Augmented Reality Extensions to Google SketchUp, Inglobe Technologies Srl.

Introduction of Inglobe.
- Clients include Ikea, Intel, Ubi Soft, etc.
- Founded in 2008.

Augmented Reality (AR)
- Emerging Technology
- Computer Vision, Control Theory, Networks of Sensors, 3D Computer Graphics, Cognitive Science
- Superposition of digital content onto real world data in real-time
-To avoid limiting AR to specific technologies
- Combine real and virtual
- Interactive in real time
- Registered in 3D

AR Displays
- See-Through Head Mounted Displays
- Monitor Displays
- Mobile and Portable Devices

Video See-Through Displays
- Need to combine real and virtual world into the same scene

ARmedia Plugin for SketchUp: Old Version
- allow users to visualize SketchUp 3d modules directly in the real physical space
- by connecting a web cam and printing a suitable code, models can be visualized out of the digital workspace

Exporter and Player
- Plugins available for MacOS and Windows.
- Need to print out a code
- Player is free

- Improves SketchUp with better augmented reality functionalities
- A first step towards a new concept of Immersive CAD: design in the real space.
- Available soon (October) on MacOS and Windows.

New features
- Multimarker: support of multiple models via multiple markers in a composed scene
- Marker Creation: create your own makers
- Light Debug: check if lighting is suitable for visualization
- Anti-aliasing: minimize visual artifacts
- ARExporter: directory from inside the plug-in
- ARPlayer: supports multimarker
- Makers Library: pre-made library
- Improved .armedia Format: distribute just one file
- Occluder Objects: Allow you to hide virtual content
- Settings and Options: runtime and configuration options are better
- Customization new customization for professional users.

- Start with simple models to introduce Augmented Reality
- Add a single toolbar button
- Enable the webcam
- place markers
- 3D objects placed on the marker in the output of the webcam projected onto the screen.
- Easy to visualize, additional customization via dialogs
- Marker libraries available. Possible to create a custom marker.
- Options to fit, or scale the models onto the marker
- Possible to bind components to a particular marker
- Quick view will take the settings and create a
- Lighting can affect behavior.
- Light Debug you can adjust lighting and see the image processed
- Natural light works perfectly. Direct light is harder.
- The model adjust sizes based on the size of the marker
- Markers can be very large (e.g. on the street)
- The marker size can be adjusted via the configuration dialog.
- Can preview the marker in the model to see the relative size of the model to the marker.
- Occluder objects are transparent models, can be used to block models
- AR Export: Can export to .armedia which is readable by the player which is freely available on the website.
- Workflow: make model, place markers, use the quick view inside SketchUp, then export .armedia file. Similar to the KMZ export is size. The player if free.
- You can use many materials
- Artifacts visible in the old version. Antialiasing can be applied (4.x, 8.x)
- Works in mirror mode, such that the input image is flipped
- Cannot apply processing to pre-recorded video session
- Cannot record video from plug-in, but plan to add the features in the future.
- HD camera works very well.
- Need to adjust parameters to fit the presentation environment
- Markers can be made with any material (paper, tattoo, etc..)
- Can change the scale within the player