Rotating radial tires. Tyres perth price.

Rotating Radial Tires

rotating radial tires
    radial tires
  • (radial tire) A style (or method of construction) of tires used for most vehicles, which incorporate reinforcing cords distributed radially relative to the hub (at 90 degrees to the direction of travel)
  • (Radial Tire) tires built with plies running perpendicular (90 degrees) across the crown of the tire. To strengthen the tread, these tires require belt plies going circumferentially around the tire.
  • (radial tire) radial: pneumatic tire that has radial-ply casing
  • (rotate) revolve: turn on or around an axis or a center; "The Earth revolves around the Sun"; "The lamb roast rotates on a spit over the fire"
  • (rotate) perform a job or duty on a rotating basis; "Interns have to rotate for a few months"
  • Move in a circle around an axis or center
  • (rotate) exchange on a regular basis; "We rotate the lead soprano every night"
  • Cause to move around an axis or in a circle
  • Pass to each member of a group in a regularly recurring order

Joe Ansell- Caveman back boardslide. Opteka 6.5mm
Joe Ansell- Caveman back boardslide. Opteka 6.5mm
I was tired of taking just still images. Used bulb, rotated the camera and used a rear flash. Pretty happy with it. I borrowed some unusual filter to give my photo this hard to explain colour effect...
1967 Olympic GT Radial tyres ad
1967 Olympic GT Radial tyres ad
1967 Australian magazine ad for Olympic GT radial tyres, featuring a Holden HR Special sedan.

rotating radial tires
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