Advanced Ruby

Led by: Scott Lininger

The talking points consisted of-

Developer Resources
- A wiki is needed to allow user contributed information.

- Current documentation allows comments, but not in context (inlined with the text the user is commenting on), its only at the bottom of the page.  Scott said he can contact the people and put in a feature request for inline comments.

- Current documentation refers to other classes/methods, but they are not hyperlinked, which makes it difficult to navigate the docs.

- SKX- This site has a wiki for the SketchUp documentation.

- Need Examples
Use github to manage example scripts.
Ruby Importer
Ruby Exporter

Ruby Implementation in SketchUp



Word-of-mouth security communication

Plug-in Installer
Need to use the standard Ruby distro
RubyGems ( support

Testing SketchUp Ruby Scripts
TestUp (A Google internal Ruby testing tool that uses runit)

Need a SketchUp Ruby App Market like Andriod market
Plug-in installer