3D Warehouse: The Future

Thoughts on what people would like to see in the Warehouse? How many people who actually use warehouse? 2

What do you use it for? Teach elementary school – get stuff. Mark: Do you worry about some of the stuff in there? She hasn’t found anything to worry about.

One guy pushes content…introductions…what problems you face:
Un-formatted text in descriptions is a problem
Multiple links in one description. Need multiple links.
Favorites list. Students say I like “so-and-so’s table” but they don’t find author’s name. Rather have list of favorites. Check out what they have done. Anytime someone uploads something, you get a message. You can subscribe to author now. But, that’s a little confusing for people. It needs to be put in Google Reader/Safari. I think people aren’t sure how to use RSS feed. People want it, but don’t know what it is. Whats the issue? People don’t know about feed reader and going to one isn’t intuitive. Hard to find things that are “good.” We have popular models section, but there’s no notion of resetting it or based on date range, etc.
Uploading models for GE? Person has 27 models in warehouse. 25 accepted. Are there any problems? Do you update them? Most of problems having on SU and GE end.

How do you like new features? Badging, email, etc? Badging seems encouraging. One possibility to encourage collaboration – get people to work together. It’s a me/mine paradigm now.
There is some level of versioning – handy when you invite collaborators. Blue bar on model details – Access (before History) can enable extra users, etc. Must click “share” and exit out of page (no accept).  Add collaborators…
What about organizing collections? Bryce: probably one of more neglected features.
Question? Just started Google apps for education account. Does it work for warehouse? Yes.
Kraftmaid – Moving stuff around in a bulk set is clunky. What are tricks? Bulk uploader doesn’t work every time. Fails mid way through sometimes.  They built tools that iterate through account, and find extra models that they don’t know how they appeared.
Download more than one model at a time.
Badge doesn’t show up when printing. Browser bug.
What’s breadcrumbs?
? Creates models for university of texas e paso. Wants to change models that are ugly. Can approach other author and ask to be collaborator. Or, you can great a new one and upload and let the review process handle which one is picked. People from here say “its impossible if building exists?” Can follow up as to where it is in the appealing process. You can say its better because its part of a collection and I work for the university.
? Deals with historical buildings that don’t exist. Can we tag time range? Start/end date? Would be good for allow user tags. Someone can edit someone else’s tags. Can we have a slider that shows history of buildings. Need to have all buildings available, time stamped, some rule about what you would do if building wasn’t timestamped. Its been talked about, but problems still exists.
Showing bay bridge as example of forward thinking (future models).
Can I just include a digital image of the building if the model is rejected for a building that doesn’t exist (because it isn’t in the GE imagery). But, you can submit a photo to prove.
Have Web link and real snapshot (web link could be Wikipedia).
Do you use a presentation tool?

Last 20 mins by bryce

Using the warehouse as a presentation tool
details page - show place info,  move markers, support multiple markers
models with scenes are presentations displayed in the details page or link a video of a presentation to the details page
imbedding models in other sites