Nose Art, Aircraft & Airmen of the 379th Bombardment Group

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      Please note that the photos are more representative of the aircraft & not the crew(s). This was war & if the mission needed 30 aircraft  from the 379th, they sent 30 aircraft no matter if it was your crew's assigned ship. Many crews flew many different aircraft because their assigned ship may not be air combat worthy for that mission or it may have been needed & your crew was in training  or relaxing for that day. Crews were rotated for duty.  Some were active for a mission & some were ordered to "stand down". Many Crews used any Aircraft available in their Squadron for photo Ops too. Not all Crew photos were in front of their assigned ship. The photo sections sometimes used an aircraft that was grounded as a backdrop.
    Unless otherwise noted some of these crews pictured may not be the crew that loaded for the mission or even flew the Aircraft noted here.

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    "Ol'Gappy/Topper* 42-40003 *
   Ground Crew Chief: M/Sgt Joe Sligoski
       Misssions flown 157  524th BS
            Fuselage Code WA-H
      Flew 159 missions more than any other
         heavy bomber in the 8th USAAF
     Sold as salvage at Kingman, Az
             10 Nov 1945
 "Ol Gappy" with the Lt Hennrich & Ground Crew 
 Lt Stephen L Hennrich is standing far left and Lt Peter M Beloberk 
Bombardier on the far right standing. Ground Crew Chief: 
M/Sgt Joe Sligoski is squatting third from the left.
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  "Powerful Katrinka* 42-107068  * 
                                 524th BS
                        Fuselage Code: WA-C
                          Missions Flown: 47    
           Ground Crew Chief - John"Bud" Sterling
               First assigned Crew  (Pictured Above)
                    Lt  John G. Hamlin Crew
               Starting from the left, rear row:
      Clarence W. Poethig (N)
     John G. Hamlin (P)
     James E. Pestshe (CP)
     Elmer J. Armstrong (TT)
                Starting from the left, front row:
      Boyce G. Nelson (RO)
     James E. Pitlick (WG)
     Joe E. Fennig (TG)
     Stanley M. Wick (BT)
                       Lost June 25, 1944
        Lt Thomas Butcher Crew on board
                              MACR 6737

                 Read more about this event at:
     Powerful  Katrinka Tribute Website

                         43-37934 "Million Dollar Baby"
                         a.k.a.: "Hundred Million Dollar Baby"
                                524th BS Fuselage Code: WA-X
                                   She flew 101 missions
                This photo was taken to commemorate her 100th  Mission without an abort. After which she was renamed by her Ground Crew Chief "John B. Sterling" to: "Hundred Million Dollar Baby". In the photo we have Identified several Air Combat Crewmen and a few Ground Crewmen. As of this time they are:

                                            Right to left standing: 
     William F Manning-Nav,
     Unknown Ground Crewman, 
     Ground Crew Chief Sgt. John B Sterling, 
     Paul Glass-TTG, David L Miksche Pilot,
    William Basil  Werchowec-R.O.
     Charles Williams-C.P.
                              Front row L to R:
     Eugene Merritt-Tog
     Unknown ground crewman
     Unknown ground crewman
Unknown ground crewman
     Henry J Hunt-TG
     William J Thomson Jr-BTG.
                   This photo was dated 11 April 1945

     S/Sgt John B. Sterling had at least three other aircraft during the war and he
 was one of only four Ground Crew Chief's to receive The legion of Merit for his efforts.
           Thanks to the families of John B. Sterling;
           William F. Manning & W. B. Werchowec for the photo and info

       42-38141   " Pansy Yokum "
     525th BS FR-D   then to   524th BS WA-D

The original MACR reported that
this aircraft failed to show up at the
Assembly area with her group. They went on
not knowing where she was. It was later
reported that she went with another
formation. It was later discovered that this
Group reported seeing her hit by
Anti-Aircraft fire and on 09-07-44
She Ditched in the North Sea.
All the crew perished at sea.

2Lt Hugh E. Frye Crew on Board
It was their first Mission.
              MACR 7359

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 *  42-3048  *   "Big Bust"
Assigned to the 524th BS
Fuselage Code/ Call Sign
Missions Flown; 16
This Aircraft arrived overseas
ready for duty on 19 March 1943
first assigned to the 305th Bomb Group.
She was transferred to the 381st that
August but stayed there only one month
and was transferred again to the 379th BG
Where she found a home and success as
a fine Aircraft. Heavily battle damaged she
was transferred on 04 April 1944 to the
2nd BAD( Base Air Depot). She spent the
rest of the war there being transferred back
to the USA on 04 April 1945.

Pictured here is the Berman Crew
Charles L White - S/Sgt - LWG
Lester T Berman - 1st Lt - Bom
Raymond E Mullenix - SGT - BTG
Martin B Cave - T/Sgt – RO/G
James L Lepard Jr. – 1st Lt - Nav
Gilbert C Heath – 1st Lt - Pilot
Emerson G Zapotosky - F.O. - Co-Pilot
John E Hollister – S/Sgt - TTG
Edwin G Finance – S/Sgt - LWG
Homer C Clark – S/Sgt - TG

                                 *   42- 3175   *      "The Ha"
                         Missions Flown: 8
524th BS
                                        Fuselage Code WA-T 
                                     Shot down during attack on 
                                   Hamburg, Germany Jul 25, 1943.
                                 The ship was under an intense
                                 enemy fighter attack. Part of our 
                                    tail section was shot away when 
                                  we  bailed out. This was just before
                                              the ship exploded.
Hildebrandt Crew on board 
                                             MACR 1766. 
                                               10 POW 's

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         * 42-3199 *  "Calamity Jane"
            Missions Flown: 9
                         524th BS
               Fuselage Codes WA- S/Z
      Shot down by Hptm Walter Hoeckner
                 of  the G 1/II Stab
flying a Fw 190A-6   
       near Lindlar, Germany Aug 12, 1943.
Paulin Crew on board
     James  C  Sadler  T/Sgt  - TTG/Eng  - POW

     Vincent  J  Bradner  Sgt  - BTG  - KIA

     R  W  Canfield   Major -  LWG  - MIA

     Robert  H  Dependahl  2nd Lt  - Nav  - POW

     Harry  X  Ford   2nd Lt  - Bom  - POW

     James  S  Farnum  S/Sgt  - RWG  - KIA

     Daniel  C  Fox  T/Sgt  - RO/Gunner  - KIA

     George  F  Harmon  FO - Co-Pilot  - POW

     E  J  Mcgee   Capt -  Observer  - POW

     Adolph  J  Lurig   S/Sgt  - TG -  KIA

     Robert  P  Paulin  1st Lt  - Pilot  - POW

                      MACR 905
                   5 KIA, 5 POW

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   * 42-5828  *   "The Sweater Girl"
                             524th BS
Fuselage Codes WA-O/D
                   Missions Flown: 36
      (Pictured above is the first assigned crew)
     Wilma  L  Hawkins 2nd Lt Pilot  
     William  C  Follmer  2nd Lt Nav
     Harold  E  Forrest  T/Sgt RO/Gunner 
     Robert  H  Fernstaedt  S/Sgt BTG
     *Alex  S  Rule  S/Sgt TG
     Garland  H  Morgan T/Sgt TTG  
     Thomas  O  Lamph  Sgt RWG
     Robert  J  Redmon  S/Sgt Lwg 
     Donald  W  Hefkin  2nd Lt Bom 
     Dewey  G  Barnes Jr.  2nd Lt Co-Pilot
    *S/Sgt Alex Rule is not in many Rosters, Books and Publications about 
     the 379th due to the misspelling of his name. You may find
      him as ROULE in those Rosters, Books and Publications.

      The Sweater Girl's last mission  
     She was Forced to crash land in Oberbruch-Germany
Feb 22, 1944  with the Morse Crew
on board
                                 Morse Crew
Pictured Above)

               Standing  left to right : 
                 John F. Humphreys
        (top  turret gunner, fatally injured , mission 54, 
                    Dec. 31, 1943)
     Charles S. Sechrist  S/Sgt -  Eng/TTG
     Homer L.  Neill  S/Sgt - BTG
     Charles E. Cox  S/Sgt - RWG
     Andrew L.  Allen  S/Sgt  - LWG
     Willard H. Clothier  T/Sgt RO

               Squating left to right:
     John E. Morse  1st Lt - Pilot
     Robert J.Philips  FO - CP
     Robert Y.  Daniels  2nd Lt - Bom
    Leonard R  Lovelace  2nd Lt - Nav

               Crew at the time of the MIA
     Edward  T  Pate  Sgt – TG -Repatriated
     John  E  Morse  1st Lt - Pilot - POW

     Robert  J  Philips  FO - Co-Pilot - POW

     Leonard  R  Lovelace  2nd Lt – Nav - POW

     Robert  Y  Daniels  2nd Lt – Bom - POW

     Willard  H  Clothier  T/Sgt - RO/Gunner -    RTB

     Homer  L  Neill  S/Sgt – BT - Gunner  - POW

     Charles  S  Sechrist  S/Sgt - Eng/TT G - POW

     Charles  E  Cox  S/Sgt – RWG - POW

     Andrew  L  Allen  S/Sgt – LWG -POW
                            MACR 2868
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   Pictured here is the Lt.Gilbert C. Heath Crew
                    42-39783 "Blues in the Knight"  
             Ground Crew Chief: M/Sgt Robert J. Brockman
                                                   526th BS
                                           Fuselage Code LF-B
                                            Missions Flown: 53
                                   Went Missing 19 May 1944
                                       Merlyn E. Wilson Crew
                                                on board
Lt Merlyn E. Wilson Crew
Photo Courtesy of  S/Sgt Bates family

        We were in route to bomb Berlin today. The clouds inbound were shaping up to be trouble. There was a huge bank of Cumulus clouds at around 12,000 feet with a 4 to 6/10ths rating that had a a developing cover of cirrus clouds at 28,00 feet. this was going to make the run a
little difficult if this kept getting worse.
       However, none of us were to find that out today because we were hit by Anti-Aircraft fire around Kiel Germany. At that point we lost the formation. There were some fighters approaching but they did not need
to engage us because the initial damage was heavy by all station accounts. 
    It was true because we had less than five minutes to bail out. I saw Lt Reid coming down and screaming for us to get out and checking and on all of the Crew. I also witnessed the mid-section crew bail. As I went
 out I looked back and saw Lt Reid and Lt Wilson exit the plane. I never saw Vandyke our tail gunner but after I was Captured the Germans showed me his body and said he had been shot after he landed.

