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Light Pollution Maps

Here I re-calculated the World Atlas of the Artificial Night Sky Brightness over the 48 contiguous states using the original satellite data from the winters of 1996 & 1997 and using new satellite data from the fall of 2001. I was motivated by the fact that a significant portion of the US was covered in snow when the original satellite measurements were taken, and that this was making locations in the northern US appear to have much brighter night skies than they actually do. (See this thread on Cloudy Nights.)
A New Light Pollution Atlas is available at this site 

ATTENTION!! Changes to 2001 atlas on May 30, 2011. See here.

US Map without Borders (1996/1997) (Original Atlas)

US Map without Borders (2001) (New Atlas!)

US Map with Borders (1996/1997) (Original Atlas)

US Map with Borders (2001) (New Atlas!)

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