From Concept Designs to Working Drawings

Presenters: Mitchel Stangl, Doug Cochran

Doug Cochran (former practicing architect)
When Doug practiced, he used SketchUp but had trouble working in parallel.
Stay in 3D but create 2D construction document preso.
Is LayOut good enough for detailed drawings, building sets?

Mitchel S. (process plant engineer)
1-2 attendees work continuously in 3D
Mitchel started working in 3D with AutoCAD in early 90’s. Mistakes happened in 2D.
Discovered SU in ’01. Workflow didn’t change. Export 2D from the 3D models for the sake of the client.
Last few years he’s used LO almost exclusively.

Most attendees use 2D applications for CDs – ACAD LT:
“I would love to work in SketchUp all the time. It’s so fast.” “I want to uninstall ACAD and never use it again.”

Mitchel: “SketchUp models can be embedded in LayOut templates, and the model can be swapped out. It will also set up all of your Scenes as Pages in LayOut. I typically open a template file with a title block in it.”

Mitchel’s process:
Build SU file, Save it, start a New file, bring in file, create a LayOut style, create scenes, save new file. The first file can be opened and modified and then reloaded into the second file via Component > Reload.