3D Warehouse and Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)

Mark Johnson  
  • Dominant social media avenues are Facebook and Twitter
  • Group page, fan page - not ideal.
  • Use individual page (secondary, not personal) as an anchor for reaching out.
  • Idea for how to get feedback from people on Twitter directly connected to item posted on Warehouse.
  • Request that Google SketchUp get back into Twitter, and posting tweets more frequently. Last tweet was July 27th.
  • Request to have Geo-location option for interiors of buildings. (Currently has to be cobbled together on a side website to present walk-through due to file size limitations)
  • Talked about changes to Swivel, adding interior access point option. Not in process, but been talked about.
  • If interiors, furnishings and storefronts can be available for viewing, it would open up endless possibilities for advertising.
  • Currently 10 mb limit - request to raise limit to be 20-30 mb limit. (Currently set up with links to side websites to display more detailed models).
  • Ruby script has been created for playgrounds set up to change out details - Ruby script strips out hidden details prior to submission to 3D Warehouse.
  • Plugin created by Igloo Studios does a similar thing. Trade tool for architects and designers.  Similar in that files uploaded to the 3D Warehouse are purged to make small enough for submittal.
  • Twitter chats are biggest source of re-tweets.  Subset of folks who love social media and Interior design, new to SketchUp. Intdesigner chat.  Send out messaging to invite other folks to follow tweets.  Conversational, rather than links to articles.  Links to tags make it publicly visible. Comfort level develops, and creates an open atmosphere for presenting products.
  • Suggested topics help to set up for future tweets.
  • Is the social media function to increase visibility or to increase bottom line? Authenticity is lost when too much emphasis on selling. Good Twitter content and good website are best avenue for selling.  Brand building is best approach currently.
  • Best focus for use of Twitter and Facebook.
  • Bloggers are participating in Tweets to help add emphasis.
  • Looking for feedback and suggestions on how to improve.
  • Can use for community planning purposes.  Sets up web presence to help keep people engaged.
  • How do you drive other people into using it?
  • Power of hash tags in Twitter, ie 'design'...15-20 new followers a day promotes tremendous impact.
  • Request to strip out data provided to identify models in 3D Warehouse in order to use the information in other media.
  • Link for designer and one for provider of model. (Jim G)
  • UGC that uses content.  Ability to search for models that contain contributor. Suggestion to make warehouse more social.
  • When uploading content to warehouse, ability to associate your Twitter account with Google id.  
  • Linkedin SketchUp network - Request to use hash tag in Tweets - Best practice suggestion, makes it much easier to track and keep touch with other folks interested in SketchUp and following items to do with SketchUp.