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Buy Retread Tires

buy retread tires
    retread tires
  • (Retread tire) A retread, or "recap," (or "remould" in the UK) is a previously-worn tire which has gone through a remanufacturing process designed to extend its useful service life.
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For ODT - Using your feet For Scavenge Challenge - #24 Oldest item in your closet. These boots have had their Vibram soles replaced five or six times since I bought them in 1972. Yep, that's right. They're almost forty years old. The leather is in pretty good condition because I've given them the tender loving care which good boots require. They've had the scree collars replaced a couple of times, but the lacing hooks are original and the stitching is still intact. Now I want you to think about something here. Y'know those tires on your car? The ones they told you would last 50,000 miles? Vibram soles are pretty much the same stuff: tough, meant to give you good mileage. I don't weigh nearly as much as my Toyota and I don't go nearly as fast, so it makes sense that I'd get a bit more life out of the soles. Five or six resoles in forty years? That's a lot of miles. And the punchline is that these old friends are one of EIGHT PAIR of hiking boots in my closet. You might say I've gone the distance, eh? As always, I ask that you please refrain from posting graphics in your comments. Thanks.
Island of Light - Dino Power
Island of Light - Dino Power
Not my father's service station. The Sinclair my dad frequented was a "real" service station where you could get your oil changed, a lube job, brakes replaced and buy tires (even retreads). They pumped your gas, washed your windows, checked your oil, checked the air in the tires and took your credit card inside to run it. You never left the car. You actually got "service". They gave away inflatable Dino the Dinosaurs, glasses with Dino on them and other kitschy stuff that I loved. They had little machines that dispensed a handful of peanuts or red hots for a nickel. They even let me stay in the car when they put it up on the hydraulic lift. HA! They wouldn't dare let a kid ride up on the lift now even if they had them.

buy retread tires
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