           John  T  Strouse                Sgt  -  BTG  -  POW

          Merlyn  P  Wilson  -  Lt  -  Pilot  -  Repatriated
          Dean  W  Reid  -  Lt   -  Co-Pilot  -  Repatriated
          Frederick  A  High  -  Lt  -  Nav  -  Repatriated
          Henry  P  Mcgreevy  -  Lt  -  Bom  -  Repatriated
          Clayton  W  Bates    S/Sgt  -  RO  -  POW
          Arthur  H  Stanton   S/Sgt  -  Eng/TTG  -  MIA
          Albert  W  Vandyke  Sgt  -  TG  -  MIA
          Wayne  M  Davis      Sgt  -  WGr  -  POW
                                         MACR- 4929
 Here is another photo of:
             Ground Crew Chief: M/Sgt Robert J. Brockman
                        M/Sgt Brockman is painting on the Mission
                             bombs for "Blues in the Knight"

                 This is the only photo we have discovered
                 of the original "Blues in the Night".

                M/Sgt Brockman was also the Crew Chief 
                 on Aircraft # 42-37791- "Blues in the Night".
                 M/Sgt Brockman's Ground Crew cared for this 
                 Aircraft until it was reassigned to another
                  Ground Crew.
                Aircraft 42-39783 was then assigned to the 379th
             in November 1944 and named "Blues in the Knight"
                By M/Sgt Brockman.
     You will see many articles and records that pose a
     Conundrum on this aircraft and even on the spelling of
                M/Sgt Brockman's name. Some publications spell the Nose Art. "Blues in the Nite" and others as used above. I have spoken to many Veterans who flew on this ship and the Family of M/Sgt Brockman and neither could say for sure or confirm exactly how it was spelled.
        We know this that the original 42-37791 was named to honor M/Sgt  Brockman's wife by calling her "Blues in the Night" after their favorite song. M/Sgt Brockman and his crew never got the time to send her into battle because they had received another ship that was more suited for their Squadron's needs before it could. 42-37791 was transferred to another Ground Crew. 42-39783 "Blues in the Knight' or Blues in the Nite" became M/Sgt Brockman's Crew new ship. He didn't want to lose the theme so he made the nose art as close to it as he could.

Pictured here is the Lt Mohr Crew
                      * 42-5917  *  "The Bouncing Bitch"
                                 This ship came to the 379th BG in
                        June 1943 & was originally assigned to
                        the 524th BS Fuselage Code WA-Y. After
                        a few missions she was transferred to the
                        to the 526th BS & given two codes LF-Y 
                        then LF-L. She had only nine missions..
                           Pilot: We were flying at 28,000  and were
                       hit by AA fire. The order to bail out was
                       given but only six of the crew were able
                       to do so. I believe the rest of the crew were
                       killed before or during the way down; all
                       controls & communications were out. The
                       ship crashed near Ratzburg, Germany.
                                            The Mohr Crew   
                         Phillip  A  Mohr  Lt   Pt – POW
                         Hugh  B  Brooks  Lt  CP – POW

                         Albert  E  Batich  Lt  Nav – POW

                         Benjaman  M  Elms  Lt  Bom – POW

                        John  R  Heslin  T/Sgt  RO – KIA

                        Josh  W  Tipps  T/Sgt  TTG – KIA

                        Reginald  M  Layfield  S/Sgt  BTG – KIA

                        Eugene  O  Lescarbeau  S/Sgt  RWG – POW

                        Earl  E  Calleway  S/Sgt  LWG  - POW

                        Ralph  H  Leyh  S/Sgt  TG - KIA

                                   * 42-29963  *  "Judy "
                                                      527th BS
                                             Fuselage Code FO-I
                                         Transferred to the RFC 1945
                            (Unknown Crew Pictured)  
     Went MIA  on Mission Number: 53 for the 379th
                          Flown on 12/30/1943    
             Target City: Ludwigshafen , Germany
                          Target: Chemical Works
                           Lt Camp Crew on Board
            Apparently shot down by Enemy Aircraft
     Last seen four miles east of St. Hillaire. No chutes reported.

          Glenn  E  Camp Jr   2nd Lt       Pilot          POW

          Joseph  F  Fitzgerald  F/O        CP             MIA (Later KIA)
          Jarvis  W  Cooper    2nd Lt       Nav          POW
          Edward  J  Donaldson  2nd Lt   Bom         RTB
          Milton  J  Mills, Jr   S/Sgt       RO/Gunner  RTB
          Richard  R  Gierach  S/Sgt     TT Gunner   KIA
          Marcus  G  Pierce   Sgt              BTG           KIA
          Douglas  J  Farr       Sgt             RWG          RTB
          Neelan  B  Parker     Sgt             LWG          RTB
           Robert  E  Cross      S/Sgt         TG              KIA 
                                       MACR 1977
                             For more info on crews go to:

                                           42-97462  "Judy II"
                                          Assigned to the 527th BS
                                          Fuselage Code -FO-C then FO-O

                                          First Crew of the Judy II
                              This is not the crew that boarded Judy II when 
                       she had to force land on 08 September 1944. That Crew
                        was the Lt Skokan Crew and all were safe.

                      First Crew of Judy II

                         Charles  E  Walker   2nd Lt   Pilot                  

                        Ralph  J  Riggio       2nd Lt    Co-Pilot            
                       John  E  Price         2nd Lt   Navigator           

                        Roy  E  Stanley       S/Sgt   Eng/TTG               

                        Will  M  Harden     Sgt   WG             

                        George  (NMI)  Lalich   Sgt    TG    

                        Boris  (NMI)  Revenko   S/Sgt   BTG               

                        Robert  J  Cagnon   S/Sgt   Gunner/Togglier               

                        John  W  Eckenrode   S/Sgt   RO/Gunnner

                        George  A  Mcclellen - 2nd Lt    Bom

                       Crashed Landed after mission to France
                            Sept 1944 LOC (Left on Continent)
                            Salvage14 November 1944

                                             "Unknown Crew Pictured"
                                  * 42-29866 *  "Judy - B"
                                                                  524th BS
                                                     Fuselage Code WA-L
                                                     Shot down by AA at
                                           Le Bourget, Paris, France  
                                                        Aug 16, 1943
Biglar crew on board
                James  A  Dyson  S/Sgt  - RWG - RTB
               John  A  Stachura  S/Sgt – LWG - KIA

               Charles  R  Bigler  Lt - Pilot - RTB

                Vern  P  Deehr  Lt - Co-Pilot - POW

               John  W  Bradley  Lt – Nav - POW

               John  T  Boyle  Lt – Bom - RTB

               Benjamin  G  Johnson  T/Sgt - RO/Gunner- POW

              Albert  P  Tyler  T/Sgt – TTG - RTB

              Charles  J  Kukawski  Sgt – BTG - POW

               Paul  V  Matthews S/Sgt – TG - POW

                                   MACR 1352
                           1 KIA, 5 POW, 4 evaded

    For more info on crews go to:

                      42-30237  "Stump Jumper"
                                                 524th BS        
                                         Fuselage Code: WA-V
                                   After service with 379th BG 
                              She was converted to an Aphrodite 
                              flying bomb & launched against a 
                                 power station at Oldenburg 
                                             Jan 1, 1945. 
                             Shot down by flak before reaching target
             Pictured above is the Theiss Crew
                        Top row (standing)
        Armstrong, Donald B, T/ Sgt, Right Waist Gunner
        Theiss, Joseph E, Lt, Pilot
        Edwards, James G, Lt, Navigator
        Peifer, Thomas D, Lt, Bombardier
        Krafft, Julius "Red" W, Lt, Co-Pilot
                       Front row (kneeling)
        Frydryk, Frank P, S/Sgt, Ball Turret Gunner
        Hill, George R, Sgt, Tail Gunner
        Nolan, Morrison T, S/Sgt, Top Turret Gunner
        Klump, Delbert W, T/Sgt, Left Waist Gunner
        McKeegan, Hugh (NMI), Sgt, Radio Operator/Gunner
                                   For more info on crews go to:

                      "Unknown Crews Pictured"
         42-29890   "Stupefier"
             aka " Madam Pissonya"

       42-29890 "Madame Pisonya"
                aka "Stupifier"   
  379th BG 525th BS FR-E then 526th BS LF-J 
         damaged on Anklam,  crash on the base   
            crash landed near Kimbolton, UK
           Oct 9, 1943. Salvaged Oct 10, 1943 

                               42-31597   "Landa"         
                                                      27th BS                                
                              Mission Number: 245 for the 379th             
                                  flown on 11/30/1944                        
                              Target City: Zietz , Germany               
                              Target: Synthetic Oil Plant                
                              2nd Lt Conroy Crew  assigned              
                                           MACR 11127                               
                           For more info on crews loading

Unidentified Crew Pictured
But we believe it to be
the Osborne Crew since
they were about the only Crew
That flew this Aircraft during her
war time career.

"Scarlett O'Hara"
was assigned to the
524th BS of the 379th BG
Fuselage Code(s) WA-K then WA-I
Another one of the Original "41"
This aircraft was unique with it's Nose Art by
having two different panels; one on each side of
the Aircraft.

