Debbie Dunn is the author of :
   3 C's:
  • Character Education

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Communication Skills

Debbie Dunn is a professional storyteller and anti-bullying and conflict resolution specialist. She is also the School Conflict Resolution Examiner at the National level for Examiner.com. She regularly posts free stories, role-plays, and lesson plans on the subject of anti-bullying and conflict resolution. Many of these lesson plans were field-tested with over 500 middle school students a year for five years until a budget-cut eliminated many of the school's special programs. Her class, similar to a guidance-class and called Communication Skills, was one of the programs eliminated. She is constantly coming up with new material as well, so keep checking back.

For the links to these stories, free PDF downloadable role-plays, free PDF downloadable posters, and lesson plans, click below. The clicks will send you to the Examiner.com page written by Debbie. These all should open in a new window so you don't lose this page.

Teaching Posters

Anger Management

Teaching posters to download plus Classroom Management and how to teach conflict resolution articles  Anger Management Middle School Lesson Plans

Fight or Flight

Basic Needs

Fight or Flight Middle School Lesson Plans Basic Needs Middle School Lesson Plans

Character Education


Character Education
Middle School Lesson Plans 
Perception Middle School Lesson Plans 

Communication Skills 


Communication Skills
Middle School Lesson Plans 
Middle School Lesson Plans 

Hero's Journey Set 1 

Hero's Journey Set 1 Middle School Lesson Plans (Water of Life plus 7 stories about a middle school boy named Jack written by Social Worker, Mr. Terry Gardner) 

Hero's Journey Set 2

Hero's Journey Set 2 Middle School Lesson Plans (A series of 8 stories about 6th-grader Little Jack)


Be Bully Free 

Diplomacy Middle School Lesson Plans  Be Bully Free Middle School Lesson Plans

Be Bully Free Elementary School Lesson Plans  

Peer Pressure versus Exercising No Muscle 

Negotiation & Peer Mediation 

Peer Pressure versus Exercising No Muscle Middle School Lesson Plans  Negotiation & Peer Mediation Middle School Lesson Plans

Negotiation & Peer Mediation Elementary School Lesson Plans


Stress Management, Empathy, & Anger Control

Accountability Middle School Lesson Plans  Teaching stress management, empathy, & anger control Middle School Lesson Plans

Zeb and Deb Anti-Bullying K-2 Program

Zeb and Deb Anti-Bullying K-2 program lesson plans  

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