International Reactions

Dr. Fischler’s work as seen by international eyes.
I have been lucky enough to be in contact with Dr. Fischler’s work and educational philosophy for over four years now. After having read much of his work, I was suggested to translate it into Spanish. It was an attempt to try his ideas in a different socio-cultural context.
Not being familiar with the educational realities of many Spanish-speaking countries, I definitely could not foresee what the reactions would be, except in the case of my native Cuba where I can easily recognize what ideas may become attractive for debate.
Once the work was done, several people were given copies of the work. We did not limit them to teachers. Actually parents and students themselves were the main targets. We wanted to see what reach Fischler’s views could have for them. The reaction was astonishing.
If the ideas and concepts expressed in the book were, in part, a reaction to Dr. Fischler’s long experience with the North American educational system, then one immediate conclusion that could be drawn here:  the educational problems and their possible answers in U.S. are in line with many those of countries like Cuba, Argentina, and Venezuela’s. Even countries that are very apart ideologically.
The opinions gathered from at least the first group of teachers, parents and students combined, were very positive. They not only understood clearly what they had read, but they were impressed at how a few easy-to-implement tweaks could make a world of change.
   - Mario Llorente  (2014)