Shot down by Obfw Otto Bach
of the JG 1/5
flying a Fw 190A
2 km SW of Metternich, Germany
Aug 12, 1943.

Excerpt from the MACR
"We had been shot up pretty bad but were still flying!
The Last thing we heard on the inter-phone was a report 
that almost all of our guns were out & then the pilot was
cursing the Huns just before he gave the order to bailout.
Lt Osborne was still at the controls when the Co-Pilot
& Engineer bailed. They said he had his chest chute on & 
told them to go that he would be right behind them but as 
 they left the ship they saw the cockpit section was engulfed 
in flames." Then the aircraft exploded.

Osborne Crew
Howard R Scruggs - S/Sgt - TG - KIA
Mildred O Fambrough - T/Sgt - RO/G - KIA
Lawrence E Truman - S/Sgt - KIA
Charles B Irwin - RWG - KIA
Ralph H Osborne - 2nd Lt - Pilot - KIA
Leslie E Jones - 2nd Lt - Co-Pt - POW
William D Hand - 2nd Lt - Nav. - POW
Thomas C Wickham - @nd Lt - -Bom - POW
Patrick J Keenan - T/Sgt - TTG - POW
Warren T Dayton - S/Sgt - LWG - KIA

MACR 1762. 6 KIA, 4 POW

            For more info on crews go to:

                              "F/O James N. Sexton Crew"
                                 * 42-29869 * "DamnDifino"
                                                  525th BS
Fuselage Code FR-J
                               She was another of the Original
                               "41" . Came off the assembly line
                                on 27 Feb.'43 & added to the Military
                                Inventory on 21 April '43. She 
                               Arrived Overseas on 24 April '43.
                               She saw a lot action with many 
                               different crews.  

                               Survived the war & was sent to
                              Walnut Ridge Arkansas 07 Dec. 1945
                                  At the time of the photo below
                                The Crew would have been the 
                                    Moses Crew

                                 Another shot of 42-29869
                               Airmen of the Moses Crew                                                  
                     Delmar F Williams – Lt - Nav
                     Raymond E Taylor Jr. - TSgt - TTG
                     Harry P Moses – Lt - Pilot
                    William S Davidson - IP Pilot
                    Earl R Parsons - Lt - Co-Pilot
                    Bertram L Fink – Lt - Bomb
                    Nicholas C Pallota – T/Sgt – RO/G
                    Joseph A Nicosi – S/Sgt - BTG
                    W.  A.  Montgomery – S/Sgt - LWG
                    William R Gower – S/Sgt - RWG
                    Michael J Patti – S/Sgt - TG

 * 42-29869 * "DamnDifino" on Bomb Run

          42-30191 "The Bolevich"
            S/Sgt Krul Ground Crew Chief
                           525th BS
                  Fuselage Code: FR-C
                    Damaged by AAA
          then shot down by Fw Cristof Nagel
                   of the NJG 101/10
in a BF 1009  
                at Elfershausen, Germany
                       Aug 17, 1943
                 on mission to Schweinfurt
      #4 engine burst into flames & some thought
      #3 was on fire but not confirmed when bailout 
      call was given.
      Capt Merchant crash landed the aircraft
    because by the time he was sure all were out it was too
     late for him to do so. After he landed the aircraft he 
      was told by Germans that T/Sgt Hecht's chute did 
      not open & he was shown the body as proof.
         Capt.Donald Merchant's Crew assigned

                 TOP ROW: standing left to right:
      Don Merchant -
Capt - Pilot - POW
      James  E  Sullivan  Lt - Co-Pilot  - POW
      Ernest  K  Keith  Lt – Nav - POW
      Leonard  J  Roman  Lt - Bom - POW
      Robert  T  Tonge 4  S/Sgt  - BTG - POW
     (Leonard Roman is holding his Scottie dog, Angus!)
                BOTTOM ROW: kneeling left to right
      Edgar Van Valkenburg   S/Sgt – LWG - POW
      Gene  R  Hecht  T/Sgt  - RO/Gunner  - KIA
      Johannes  H  Johnson  T/Sgt - TT Gunner/Eng - POW
      Harold  B  Ridgley  T/Sgt – RWG - POW
      John  L  Wierzbanowski   S/Sgt – TG - POW

    I would like to add a follow up here about the Crew.
It was later discovered that Harold B Ridgley was thought
to have been killed by SS interrogators.
                     Photo of the Crash Landing
                   MACR 1765. 1 KIA 9 POW
       For more info on crews go to:

                                  * 42-5829 * "Flying Jenny"
                                     Another of the Original 41 Aircraft sent
                                        overseas with the Bomb Group. 
                  Assigned first to 525th BS Fuselage Codes FR-P, 
              then transferred to 527th BS Fuselage Codes FO-D
                                    Shot down by UFFZ Gerd Wiegand
                                                          of the JG26/8 
                                                          in a Fw 190A-4 
                                                  at Herbesthal, Belgium 
                                                              July 30, 1943
                                                          Hoveland crew
                      Thiel Wamsley - S/Sgt – TG - POW
                      Andrew J Oman - S/Sgt - LWG - POW
                      Carl L Denny - T/Sgt – TT/Eng - KIA
                      Stanley A Kusy - Lt - Co-Pilot – KIA
                      Stanley Williams - T/Sgt - RO/Gunner - POW
                      Stanley F Manista - S/Sgt – BTG - POW
                      Joseph W Blanton - S/Sgt – RWG - POW
                      William E Johnston -Lt - Nav - KIA
                      Lawrence B Hoveland - Lt  - Pilot - KIA
                      David S Williams - Lt – Bom - POW 
                                                 MACR 1361. 4 KIA, 6 POW
                                               For more info on crews go to:

            42-31083   "Tenny Belle"
   Ground Crew Chief:  M/Sgt William F. Preprzak
                           525th BS
Fuselage Code FR-A 
        Houston Crew Pictured above

     Francis  S  Chard Sgt LWG
     Earl  L  Houston 2nd Lt Pilot
     Sam  A  Giorgianni FO Co-Pilot
     Richard  C  Brooke 2nd Lt Navigator
     Eugene  F  Hart 2nd Lieutenant Bom
     Robert  M  Lee S/Sgt TTG
     Edward  A  Babier S/Sgt ROr/Gunner
     Paul  H  Fetterhoff  Sgt BTG
     Edward  J  Ludwig  Sgt RWG
     Robert  L  Kelly Sgt TG
             Damaged on mission to Sorau,
              exploded over Barrow Drove, UK
                         11 April 44
                  9 killed, one wounded
                       2Lt  Daly Jr Crew

       For more info on crews go to:

                             *  42-29511 * "The Iron Maiden"
379th BG, 525th BS
  Shot down by fighter near Schweinfurt, Germany Oct 14, 1943
 10 POW. MACR 957
The nose art on the Iron Maiden never
was finished. The Lt Roland Martin Crew had
hired an artist to draw a pin-up girl which needed
many visits to complete the final piece of art.
Unfortunately, The Schweinfurt Raid came first.
The Iron Maiden was attacked by n
umerous fighters,
to include the twin engines JU-88's.

                       For more on the "Iron Maiden"
                      Go to:  Tribute to the "Iron Maiden"

Crew Loading

Edwin L Mattern - T/Sgt - RO/Gunner
John L Cihonski - T/Sgt - RWG
Linden H Price Jr. - 2nd Lt - Co-Pilot
Daniel J Maher - 2nd Lt - Nav
Irving M Rittenberg - 2nd Lt - Bom
Nicholas J Macri - T/Sgt - TT/G
Elihu Peacock - S/ Sgt - BTG
Daniel A Sirianni - S/ Sgt - LWG
Adam A Janik - S/ Sgt - TG
Roland H Martin Jr. - 2nd Lt - Pilot

    "The Blue Blazzing Blizzard" 
                           524th BS
              Fuselage Code(s): WA-H & WA-M
                      Lost Sept. 8, 1944
                        MACR 8844

 Lt Ellingson's Crew





Clair  F  Young

Staff Sgt



Wallace  R Tipsword

Staff Sgt



Orvest  G  Ellingson

2nd Lt



Joseph  L  Wells

2nd Lt



Merill  B  Collins

2nd Lt



Clifford  N Danielsen

2nd Lt



Roy  F  Mansen

Staff Sgt



Robert  J  Harrell

Staff Sgt



Joe  K  Demure

Staff Sgt



  She came off the line at Boeing on 06/12/1943. 
She was next added to the USAAF inventory on 16 January 1944. She arrived overseas in Scotland on 27 January 1944 and was immediately assigned to the 524th Bomber Squadron of the 379th BG Kimbolton, England. On 08 September 1944. She went MIA on Mission #199 of the 379th BG to bomb the synthetic oil refineries at Ludwigshaven, Germany.

