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Updated 10 April, 2014

I've decided to sell off most of my chickens.  As of today, I have 3 Americanas, and 1 RIR, all hens.  They're all laying.  $10 each.
1 buff orpington rooster this years' hatch.  $10

HATCHING EGGS:  $5/dozen, but I need to know in advance you want them for hatching so they don't get refrigerated.  You'll need an incubator or broody hen to hatch them, and the minimum I will sell (mix and match is fine) is 6, since they're all social birds and need friends. 

Roosters:  Black Copper Marans

Possible mothers:
Black Copper Marans (lay dark brown eggs)

Duck Eggs: Welsh Harlequin-these ducks lay large white eggs.  They're generally very good layers and excellent foragers