Welcome to the "after-site" for 3D Basecamp 2008

The following is a list of sessions that were presented at Google SketchUp 3D Basecamp 2008. The event was held on Google's Mountain View campus from June 11th to the 13th, 2008.

Click on any of the links below to watch the video recording of that session, and (in some cases), to download the handout from that session. If you'd like to read more about the event itself, please take a look at this post on the Google SketchUp Blog.
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SessionPresented byLevel
SessionPresented byLevel
Modeling Smart Aidan Chopra Everyone 
Maxing Out Your Productivity with Ruby Scripts Todd Burch Advanced 
Building a Presentation from Start to Finish with Google SketchUp LayOut John Bacus Everyone 
SketchUp and Green Design Vikram Sami, Victor Olgyay, Josh Hathaway and Peter Ellis Everyone 
SketchUp and AutoCAD Mitchel Stangl and Daniel Tal Everyone 
SketchUp and Piranesi Brian Woodward and Robin Lockhart Everyone 
SketchUp and ArchiCAD Thomas Simmons Everyone 
Hooray for Groups and Components Tyson Kartchner Beginner 
Promoting Your Work Using Google Resources Mike Tadros Everyone 
Photo-Rendering Your SketchUp Models: Some Options Robin Lockhart, Pete Stoppel and Jin Pak Everyone 
Creating Your Own Styles with Google SketchUp Style Builder Aidan Chopra Advanced 
Diving Deeper into Components Tyson Kartchner Advanced 
SketchUp and Digital Photography Mason Thrall Everyone 
Taking Your Models Into Photoshop Tyson Kartchner Advanced 
Working with Large Models Mitchel Stangl Advanced 
Working With Terrain and Other Irregular Surfaces Daniel Tal Advanced 
SketchUp and LayOut Tips & Tricks Chris Fullmer, Susan Sorger, Jean Lemire and Csaba Pozsárkó Everyone 
Cool SketchUp Stuff John C Martin II, Jake Cook and Rob Bell Everyone 
Making Your Mark with SketchUp Andrew Nathanson Everyone 
Follow Me: Adding Details with Ease Tyson Kartchner Everyone 
Introduction to Geomodeling with SketchUp and Google Earth Mason Thrall Everyone 
Tradigital Imaging Jim Leggitt Everyone 
Showing 22 items