I normally give an account of what happened to this ship 
but thought you may enjoy hearing the experience firsthand. 
Here is a link to an interview of the Tail Gunner Clair F. Tipsword
 of the Ellingson Crew who was on board the Aircraft for
that mission. copy and paste this address.
   Go here to hear S/Sgt Tipsword's account on the fate of
 "The Blue Blazzin Blizzard":
 42-31720 "The Blue Blazzing Blizzard
                           524th BS
     Pictured above are original Crew:

Raymond  (NMI)  Janukowicz   2nd Lt  - Nav.
Victor  H  Hoyer  Pvt.   - RO/Gunner

William  J  Weigel  T/Sgt  -Eng/TTG
Ernal  W  Bridwell  2nd LT   - Pilot

Matthew  (NMI)  Nathan  2nd Lt   - Bom 
Edward  G  Reuland  S/Sgt   - LWG  
Joseph  A  Skrazynta  S/Sgt  - RWG
Hugh  (NMI)  Mcginty  S/Sgt  - TG
ohn  E  Talbert  2nd Lt  - Co-Pilot

Johnnie  R  Phillips S/Sgt   -BTG
          For more info on crews loading

     42-38192  "Coral Princess"
                         524th BS
                   Fuselage Code WA-C
                  (Pictured above)
             Back Row, Lt to Rt:
               Front Row:
                     Lost Jul 12, 1944
                  on mission to Munich
                 Hutchins Crew on board
                   8 KIA  & 1 POW
                      MACR 7506

       For more info on crews go to:

Identification of the above pictured crew was
by David L. Deveny son of Navigator
                2nd Lt Robert L. Deveny


        Unknown Crew Pictured
      42-97170   "Julie Mae"
                         527th BS
                Fuselage Code FO-A
            Crashed near Romilly, France
                       Dec 4, 1944
          2nd Lt
Kennewick's Crew on board.
          The rear fuselage broke into after 
             a collision with 42-97833-
          "The Silver Dollar" flown by
             1st Lt Faught  & crew
                       7 crew killed

            Engineer/TT Gunner & Tail Gunner
            were the only survivors of the crew

               For more info on crews go to:

                  Lt Robert D. Puckett Crew
             42-107014    "Lucy"
                          527th BS
                   Fuselage Code FO-K
                     Lost November 30, 1944. 
          This ship was enroute to target from IP and was hit by Flak
           She started losing engines as one by one they burned out
          trying to keep in line with the formation and drop their load.
          The crew was forced to bail out before she was totally out of control. 
             Lt Puckett Crew on board
Donald  M  Childes 2nd Lt Co-Pilot POW
       Alvin  L  Hirschi Sgt BT POW

       Charles  J  Ingraham Jr. 2nd Lt Nav POW
Robert  D  Puckett Lt Pilot POW
George  E  Reedy FO Bom POW
Robert  L  Salley T/Sgt Eng/TTG POW
Attilio  S  Tirapelli S/Sgt TG POW
Jarvis  D  Williams S/Sgt WG POW
Roman Yriarte T/Sgt RO/G POW
                        MACR 11057

     For more info on crews go to:


                  Lt Robert D. Puckett Crew
             42-107014    "Lucy"

                  Lt Robert D. Puckett Crew
             42-107014    "Lucy"

       43-38178 "Seattle Sue"
                     525th BS
                Fuselage Code FR-P
                Lost May 25, 1945
               Mid-air collision with
             AC# 43-38272 "The Thumper"
            James N. Blain Crew on board
              Germany. MACR 14319

  Pictured here are members of the Lt Evans Crew
     This Crew was on Board 43-38272 "Thumper"
             "Thumper Crew

Clair W Evans - 2nd Lt - Pilot – MIA
Dennis F Lang - 2nd Lt - Co-Pilot – MIA
Leland E Slane - F/O – Bom – MIA
Abraham Teller - F/O – Nav – MIA 
Norman B Cooler – Sgt – RO – POW
William E Fanning Jr. – Sgt - Eng/TTG – MIA
Robert J Dobson – Sgt – BTG – MIA
Victor L Stewart – Sgt – TG - POW

     This is the Copeland Crew & at the time of this
     photo  they were flying aircraft # 43-38178
     "Seattle Sue".
     So far we do not have a photo of that ship with
     this crew but we have this crews Identity.

                       The Copeland Crew

                     Back row Left to Right:

            SGT RG   Radio  - Thomas Burns
            CPL NG   AG R.Waist  - Jack Jennings

            SGT TG   Tail                - James Agee

            SGT WG  AG L.Waist  - Curtis D. Morris

            SGT BT    Lower Ball    - James F. Russ

            SGT TT    Engineer     - Lawrence A. Baskett

                     Front row Left to Right:

            2ND LT   Pilot  - Phillips J. Copeland

            2ND LT   Co Pilot  - Leonard G. Rice

            2ND LT    Navigator  - Warren M. Doolittle

            F/O           Bombardier  - Vic Basile

      This crew eventually broke up and became part
     of the reserve Crews and Personnel Squadron. Many
     of them found homes with other Crews and Aircraft
     while some stayed in that section volunteering for all
      missions in hopes of completing their tours early.
          Thanks goes to the family of: 
       SGT Lawrence A.Baskett TT/Eng who later found a
     home with the Lt Kitchen Crew to finish his tour.

             44-6835   " Stardust"
                     527th BS
                Call Sign FO-A
           Unknown Crew Photo
               Believed to be the 
        Lt. John  M  Royall Jr. Crew
     This aircraft flew 46 Missions for the
      379th BG.
     7/12/45 Returned to US, Kingman, AZ 12/13/45
           Photo Date:  03 May 1945
       Which would coincide with this Crews
     last mission flown. We think this maybe in
     Celebration of that event.

          Capt Hoverland Crew Pictured
    Far right standing is Major Walter Fulkerson

         42-31040  "Duffy's Tavern"
                          527th BS
                   Fuselage Code FO-A
                    Lost Jan 29, 1944

              Capt. Hoverkamp Crew on board

42-31040 flew13 accredited missions for the 379th before going MIA. 
Crew claims they were outbound from bombing target in Frankfurt, Germany 
and flying at 20,000 feet when engine #1 started smoking. This was around 12:10 hrs 29
January1944. We continued on and were near halfway home and we could not feather
the engine and were losing altitude. At around 12,000 feet the Captain gave the order
to prepare to bailout. He flew the aircraft until all the crew was out and then at around
3,500 feet he put the ship on auto Pilot and bailed too.

                 9-Evaded & 1-POW
                        MACR 2873 

             For more info on crews go to:

42-29802  "Ruthie II"
                    527th BS
             Fuselage Code FO-C
                  Pictured above
               James E. Smith Crew 

               Kneeling left to right

        Joseph Uporsky  - TTG/Eng

        Walter Webster - RO/G

        Edward ‘Whitey’ Warren – TG

        Herschell H. “Shorty” Davis -  BTG

        Leroy Nicholson - RWG

        James L. Potter – LWG

              Back row Left to right

        James E. Smith – Pilot

        James E. Mulkern – Bom

        Joseph R. LeBore – Nav

        Leon Lanphear  - Co-pilot

Ruthie II was first assigned

to the 92ndBG from April, 1943.
Then transferred to the 379th BG
13 Sept 1943. She survived the war and was sen
t to Stillwater, Oklahoma in July 1944. After that
Her fate is unknown at the present time.
After the mission to Hanover,
Germany Jul 28, 1943 for the 92nd BG.
She landed at RAF Faulsham. 
Co-Pilot John C. Morgan The Co-Pilot for the 92nd
was awarded “The Medal of Honor”
for his actions on that mission.
The Co-Pilot's actions were part of the story
line for the book & movie
"Twelve O'Clock High"

  42-29718   "Fatso
      aka Widow Maker"
                         524th BS

                Fuselage Code WA-C
            "Fatso" was transferred to the 92nd BG
              & then to to the 94th BG
            She survived the war & was last sent to
            Walnut Ridge Arkansas & sold for scrap
           While assigned with the 379th BG she
            was in the care of John "Bud" Sterling
             as her Crew Chief. John was one of only four
            Ground Crew Chiefs to be awarded the
           "Legion of Merit for their outstanding
             performance record. John was also the Nose Art
            specialist for the 524thBS.

       The Medinger Crew
   "The Birmingham Jewell"
  Ground Crew Chief: M/Sgt Waddel
                     525th BS  LF-J
                      128 missions
                    Lost on Chemnitz
                          3 Feb 45
          With the Webber Crew on board  
             Shot down by enemy fighters
         Southwest of Hamburg, Germany
                       MACR 12217

     For more info on crews go to:

              42-3325  "Paddy Gremlin"
                                524th BS
          Struck by bomb dropped from higher
       aircraft  during mission  & crash landed
                   near Belgian border.
                          Jan 30, 1944
        Crew unhurt until strafed on ground
                     by German fighter,
                     Presumably to stop
            them from setting fire to aircraft,
            Wounding two seriously and six
               2Lt Kenneth Davis & Crew
                            MACR 2867
- 10 POW - 
           For more info on crews loading

The two Phyllis........

            This was one of two Aircraft that bore the
    the name"Phyllis" However judging by the
    damage this was probably
                 526th BS then to the 527th BS
                  Fuselage Code LF-U then FO-L

                Assigned to the 379th BG on 28 June 44
               then transferred to the 527th BS when
               the 526th became a PFF Unit in March 1945.
               It's fuselage code became FO-L. Her mission total was 44.
             & She sold as scrap 2 Dec 1945 Kingman, Az

          Info on the other "Phyllis"
                    43-37622  "Phyllis"
        This aircraft was assigned to the 527th BG
   on 08 July 1944. Her fuselage Code was FO-F. Her
   time with the 379th BG was short lived (17 Missions)because on

   05 August 1944 She crashed on landing upon landing
   from the days mission. She veered off the runway where 
 she was
   involved in a Category "E"
   collision with A/C # 42-107169. 
  Returned to the U.S.
  29 June 1945

        44-6507 " Lucky Patch"
                              527th BS
                    Fuselage Code FO-K
                  Crashed at an Airfield
                          in England
                 Co-Pilot told me they were
                  having control problems

           For more info on crews loading

42-30720 "Nine Yanks and a Rebel"
                                   526th BS
                          Fuselage Code- LF-O
 42-30720 "Nine Yanks and a Rebel" This shot was taken at their home base at Kimbolton, England. This aircraft flew 58 accreted missions for the 526th BS of the 379th BG beginning on 26 November 1943 and ending  in April of 1944. The LT Hahn Crew was her first assigned Crew and named her. Oh and by the way the Pilot was the Rebel.
     According to the date on this photo some of the
 Airmen here were from the William  N  Hahn Crew. 
               For more info on  this crew

       42-97890 " Lil Satan"
   a.k.a. "Queen of Hearts"

