Component Attributes and Generating Reports

We saw a demo from Christopher Sensening (sp?). He’s an architect doing a big residential project in San Francisco. The big design problem is the best use of space on steep terrain, and it turns out that the configuration of parking spaces is the biggest thing to figure out.

So, he created some DC house units that would calculate the number of parking spaces possible in a given footprint. Problem is that when he Generates the Report, he gets this very large list of attributes in a single table, and not being an excel expert it’s hard to get a simple, easy-to-read report out of that. The data is all there, but he wanted to explore if there are other ways to make nice reports.

The following feature requests seemed to come out the discussion:
- Ability to better configure reports
- Only show some attributes instead of all
- Grouping against some attribute (city block, for example)
- Sporting against some attribute

- Ability to directly export into a Google spreadsheet
- Ability to show leader text that is tied to a given attribute. (Point leader to house, and configure leader to show the “Number of Parking Spaces” attribute) So you could reconfigure and explore without having to select one component at a time or generate a report.