Energy Analysis Plugins

David Goldwasser, NREL
Open Studio, Energy Plus funded by DOE
  • Thermal Zones
  • Tool background
  • Construction associated with faces
  • R-values, masses, thicknesses
  • Temperatures vary between inside and outside
  • This simulation takes this into account
  • More mass the wall has the more capacity it has to retain/influence heat
  • Uses meters
  • Sample model
    • Create thermal zone, then draw within zone
    • Quickly model
    • Object information window allows you to specify
    • Start from scratch  generally, but can copy and paste in place into a zone, gets tricky with windows
  • Energy plus runs its analysis for every time throughout the year, on each face in the model, so don’t go nuts on facades, keep sort of generalized
  • Electrical loads and people heat loads can have attributes
  • Takes into account humidity and wind
  • Weather files associated with Energy Plus take into account fluctuations in average weather patterns/temperatures
  • Google Earth weather is the same weather that is used in Energy Plus
  • Open Studio plugin has sister applications where you can specify your airflow system
  • Energy Plus can accommodate radiant systems
    • Use a sample radiant floor model and then modify to match your case, as a suggested way to incorporate radiant heating
  • Renders by class, so all doors are the same, all windows, all walls
    • If you change the class, could analyze based on outdoor vs indoor walls
    • Interior partitions to be incorporated soon since they can store energy, making the model more accurate

  • IES plugin
    • Create original model in SketchUp, simplified a bit
    • Can set location
    • Select building type (office, hotel, etc)
    • “Search for rooms”
    • Set room construction properties