                        524th BS
             Fuselage Codes WA U/R 
                      25 July 1944
This Battle Damage occurred on Mission #154 for the 379th on 25 June 1944 to France to bomb bridges near Coulanges sur Yonne.
On this mission the Lt Karl Becker Crew was on board. She suffered a direct hit over Paris, France. The Bombardier was seriously wounded (one leg partially blown off, the other fractured along with his arm & many internal injuries). The Navigator bailed out thinking he had heard the order to do so.
Flak now concentrated on their position and continued to hit all around them. Finally with no inter-phone contact and noticing that they were falling and leaving the formation's safety, the Tail Gunner followed suit and bailed. The Pilot & Co-Pilot kept at their controls in an attempt to keep her flying. Engines #3 and #2 were non-operational & #3 could not be feathered causing a terrific vibration throughout the ship (Notice in one of the photos that #3 over Lt Becker's head is feathered).
The rest of the Airmen on board gathered around assisting the Top Turret Gunner and the Major in securing the Bombardier there by tying him to the top turret and applying a tourniquet. No one else wanted to bail or land in hopes of reaching a Base in England & hopefully saving Lt Maata’s life. The Pilot turned the ship away from the formation & headed her toward England flying without instruments. The aircraft and crew managed to reach an RAF base at Hunsdon about 30 miles from their home base at Kimbolton but not in time to save Lt. Maata’s life.
There was hardly an inch of the bottom of this ship that didn’t have a hole from flak in it. As strange as it may seem this ship was Combat Ready in two weeks from this photo. A side note: The Major was, Maj. A B Andrews and he was flying with this crew to gather data on the stress an Air Combat Crew goes through on a mission. I would say he got plenty!
                            Final Mission
                         28 September 44
            Fighter and Anti-Aircraft brought her down.
                  Crashed near Niederdodelebau,
                            MACR 9364
               Lt Charles D. Rutledge Crew
              2 KIA- Pilot & Bombardier
              7 POW

The Queen Of Hearts:
For more info on crews loading

                           Pictured below is the
                          Howard  W  Simpkins Jr. Crew
        They were the 2nd crew of 43-37851 until March 1945
                               Standing far left is 
                        Co- Pilot - Edgar  C  Gjelvik
                                Standing far right is
                         Navigator - Ira  G.  Eppinger
                   The rest of the crew is unknown at this time
                                 43- 37851        "Goo Goo"
                                                  525th BS FR-O
                                                  524th BS WA-O
                                                Failed to Return
                                                       April 10 45
                She was attacked by fighters nearing target &
                was last seen leaving formation under control
                 but with heavy damage in the tail section. 
               Some accounts referred to her
               vertical stabilizer as being
                 severely damaged.
                              MACR 13874
                    2Lt Henry J. McFadden Crew
     Henry  J  Mcfadden   2nd Lt - Pilot - RTB
     Russell  W  Curtis   2nd Lt - Nav - RTB
     Donald  D  Ware   S/Sgt -RO/Gunner - RTB
     Ernest  S  Fisher   Sgt - BTG - MIA
     Derwin  O  Blankenship  - Sgt TG - RTB
     Auburn  S  Kattengell  2nd Lt - CP - RTB
     Howell  D  Ellard  T/Sgt – Engi/TT Gunner - RTB
     Paul  T  Hamilton  Sgt - Nose Gunner/Togglier -RTB
     Robert  F  Sommer  S/Sgt  - WG - RTB
              For more info on crews loading

                                 42-31043  "Elsie Mae"
                                     a.k.a "Hell's Belle"                             
                                            527th BS
                                Crash Landed Dec. 09 1944
                                Scavenged for parts
                                 Pictured above are
                                 Peter Kasak - Pilot
                                 Ed McCardle- Co-Pilot

                                      Jack T, Fryer's Crew
                               Elsie Mae's assigned Crew 
                                      for 15 Missions
                            27 May 1944 to 27 June 1944

                          For more info on crews loading

                                   44-8589  "Pretty Olga"
                                                                  526th BS
                                                 Fuselage Codes   LF-Z/L
                                        Sent to Walnut Ridge, Arkansas
                                                         27 October 1945

                    42-29891    "Dangerous Dan"          
                                                    524th BS 
                                         Fuselage Code WA -N     
                                        22 /12 /43 Crash Landed
                                        Lesfield or Ubbeston, UK
                                         24 December 43 Salvaged

                                 42-5827     "Lakanuki"
                                              Assigned to the 526th BS
                                                  Fuselage Code: LF Y
       She was one of the "Original 41". Those were the first  
     aircraft assigned to the 379th BG while they were still
         The "Original 41" were flown to England. "Lakanuki" 
     was able to make a forced landing in Switzerland &
    later she was used as a commercial airliner for the
                            Lt Allen E. Grissom Crew Loaded for
                              Mission Number: 56 for the 379th 
                                           flown on 1/5/1944
                                Target City: Kiel , Germany
                                Target: Port Facilities
     Crew was Repatriated after being Interned in Sweden
                                        May 1st 1944
                                         MACR 1942
                          For more info on crews loading

                42-31021      "Whirlaway"        
                          524 th BS
                    Fuselage Code WA- K    

                     03 02 44 Salvaged 

42-97302  "Scotch N' Soda"
                    525th BS
              Fuselage Code FR-B
   Officer's of the Mills Crew Pictured
On 02/16/1945  this aircraft aborted mission #280 for the 379th BG  due to mechanical failure. After aborting from 
the mission The Crew(unknown at this time) abandoned the aircraft. She crash landed at Old Buckingham on the Carleton Road in England.

 Another photo of Scotch & Soda with
  the Mills Crew.

           For more info on crews loading


Scotch and Soda in flight

       42-29905       " 4-Q-2  
    a.k.a.- "Sufering Sal"
   526th BS - LF-Z then to the 525th -  FR-Z
            then to the 527th BS
            Fuselage Code FR-Z
      Returned to the United States
       Sold as scrap 14 September 1945

 42-31228 "The London Avenger"
      42-31228 -  525th BS
       Fuselage Code FR-F
      The Phinney Crew
         Last Crew of the
       "London Avenger
           Top Left to Right
    Lt Keith L. Phinney - Pilot
    Lt Victor Wickline - Co-Pilot
    Lt William Wagner - Navigator
    Lt William Williams - Bombardier
            Bottom Left to Right
     S/Sgt Robert Novello - Ball Turret
     S/Sgt Donald Rasmussen Top Turret/Eng.
     S/Sgt Edward Hitchan - Radio Operator/Gunner
     S/Sgt Willie Adams - Waist Gunner
     S/Sgt Clyde Tacy - Tail Gunner

In 1943 money was raised in Bermondsey to buy no fewer
then twenty Flying Fortresses. The target was to see if they
could raise £800,000 for the war effort the actual amount
raised was £845,113. The first four were delivered in June
of 1943. Cllr Albert Starr, Mayor of Bermondsey, gave the
name Rotherhithe's Revenge to one of the Flying Fortresses.
The other three were named Bermondsey Battler,
London Avenger and Bermondsey Special, The four
were known at that time as the Bermondsey War Loan fleet
of American bombers. In June 1943 these aircraft were based
at Ridgewell in Essex. The London Avenger ended up in the
525th BS of the 379th BG.

527th BS fuselage Code FO-Y
This was one of the original aircraft assigned
      to the 379th BG. She was heavily damaged by flak
      on the first mission to St. Nazaire on 29 May 1943.
     One engine on fire was put out directly and second
     engine cut out over the channel. The gas tank was
     punctured and the ship ran out of fuel.
          Lt Bersinger Crew loaded for this mission.
                Mission Debriefing Narrative states
           Pilot and Co-Pilot incapacitated by wounds
     from Enemy Fighters. The TT/E - T/Sgt. Cliff
     Erikson took over the Controls and with Pilot
     giving the directions, they flew her back and
     Crash Landed at Little Staughton Air Field..
            She was thought to be damaged beyond repair
     but was made airworthy & reassigned to the 303rd BG
     where she fared no better having been forced to
     crash two more times due to extreme battle damage.
     The last (pictured above) on 01 Feb. 1944.
            Lt. J.R. Morrin, flew her on its final mission
     this date, crash landing at Bozeat (near Paddington)
     and ending up across a road. Two engines were
     out and the other two were going out. It was DBR
    (damaged beyond repair), but none of the crew were
     injured on this mission.

               For more on the Bersinger go to:

       43-38272 "

  42-97163 "
Snow White"
    Pictured here with the 
Lt Larry G. Mesinger Crew
                 527th BS
     Fuselage CodeFO-R
 Ground Crew Chief: M/Sgt Peter Jaber
       Crashed landed in France 13 Sept. 1944
  after mission#204 for the 379th BG. Two
  of her engines were out and a third was 
  about to follow suit. She radioed for permission to land. 
  Four of the Crew were Killed. The TG S/Sgt Theodore Goitien 
  was hospitalized in France. The Pilot; Co-Pilot; Navigator and 
  RO/G were returned to duty. 

