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6 June 2015 -  Discussion Panel about the Spanish Edition of The Big Picture Book
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"The translation into Spanish of The Big Picture book will give Spanish-speaking parents in the USA a chance to more directly experience the opportinty that Big Picture schools deliver."   --  Enrique Gonzalez   egcg@me.com    former principal of Frida Kahlo High School (a Big Picture school in Los Angeles)

Translator's notes:
1.  The core of this effort is to drive readers to learn more about Big Picture and the books that Dennis Littky recommends in his book.   Click here for Books in Littky's Library.
2.  Some of the links given in the 2004 English edition of The Big Picture book have shifted....  For example, www.SmallSchoolsWorkshop.org is up for sale.  However, Michael Klonsky continues to blog.  Please go to http://michaelklonsky.blogspot.com/  .... If you have updates for links thatare broken, please let us put the updated link on this page.
3.  This book is produced using Createspace.  We can make changes in future copies of the book.   For example, there is an extra space between .org and the closing parenthesis on page 206, in the sixth line of note 13. If you find other errors in the text, please send your suggested changes to SteveEnglishTeacher@gmail.com.   Please note:  in many Spanish texts, the period goes at the end of the sentence, after the quotation marks.  "Puedes comenzar a cambiar el mundo".   The period is after the ending quotation mark.

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www.SmallSchoolsWorkshop.org  >>> Please go to http://michaelklonsky.blogspot.com/ 

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