Ceat tyres sri lanka : Wild country truck tires.

Ceat Tyres Sri Lanka

ceat tyres sri lanka
    ceat tyres
  • CEAT Limited is a tyre manufacturing company based in Mumbai, India. CEAT is an abbreviation for Cavi Electrici Affini Torino (Electrical Cables and Allied Products of Turin).
    sri lanka
  • An island country off the southeastern coast of India; pop. 19,905,000; capital, Colombo; languages, Sinhalese (official) and Tamil
  • (sri lankan) of or relating to Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) or its people or culture; "Sri Lankan beaches"; "Sri Lankan forces fighting the Sinhalese rebels"
  • Sri Lanka (, , or ; ; ????? ????, ??????), officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and known as Ceylon (, , or ) before 1972, is an island country in South Asia, located about off the southern coast of India.
  • a republic on the island of Ceylon; became independent of the United Kingdom in 1948

2010 - LANCIA 6 RO
2010 - LANCIA  6 RO
LANCIA ESATAU 6 RO Ecco oggi sono andato a trovare GIORGIO e cosi ho potuto notare che i lavori di restauro vanno avanti anche se la precedenza va data ai camion giornalieri . Le gomme sono ancora quelle originali CEAT ,poi verra costruito un cassone di legno sul pianale dietro cabina e poi Giorgio una sera a giocare a biliardo ha trovato il triangolo giallo sopra cabina . Se ci sara un altro matrimonio chissa che non venga usato questo camion Here today I went to find Giorgio and so I have noticed that the restoration work are going forward even if the above must be given to trucks daily. tyres are still those original CEAT , will be constructed a bucket of wooden floor behind cabin and then Giorgio one evening to play billiards has found the triangle above yellow cab. Mezzolombardo Tn 30.10.2010
Used and Abused...
Used and Abused...
I wonder at times, how in India, we keep reusing things... take for instance this CEAT tire which has been repaired using nuts and bolts for reuse. It was a part of the rear axle which takes the maximum load in the truck, and this was a very smart thing to do... if because of the load, this one bursts, the other three would still manage a distance vs. a situation when this is a front tire and would cripple the truck till the replacement is arranged... street smartness! Did I hear someone saying Jugaad Technology?

ceat tyres sri lanka
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