Lt Larry G. Mesinger Crew
Oliver C Gillies - Sergeant - BTG
Melvin C Halstead - 2nd Lt - Nav
Larry G Messinger - 2nd Lt - Pilot
Raymond J Seemann - 2nd Lt - Bom
Raymond E Uhlig - Sergeant - WG
Grant M Powers - Sergeant - RO/G
Earnest B Duncan - Sergeant - Eng/TTG
Thomas F Marineau - 2nd Lt - CP
Theodore E Goitein - Sergeant - TG

Original Assigned Crew of 
         "Snow White"

    The Lt Edward C. Harris Crew
Beryl J Brown -   S/Sgt Nose Gunner/Togglier
Robert M Kerr  - 2nd Lt Co-Pilot
Edward C Harris  - 2nd Lt Pilot
Werford C Norris  - 2nd Lt Bombardier
Alfred F Miller  - T/Sgt Radio Operator/Gunner
Carl H Ragsdale  - T/Sgt Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
Chester J Kaszuba  - S/Sgt Ball Turret Gunner
Teddy G Kirkpatrick  - S/Sgt Waist Gunner - Engineer/TTG
Thomas L Costigan  - S/Sgt Tail Gunner

                            42-102689   "Lady Luck"
                                                   525th BS
                                       to RFC at Kingman, AZ 
                                            Sold for salvage
                                              Dec 16, 1945



   42-107082  " Lassie Come Home"
                                           526th BS
                             Crashed at St Heddinge, Denmark
                         Mission Number: 117 for the 379th 
                               flown on 5/13/1944
                       Target City: Stettin / Poznan , Germany     
                      Target: Vulcanizing Plant and Rubber Factory
                       Lt Robert M. Dunn Crew on board

      9- POW's 
                                             MACR 4931

                               For more info on crews loading
                                               Also see this site:                                                

                                                          Unknown Crew Pictured     
                                               524th BS
                                          Fuselage Codes WA-Y/F
                                     Returned to states & sent to
                                        Walnut Ridge sold as
                                           scrap October 24 1945
                                         Unknown Crew pictured  

                                 44-83288  "Lady Anna
                                           aka "The Grim Reaper"
                                                   527th BS 
                                            Fuselage Code  FO-S 
                                       Named after British Actress
                                      Anna Nagle (Pictured above)
                                   Last aircraft assigned to the group

                              This aircraft was transferred to the 91st BG
                                 When the 379th BG was assigned to 

                                             "Unknown Crew Pictured
                          42-107146  "Mairzy Doats
                   First assigned the the 527th BS then to the 525th BS
                                Fuselage Code(s) FO-G  &  FR-G  
                                         Damaged by Anti-Aircraft fire 
                                  on mission to Gelsenkirchen, Germany
                                   & Crashed in North Sea on return 
                                     With Lt.Spencer Crew on Board
                               Edwin  C  Spencer  2nd Lt Pilot KIA      
                               Mervyn  L  Richards 2nd Lt Co-P KIA
                               Gerard  J  Gallagher 2nd Lt Nav KIA
                               Warren  H  Boone Jr. 2nd Lt Bom KIA
                               George  M  Lively  S/Sgt RO/G KIA
                               Howard  E  Chaffin S/Sgt Eng/TT G KIA
                               Richard  C  Kriedeman  Sgt WG KIA
                               Donald  A  Stover Sgt BTG
                                Charles  J  Marlatt Sgt TG    
                                                Aug 26, 1944 

                                                 MACR 8456

                                 For more info on crews go to:

                                                   McClain Crew
                             43-37570    "Miss Liberty
                                                             524 BS
                                                  Fuselage Code   WA-K 

                                                      Sold as Scrap
09 10 45 Kingman, Arizona 
                     Harold  E  McClain Jr.       2nd Lt    Pilot
                     James A Rainwater           2nd Lt    Co-Pilot
                     Paul  A  Tates                   T/Sgt      Togglier/Gunner
                     Edward  R  Chapman       2nd Lt     Bombardier    
                    Alphonse  A  Annunziato   S/Sgt     Radio/Gunner
                    Dean  N  Buck                   S/Sgt     Eng/TT Gunner
                    Raymond  J  Posielenzny   Sgt         BTG
                    Raymond  A  Halley           Sgt         Waist Gunner
                   Marvin  P  Hasselfield        Sgt         Tail Gunner      

                                                No Known Nose Art
                                527BS Fuselage Code FO-F 
              Battle damaged on the Cologne Mission
            28/1/45 Lt Kerr Crew on board, Engine
    #3 hit by Flak and on fire. Pilot gave order to bail out.
    Fire went out and the Pilot managed to nurse her home. He crash Landed her and she was salvaged for parts.
                      Lt Newton Kerr Crew
     Newton  W  Kerr - 2nd Lt – Pilot - Landed Aircraft
     Harry  D  Kinder -2nd Lt - Co-Pilot -RTB
     Henry  H  Wenger - 2nd Lt - Navigator - RTB
     Carl  L  Funderburg –Sgt - Togglier - MIA
     John  B  Petraitis - Sgt - RO/Gunner - MIA
     Andrew  J  Haechrel – Sgt - Eng/TTG - MIA
     George  P  Weiner - Sgt - BTG - MIA
     Joseph  L  Marsico – Sgt - Waist Gunner - RTB
     John  E  Ingram – S/Sgt - Tail Gunner - MIA  
                                          Another look at the battle damage

                             42-5813 "Jackie Ellen"
                            Assigned to the 525th BS
                          Fuselage Code FR-s then FR-Z
The Air Combat and Ground Crew of "Jackie Ellen" pose before
their aircraft before take off.

                          LEFT to RIGHT FRONT ROW:

          M/Sgt. Thomas kazberovich
          Sgt. William Hamilton
          Sgt. Andrew Stedind
          Sgt Virgil R. Ford
          Cpl. Raymond E. Hartling
                         MIDDLE ROW LtoR:
          S/Sgt. Charles A. Adams
          T/Sgt. Joseph P. Bocelli
          S/Sgt. William R. Earnest
          S/Sgt Walter D. Sherrid
                           BACK ROW LtoR:
          Capt. Thomas F. Witt
          1st Lt. Douglas H. White
          1st Lt. C. A. Alexander
          1st Lt. Walter Morey

I know the names from the caption do not match the number of Airmen in the back row. I can only type what was on the backside of the photo. I do know for sure but a guess is that one of them must or could be Lt L. C. Breiner the Pilot and the other could be Lt. Richard W. Jones Co-Pilot.

                                      The Caption reads:  
                         42-5813 "Jackie Ellen" of the 525th BS of the 379th BG.
                         Crashed landed 20 miles short of home base.
                        All Crewmen survived. She was all shot up from her
                        Mission & ran out of fuel trying to reach her home base.

          Major Howard Nussbaum Chief of the Radio Section- London,
          operates a B-20 Recorder in the first time trial of this equipment on
          board the "Jackie Ellen". The B-20 Recorder measured the impact
          and the number of times an aircraft was hit/effected by Flak and
         Ammunition. It also dedected and recorded gun burst from on board

44-8469  " Ho" was a Lockheed/Vega B-17G-65-VE Fortress and was in three squadron's of the 379th BG. She was a late entry into the war but completed 37 Accredited Combat Missions for the 379th BG before the war ended. At one time she was one of the group's Lead Aircraft. This photo with the Major John R. Martin Crew was during that time frame. This photo would have to be from around the middle of March 1945

      Looking For Section
  We need photos and or info on the following Aircraft

            42-29878 "Lady Godiva"
                     526th BG
             Fuselage Code LF-G

                     42-97825   "Phyllis"
                  526th BS then to the 527th BS
                  Fuselage Code LF-U then FO-L
                Assigned to the 379th BG on 28 June 44
               then transferred to the 527th BS when
               the 526th became a PFF Unit in March 1945.
               It's fuselage code became FO-L. Returned to the U.S.
        29 June 1945 & sold as scrap 2 Dec 1945 Kingman, Az

43-38256     "Our Baby"
                              524th BS
                     Fuselage Code WA C
                               08 /09/ 44
                              Hit by AA
             Crashed near Ludwigshafen, Germany
                            MACR 8846  
                     2Lt Barton L. Jones Crew
                                 9 POW's

            43-37950 "Gravel Gertie"
                             527th BS
                Fuselage Code FO-G
                Returned to the United States
               Stored at Kingman, Az until
               sold or scrap 23 November 1945

               42-39968 "Petrol Packin' Mama"
                                   525th BS
                     Fuselage Code FR-A
                     Return to the United States
                     and sold at Albuquerque, NM
                           07 February 1946

42-3269 " Piccadilly Willy "
                          527th BS FO-U
                        526th  BS  LF-B/U

                     Shot down by fighter
              3 mi South of Schweinfurt
, Germany
                  Oct 14, 1943. 2 KIA, 8 POW
                            MACR 958


44-8435  "Picadilly Lilly"      
525th BS


     42-3145  "The Gremlin"
527th BS
Ran out of fuel and was
in English Channel
Sept. 6, 1943
Crew was rescued.


                    43-38237  "Dallas Doll"

                                527th BS
                      Fuselage Code FO-J
            Mid air collision with A/C # 43-38955
            on 10 January 1945 Lt Raymond E. Davis
            Crew on board,
                           MACR 11762
                          7 KIA  2 POW

                           "Gator Bait"

            42-102628   " G. I. Jane"
                 526th LF-P
Went MIA
18 June '44
                  Lt Stephen J. King Crew
4 KIA  -  5 POW

     42-3167    *Ye Olde Pub*
527th BS
Fuselage Code:FO-S/B
Badly damaged by AAA &
fighters on raid to Bremen
Dec 20, 1943
Crew turned for home when
discovered by Lt Franz Stigler
of JG 27/6. He did not shoot
Them down as ordered. He escorted
the plane to the North Sea &
then saluted and flew away.
The plane landed safely in UK,
but too badly damaged to fly
1 KIA, 4 injured

526th BS
Fuselage Code: LF-B/A
lost Jun 11, 1943
Lt William F. Brinkman Crew
8 KIA & 2POW's
MACR 1369


525th BS
Fuselage Code: FR-P
lost May 29, 1943
MACR 1292

(Pilot) 1st Lt. Arthur P. Hale. (POW)
(CP) Lt. Stuart M. Sharp. (POW).
(N) Lt. Bernard Andruskiewicz. (POW).

