Presenters Chris & Nancy

What does Collaboration mean to you?
Vladman: Making design decision with others.  He uses "Ready Talk" audio/video talk and display with real time changes in display.  All participants can take control of the system, each have app running on their own computer.

Mitchell: Uses "GoTo Meeting".  Same idea, but everyone takes control of app on one computer.

Tools currently being used:
  • Jing screen capture
  • emails to clients
  • real time for quick communication
  • webx
  • ready talk
So if you were going to collaborate using SketchUp, what would you want to do:
Collaboration with colleagues
  • Want multiple users using SketchUp at the same time just like Google Docs.  Revit can do this but not very well.
  • It would be cool to save out part of a SketchUp model and have it locked in the main model so that no one else could edit it.  It would be locked for edit but others would be updated by the changes.
  • Have multiple components, where they all update some master file.
  • Have interference detection so that different disciplines can make changes to their portions of models and when they update the master model you know if there are problems.  ie. someone moves a wall and it overlaps with another wall.
  • Geo reference parts of the model so they come back in at the correct spot.  Share with only who wants the changes.  Last one in wins with his change if two people change same piece.
  • Check pieces out.  Know who has each piece checked out; have some sort of visual cue such as changing the color of the component highlight box.  Lock so can't double click and change the same component.
  • Conflict resolution at component/group level.
  • Beyond editing pieces of a model, need a way to communicate the changes to others.
  • Source control
  • Software to see what others are doing as they are doing it.
  • Before saving have a dialog pop up saying have 'x' items to resolve. Can't save until you have either accepted/rejected each of the new changes.
  • Would like some kind of notice saying a neighboring component has/is changed.  ie. modification to east all notification.
  • Have revision control so can revert to older version.  However it would be scary to have all version contained inside of the same model.  It would be better to have links to different version in separate models.
  • Different diciplines use different software than SketchUp.  Someone has to lead the project.  Need to communicate SketchUp files to different software.  Vico Software does this.
  • Script to check for intersections-collision.  IsManifold checks for solids and then do collision check.
  • Let user choose the components that he cares about colliding and only check those.
  • Planning, scheduling without having to travel.
  • Virtual / Global meetings
  • Important to have everyone in meeting (not physically in same room) or ability to catchup and ability to see documents before meeting.  BuzzSaw/BuzzLink - example of software where everyone gets updated when someone makes a change to a file.
Collaboration with Client  ie. presentation collaboration
  • 3pdf
  • movie
  • No one wants to download viewers.  They just want to click on a link that has been emailed to them and just view that way.
  • Have a plug-in for the browser to show the client model.  So you can just send the client a link and it will display in the browser.
  • Share link, it just works.  You can rotate model, etc.
How does client communicate back
  • markups or notes on side
  • one way to do this now, export scenes, upload to Picasa, customers can add comments to each picture.
  • icopyright software
  • project blog with area to include secure documents
  • DWF viewer, such as DesignReview by Autodesk.
How do you feel about your model files living on a server
  • residential would be fine
  • big commercial firms would not allow this
  • government projects don't allow data being hosted outside the client
  • example: Google Earth Enterprise can run entirely inside a firewall.
Percentage of Time Designing Offline
  • A Lot
  • Want drop box ability; ability to drop a file on a server when ready.