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"3 am in the Morning" is a comic I create at school to keep myself sane. That being said, it's not the greatest comic in the world, because I do hardly any planning, and most of the planning I do takes place in my head. Also, there won't be a main plot as much as just mini-arcs and things like that. It's partly just my excuse to doodle, so every now and then I'll skip out on having the comic make sense to do an illustration or some random doodles, all depending on my mood. If all works out well, I'll redo this entire comic some day and make it twice as cool.

The story is pretty much about a bunch of emo teenagers with problems (who encounter fantasy don't forget about the fantasy part). I don't know how it's supposed to prevent me from falling into depression. Oh well, it's gonna be a fun ride. Enjoy the strange things that happen at 3 am!

I rate this comic ages 15+, but do whatever you want. It's not like I'll be showing this to anyone under 15 anyway.

Page last updated: 1/29/16