(BDR) Lt. Jerry B. Ahern. (POW).
(WO) Sgt. Joseph E. Lansiter. (POW).
(TTG) Sgt. Charles N. Ford. (POW).
(BTG) Sgt. Chester A. Whitney. (POW).
(RWG) S/Sgt. Chester T. Moore. (POW).
(LWG) Sgt. Lee S. Hilton. (POW).
(TG) S/Sgt. Lawrence E.

In 1943 money was raised in Bermondsey to buy no fewer then Twenty Flying Fortresses. The target was to see if they could raise £800,000 for the war effort the actual amount raised was £845,113. The first four were delivered in June of 1943. Cllr Albert Starr, Mayor of Bermondsey, gave the name Rotherhithe's Revenge to one of the Flying Fortresses. The other three were named Bermondsey Battler, London Avenger and Bermondsey Special, The four were known at that time as the Bermondsey War Loan fleet of American bombers. In June 1943 these aircraft were based at Ridgewell in Essex. The London Avenger ended up in the 524th BS of the 379th.

44-8469 was a Lockheed/Vega B-17G-65-VE Fortress and was in three squadron's of the 379th BG. She was a late entry into the war but completed 37 Accredited Combat Missions for the 379th BG before the war ended. At one time she was one of the group's Lead Aircraft. This photo with the Major John R. Martin Crew during that time frame. This photo would have to be around the middle of March 1945

       Looking For Section
  We need photos and or info on the following Aircraft

                   42-37859    "Fightin Cock" 
524 BS
                        Fuselage Code: WA-S

                       Hit by AA &  Failed to Return
                               July 07 44
                       Ditched in the channel  
                      2Lt Willis W. Jones Crew 
                          9 Returned to Duty   

                     42-5830   "Al Jo Son" 
                a.k.a.     " Hag of Hardywck" 
524th BS
                     Fuselage Codes WA-P/T  
  12/06/43 AF Thurleigh 14/06/43 2SAD RG 18/07/43 
        18 August 43 RAF Olham RG ? 
      11 0January 44 AF Shipdam RG 13 January 44 
       04 April 44 BAD2 07 May 45 Ontario, California 

                42-3143         "Werewolf" 
527 FO then to the 524 WA 
                        Lack of fuel caused a   
                       Forced Landing 
                      May 10 1943 en-route to UK 

        42-9653  "Bad News"
525th BS
Shot down by fighter at
Schrozberg, Germany
Oct 14, 1943.
4 KIA, 6 POW
MACR 956



        42-3132 379th BG
lost between Gander and UK
Apr 23, 1943
MACR 3726

                         524th BS WA- C 
                       Then to 526th BS
                   Fuselage Code: LF - C 
           Went MIA 08 December 1943
                   Kurt W. Freund Crew
                         MACR - 2340
                    3 KIA  & 7 POW's

        42-39783   "Blues In The Night"
                            526th BS

                                  Fuselage Code  LF-B
                    Went MIA 19 May 1944
                 Merlyn E. Wilson Crew on board
                          MACR 4929
                        1 KIA & 8  POW





John T Strouse




Merlyn P Wilson




Dean W Reid




Frederick A High




Henry P Mcgreevy




Clayton W Bates




Arthur H Stanton




Albert W Vandyke




Wayne M Davis





525th BS
lost Jun 11, 1943
MACR 1295

43-38275 "Take Me Home"
527th BS
Fuselage Code FO-F
Aircraft went Missing 30 November 1944
William J.Sullivan Crew o board
MACR 11059

44-6004 "Ronny Boy"
527th BS
Fuselage Code FO-D
Went MIA 24 August 1944
Donald B. Bruns Crew on board

MACR 8284

44- 6119 "White Lightening"
526th BS
Fuselage Code LF-A

Went MIA 09 February 1945
Herbert R. Pearlman Crew on board
MACR 12337

42-97933 "Gilded Orion"
526th BS
Fuselage Code LF-X
Ditched in the English Channel
Robert E. Mullen Crew on board
All nine Airmen rescued 8 RTD
19 September 1944

    "Swamp Fire"  * 42-32024 *  
                                                            524th BS
                                                   Fuselage Code:   WA-L

                                     Lt Joseph Korstjens' Crew 
                     Pictured here  with Ground Crew(Kneeling) 
                       Chief - Dominick DeSalvo(Far Right)
                            &  Lt. Scragg "The Wonder Dog"

 "Swamp Fire" was the first  heavy bomber to reach 100 missions without an abort. The first 114 of her total 117 missions for the 379th BG were without an abort.

Also, along with 18 other Aircraft  & Crews of the 379th BG
                                   Swamp Fire & the Korstjen Crew
                                   was selected to participate in
                              the "Grapefruit Mission" to
                            drop America's  first flying bomb on
                            Cologne, Germany 28 May 1944

                                    After completing 117 missions
                               she was declared War  Weary on
                                             12 December 1944.   
                                              Sold as salvage 
                                      29 December 1945 at 
                                              Kingman, Az 
                                       The Mills Crew
                                 This crew was the second assigned crew 
                  Swamp Fire & was on board for her 100th mission.
                              For all the other crews and missions  

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                           Swamp Fire reunion in Seattle 12 March 2011   

 42-31915 " Mary Jo "
                                                    Assigned to the 527th BS
Code FO-Y
                                                        Missions Flown: 79
Ground Crew Personnel
Pictured above are:
Baldwin - Stott - Nadolf

                                                  More of the Ground Crew

The Lt Walker Crew
Standing Left to Right:
T/Sgt John M Eckenrode
                      S/Sgt George Lalich
                      S/Sgt Will Max Harden
                      S/Sgt Larry L Buckman
                      S/Sgt William Doyle Combs
                      T/Sgt Roy E Stanley
                     Seated Left to Right:
                       2Lt George A McClellan
                       2Lt John E Price
                       2Lt Ralph J Riggio
                       2Lt Charles E Walker                                                        

                              Added to the inventory on 01 February 1944
Arrived overseas on 06 February 1944.
She went MIA on 19 September 1944
with the Lt Charles E. Walker Crew on board
Excerpt from the Mission Narrative by a Crewman in
the same wing.
We were flying at around 25,000' and the
Visibility was Nil. We could tell someone had been hit 
by Flak and was falling but we could not see much of 
anything at that time so, we didn't know who it was or 
their fate. All we could see was the flashes of Flak & 
the explosion of one of our ships being hit. It was an 
unmistakable sound.

                                                           MACR 9374
Crew 5-RTB- and 5-POW's


                                                    42-31972  " Gamecock "
                                 527th BS
                    Fuselage Code  FO-F
                                                        lost on 13 May 1945
              Around 15 minutes after the
            bomb run we were hit with a
            20mm cannon knocking out
             Engine # 1. It appeared to be on
            fire as we left the formation. When
            over the Island of Fyn we saw a field
            & attempted to land. after making a
            successful belly landing the Crew was
            taken by the Germans & the aircraft was
            loaded on a train & shipped to Germany
                               MACR 2870
1st Lt John E. Wilds Jr  Crew  on board
Wilds Jr., John E                1st Lieutenant   Pilot

McDaniel, Samuel L         2nd Lieutenant Co-Pilot

Schaeffer, James R          2nd Lieutenant Navigator

Gerth, Virgil J. 1st Lieutenant    Bombardier

Tucker, Gorden E              Tech Sergeant   Radio Operator/Gunner

Claypool, Warren D         Tech Sergeant   Engineer/Top Turret Gunner

Baldwin, Charles J            Staff Sergeant   Ball Turret Gunner

Corey, John (NMI)           Staff Sergeant   Waist Gunner

Carl, Joseph W. Staff Sergeant   Tail Gunner

                                        All Crewmen became Prisoners of War
                                                 For more info on crews loading

                              * 42-29829  * " Sons Of Satan"  
B-17F 527th BS
Fuselage Codes FO-F/P
                                                 Missions Flown: 35
                                     Ground Crew Chief: M/Sgt Krismer 
Mechanic: Sgt Stringer

Pictured Above

Standing left-right
Capt.Doug Hoverkamp
Lt.Ernest Hoppe
Lt.Meyles A. Sheppard
T/Sgt Wendel J. Shepard
Lt.Frank Paisano
Kneeling left-right
S/Sgt Clement Budelman
S/Sgt Howard Lawson
T/Sgt Orvin Taylor
S/Sgt Benjamin St.John
Warren Prosperi
This Identification is by
  the family of  Lt. Meyles A. Sheppard    
                             Lost Feb 22, 1944 on
the Bemburg Mission
with the Haston Crew on board.
We were around three minutes after
bombs away when an enemy fighter
attacked us with 20mm cannon fire.
He ripped through the midsection &
ended up knocking out # 2 & # 3 engines
They were on fire when the order to
bailout came.
Hasten Crew
Foy  R  Clingman Lt Co-Pilot — KIA
Gordon  D  Fisher T/Sgt  RO/G - RTB

Robert  W  Haston Lt Pilot — POW
Harold  N  Sheaffer Lt Nav — KIA
Robert  Spisak T/Sgt—BTG - KIA
William  G  Nixon S/Sgt LWG - POW
B Adrianson S/Sgt TG - Repatriated
Conrad  J  Gemmecke S/Sgt RWG -POW
Kenneth  E  Raack TT/G & Eng — KIA Stanislaw Burblis S/Sgt Bom — KIA

*MACR 2870*

   For more info on crews go to:

                               "  42-29830    "   "Peter Wabbit"
                                  Missions Flown: 13
                                    525th BS FR-A then 524th BS WA-T
                                    lost on Schweinfurt mission
                                                         17 aug 43
                                 with Wagner Crew on board.
                                Shot down by Lt. .Heinrich Rudolph 
                                of JG 11/I. Stab at Daxweiler  
                                            in a FW-190A.
                        The ship crashed into the woods
                        Kohlenberg District near the township
                       of Dörrebach, 13 km W. of Bingen. 
                        According to a letter addressed to the 
                        police in Bad Kreuznach dated 08/19/43, 
                        five bodies were found inside the wreck, 
                         two others nearby.
                                  Lt. Erwalt F. Wagner Crew
                    William  C  Barnard  1st Lt - Co-Pilot -KIA

