Tips & Tricks:
Importance of understanding difference of having shadows on or off:
  • 4 hrs to export a video with shadows off
  • 3 days to export a video with shadows on

Make a preview video
  • Once you have your scenes set up, create a quick Preview Video  at a low frame rate to check for z-fighting, speed, transition & flight path before committing bandwidth to exporting the final, high quality video.
  • 5-6 seconds per scene
  • If you have shadows, check closely that they are how you want them. You can adjust shadow settings to be unique for each scene.
Sanbox tool
  • Use it to create terrain
Use Layers!
  • By keeping your model organized you’ll save yourself time in the end
Camtasia - $180 - by TechSmith. (They also make snaggit.)
  • Additional editing post export from Sketchup.
  • lightning fast to learn
  • ability to do voice overs
  • transition between scenes
  • image overlays
  • SketchUp plug-in for rendering SketchUp models
  • lighting christmas bulbs, reflections etc
After Effects by Adobe
Selection Toys
  • Ruby script SketchUp plug-in
  • select all entities of an instance
  • for example, once they’re selected you can right click and put them on their own layer
Scene Exporter
  • Ruby script - SketchUp plug-in
  • If you have your scenes saved in one model you can export & import scenes with names saved
video of brownstone
  • showing an actual process of plant growth
    • vegetation is a plant component with 10 instances at different stages of growth on different layers
  • still images stitched in with the videos using Camtasia
Step-by-step for creating an animation:
1. create scenes
  • change view, angle
  • use pan
  • to pause double a scene
  • su-animate plug-in
      • allows you to create paths to run along
  • one trick within su scenes, create a helper line, copy equal distances through so you're monitoring distance between scenes
2. view>animation>settings
  • scene delay to 0
  • scene transitions min. 5 sec max. 8 sec.
3. go to first scene
4. view>animations>play
  • to preview
  • at this point, not worried about  shadows, wire frame, textures just checking sequence of views
5. file>export>animations>options
  • export type: avi
  • for test
    • 500x281
    • frame rate of 10
    • anti-alias is on
  • final
    • 1280x720
      • 1280 pixel width is really max you need to go
    • frame rate of 29 or 30
    • anti-alias is on - anti alias smooths it out
6. file>export>animation
  • export type: jpeg
  • 2550w - 11x17 printout at 150dpi
  • and then shrink it down to a more refined image