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SAVE THE DATE:   6 June 2015 -  Discussion Panel about the Spanish Edition of The Big Picture Book

This is the impact that the Spanish language edition of The Big Picture had on a mother from Cuba.

Arlenis is the wife of the translator, Mario Llorente.  He asked her to check the translation for "flow" and to give him feedback about the feel of the book.   She read four pages and stopped reading to send the following email to several friends in Cuba.
Excerpt from an email sent to a Cuban mother and friend.


… Estoy súper contenta con el entusiasmo de los niños. Aliéntalos y ayúdalos mucho. Yo ahora casualmente estoy leyendo un libro que Mario tradujo y que quiero que leas. Es de un súper monstruo americano que se opone a la educación tradicional; él ha creado unas escuelas increíbles que, básicamente se caracterizan por ser pequeñas, personalizadas y, por enseñar, no los acostumbrados  conocimientos fríos de asignaturas desligadas, sino herramientas vitales como el deseo, entusiasmo y necesidad de conocimientos, además de respeto multidireccional (y en esto incluyo respeto y confianza  en uno mismo, tan carente en estas vulnerable edades). La verdad es que me siento muy identificada con este libro: como estudiante, define mis carencias; como madre, mis deseos, y como profesora mis expectativas (alguna que otra vez me ha tocado enseñarle  algo a alguien y me he sentido profe, sin mencionar que ante Sofía lo soy día tras día). Me parece genial Michi, tanto que, me encantaría que Sofía pudiera estudiar en una escuela así; ya me dirás cuando lo leas.


Con cariño,


Download Chapters 1 and 4 in Spanish

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Erik Friedl's series of interviews with Enrique between 2011 and 2014

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SAVE THE DATE:   6 June 2015 -  Discussion Panel about the Spanish Edition of The Big Picture Book

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… I am very happy to hear about your children. Encourage and help them very much. In that same line, I am currently reading a book translated by Mario, and I want you to read it. The book was written by a great American who opposes traditional education; he has created some incredible schools. They are characterized by being small and personalized. They teach not the usual cold and detached contents of common subjects; instead, they arm the students with vital tools such as the desire, enthusiasm, and the need of learning. They also emphasize on multidirectional respect (this includes respect and trust towards themselves which are normally so lacking during this vulnerable age). The truth is that I feel quite connected to that book now; as a student, it defines my gaps; as a mother, my desires; and as a tutor, my expectations (Sometimes, I have had to teach other people, ever since I am a mother, I am an everyday teacher). I just think it’s a brilliant book! So much so that I wish Sofia could someday go to a school like his. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it.


With love,


Download Chapters 1 and 4 in English from ASCD

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