                    Joseph  J  Hilderbrand  1st Lt - Nav - KIA

                    Kenneth  F  Gibbs  2nd Lt – Bom - KIA

                    Benjamin  Radensky  T/Sgt - RO/Gunner - KIA

                    Dean  J  Yates  S/Sgt – TG - KIA

                    Francis  J  Donahue  S/Sgt – BTG -KIA

                    Eldred  J  Andruss  S/Sgt – RWG - KIA

                    Erwalt  D  Wagner  1st Lt - Pilot - KIA

                    Henry  I  Cushman  T/Sgt – TT/Eng - KIA

                   Marvin  T  Charlson  S/Sgt – LWG - KIA
                                      MACR 1350. - 10 KIA

                           For more info on crews go to:


                                Major Lane's Lead Crew of the 524th BS- 379th BG.
                                              42-29896  "Tondelayo"
                                                                 527th BS
                                            Fuselage Code(s) FO-V & then Y 
                                               Missions Flown: 9
                                              Ran out of fuel and ditched
                                              in English Channel  with the
                                               Lt Fawkes Crew on board.
                                            Sept 6, 1943. Crew rescued 

                    This photo is of the Lt McHugh Crew
                          42-31648         "Ensign Mary
                                                   526th BS
                                          lost Jun 16, 1944
                                    Lt George Mc Hugh Crew
                                               MACR 5988
                     42-31648 "Ensign Mary"

She was sent overseas in January 1944.
Assigned to the 526th Bomber Squadron of
the 379th BG immediately upon her arrival.
Her Fuselage Code was LF-H.

Gallant record for this ship and her second assigned Crew
was the Lt George Mc Hugh Crew
This was Mission Number: 144 for the 379th, flown on 6/16/1944
Target City: Laon / Couvron , France
Target: Airdrome

Here is what took place on the Mission:
We were flying about 25,000 feet when we took a direct hit from an Anti-Aircraft round. Our aircraft was on fire but we were still flying level and with enough speed to catch up to the formation. We had just started our bomb run and "Ole Mac" just kept her going, even though we were on fire. Lt Mc Hugh was burned over 50% of his body but he would not quit.
We dropped our load and turned for home. We were still on fire. Then I guess Mac decided not to chance it and left the formation. He put her into a steep nose dive to try and put out the flames. It was unsuccessful. We were still high enough to jump so "Mac" signaled for us on board to bail out.
He leveled off to make a landing but the controls of the ship must have been too difficult to handle and he was headed directly for the French town of Pontpoint.
Lt McHugh continued to fly "Ensign Mary" as best as he could applying full power at least once to ensure that he missed several buildings and also again making sure he cleared the town. He crashed in an open field on the edge of the town. The impact killed Lt George McHugh.
After two days of sitting on the edge of town the French villagers managed to remove Lt McHugh's body when the German guards left the aircraft unsecured briefly. They buried him with full military honors. 
In 1950 Lt McHugh's remains were reclaimed and sent home to Illinois. 50 years later Lt McHugh was remembered by the residents of Pontpoint, France by naming a new street "Rue McHugh" and by adding his name to a WWII monument of the townships' fallen WWII soldiers.

                       George Mc Hugh – Lt – Pilot – KIA
                       Edward Peterson – Lt – CP – RTD
                       Robert Reese – Lt – Nav – POW
                       Charles Atkinson – Lt – Bom – POW
                       Russell Groat - T/Sgt - RO/G – POW
                       Lester Tullier - T/Sgt - Eng/TTG – KIA
                       Bruce Little - S/Sgt – TG – POW
                       George Thompson - S/Sgt – WG – POW 
                       Kelly Shaw - S/Sgt – BTG
     Special thanks extended to the Willis and Tullier Families for their Identification of Crew.
                                      For more info on crews go to:                           

                                  * 42-3176  *    "Lady Astrid"
                                                     527th BS  FO-E
                                         Then to the 524th BS  WA-E
                                           Missions Flown: 8
                                                        Shot down
                                             by Obfw Grunert
of the ZG 76/4
                                            in a Bf 110G-2
                                    at Dornheim, Bavaria, Germany
                                            Oct 14, 1943
                            They were the lead Aircaft.
       The call to bail out was given after being attacked by a fighter. I made my way down to check on crew & see if they all bailed. The interphone had gone out when suddenly an 88mm exploded in the waist area. I was wounded & believe so was the Bombardier. I saw that it appeared to be total destruction of our waist section and all there were either dead or unconscious. There was no way to reach them. I believe all were dead. The rest of us bailed just before the ship exploded- Co-Pilot.
                                     Lt. Alden C.Johnson Crew
              Alden  C  Johnson  1st Lt  - Pilot  - KIA

              Vincent  E  Tapping  2nd Lt - Nav  - POW

              Benjamin  B  Brittain Sgt  - TT/Eng -  POW

              Ralph  K  Scripter  S/Sgt  - RWG -  KIA

              Eugene  T  Johnson  S/Sgt  - TG - KIA

              Antonio  A  Velasquez  S/Sgt  - RO =  KIA

              Warren  E  Holtsberg  2nd Lt  - Co-Pilot  - POW

              Louis  E  Dubois  2nd Lt  = Bom  - POW

             Raoul  A  Rousseau  S/Sgt  - BTG -  KIA

              James  R  Locke  S/Sgt  - LWG -  KIA

                          6 KIA, 4 POW
                            * MACR 954

             For more info on crews go to:

                                    * 42-5821  *    "Cindy"
                       Cindy was one of the original 41 Aircraft flown
                         overseas with the 379th BG                    
                      Assigned to the 527th BS
                      Fuselage Code FO-O
                        Missions Flown: 10
                      hit by Anti-Aircraft fire
                      at Gelsenkirchen, Germany
                      and then shot down by fighter
                       at Leimersdorf, Germany Aug 12, 1943.
                       F/O Rees
Crew on Board
               Dominick  D  Fiorani S/Sgt – BTG -  KIA

               David  W  Rees  F/O -  Pilot - POW

               Clair  M  Dietrich 2nd Lt  - Co-Pilot - POW

               William  L  Busch  2nd Lt – Nav - POW

               Ernest  A  Galloway  2nd Lt – Bom - POW

               Joseph  L  Murphy  T/Sgt - RO/Gunner- KIA

               John  T  Brennan  T/Sgt – Eng/TT Gunner KIA

               Chester  H  Lundquist  S/Sgt – RWG -  KIA

               James  A  Williams S/Sgt – LWG - KIA

               Stanley  M  Govern  S/Sgt – TG - KIA

                                  MACR 1360. 6 KIA, 4 POW
       For more info on crews go to:

                                   * 42-29787  * - "Wilder Nell II"
                                                                       525th BS
                                                         Fuselage Code FR-E
                                             Shot down by Oblt Erich Buchholz
of the JG 1/9
                                                            in a Bf 109G-6 
                          Crashed in North Sea off Petten, Netherlands
                                                            Nov 29, 1943

                Account of the events According to S/Sgt Schooley

              S/Sgt Schooley reported that they were all sitting

          in the Radio Room area of the aircraft for the
         ditching of “Wilder Nell II”. They hit and bounced 
         once or twice when suddenly the floor of the aircraft
         burst apart flooding the ship very quickly. All of the 
         crew appeared to have survived the ditching. Four of
         the crew managed to climb into a Life raft and the 
         rest were swimming toward it or clinging to sides
         when a Me-109 strafed them. He was the only one 
        left alive as far as he knew. He was at that time unaware
        of any of the others having been rescued or found 
         except Lt. Valsecchi. His captures showed him a
        Document that said the Lt. had died and was buried 
         in Holland. I have found another account that states
         that the German Soldiers on the docks nearby saw
         what they thought was a weapon being drawn by one
         of the Airmen in the raft so, they opened fire on them. 
         When the German fighter saw the gun fire he strafed
         the raft to protect the soldiers ashore. The only reason 
         S/Sgt Schooley wasn’t killed was because he was     
         already swimming toward the docks.

                                          Lt. Lefevre crew
                    John  R  Miller  2nd Lt - Co-Pilot  -KIA

                    Charles  H  Lefevre  2nd Lt - Pilot  -KIA

                   Jan  Spurgiasz  Sgt - Nav - KIA

                   Alfred  Valsecchi  2nd Lt - Bom  -KIA

                   Leonard  Dixon T/Sgt - RO/Gunner - KIA

                   James  C  Mulligan T/Sgt – TTG - MIA

                   Robert  W  Hunter S/Sgt – BTG -KIA

                   Lion  A  Gorn  S/Sgt – RWG - KIA

                   Wesley  W  Laird S/Sgt – LWG - KIA

                   Edgar  E  Schooley Jr. S/Sgt – TG - POW

                                    MACR 1332  9 KIA, 1 POW
       For more info on crews go to:

                                * 42-29876 *  "Battlin' Bobbie"
                                                                     525th BS
                                                         Fuselage Code FR- B or E
                                         the records are too faded to make out
                                        Lt Elton Hoyt III Crew on Board
                                          (P) Lt. Elton Hoyt. (EVD)
                                          (CP) Lt. Norman C. Schroeder. (EVD).
                                          (N) 2Lt. Williams J. Cook Jr. (EVD).

                                          (B) 2Lt. Louis P. Glickman. (EVD).

                                          (R) S/Sgt. Herbert M. Dulberg. (EVD).

                                          (E) T/Sgt. John F. Thomas. (POW).

                                          (BTG) Sgt. H. Eldridge. (POW).

                                          (RWG) T/Sgt. William J. Miller. (EVD).

                                          (LWG) S/Sgt. Harry L. