Message to Mr. Mario's class

I am touched to my deepest part of my heart by the questions and ideas and posters and drawings that Mr. Mario's class has created.  
(1) POSTERS:  I invite you to create with us a series of posters (made by students) to show quotations to teachers.
These posters will go on the Internet and will encourage the 1000 people on this Facebook account to spread your posters to their friends.
MANY OF THESE QUOTES HAVE NEVER APPEARED ON THE INTERNET IN SPANISH.  YOUR POSTERS will introduce these ideas to some people in Latin America and help promote Dr. Littky's and Dr. Fischler's books. ThePosterProject2016

(2) ANSWER MR. POSTMAN's QUESTIONS:  A remarkable man invited teachers in 1969 to give questions instead of lectures to students.

YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO MAKE HISTORY.  I've never seen answers to the questions posed by Neil Postman.  You could have your answers on the web.  

Find the questions here:

Teaching as a Subversive Activity  by Neil Postman

“Try listening to your students for a day or two. We do not mean reacting to what they say. We mean listening. If you are like most teachers, your training has probably not included learning how to listen. Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 6.29.30 AM.png

The principal reason for your learning how to listen to students is that you may increase your understanding of what the students perceive as relevant. The only way to know where a kid is 'at' is to listen to what he is saying. You can't do this if you are talking.”  (Chapter 12, page 168).