Photos from the Spanish Edition

Students in Cuba doing homework after school (at the abuela's house)
Photo by Mario Llorente

Students at San Alejandro Art School in Havana
Link to the School           WIKI article
(blocked from U.S. computers in June 2015)
Students were listening to a workshop by Audrey Flack during her visit in May 2014
Photo by Mario Llorente

What message could be etched on a pen or cup to entice parents to ask about "the Big Picture"?

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The Spanish Edition of The Big Picture (2004) by Dennis Littky with Samantha Grabelle has several photos that deserve some attention.

The photos can be seen on the Photo Album for LaEducacionLittky facebook page.

Photo by JK McCrea
Taken at Lawrence Academy in Florida City, Florida

Photo by Joseph Palma
Students at SunEd High School gesture in front of a long multiplication table (showing 12 x 50)
You can see a small poster inviting students to review Algebra at

Audrey Flack in Havana

YouTube Video