- CPoint

- Joint Push/Pull

- Simplify Contours (came with SketchUp?)

- use only major contours when simplifying.

- Sometimes contours become self-intersecting, so some cleanup is needed

- Making road outlines projected onto the ground

- Use drape from the sandbox tools

- If the resulting drape operation fails the road outline may not be a closed loop.  To fix this, subdivide the outline with a line.  This will split the outline and create face(s). When it doesn’t create two faces, you can see on which side of the outline is failing and allow you to “fix” the broken segments.


- CAD cleanup Ruby scripts

- Group walls

- Drop intersection

- Tools on surface

- Create arc

- CPoints

Daniel also gave a short SketchUp Podium demo.

NOTE: Daniel is currently writing a new book that will cover all the operations he demoed in this talk.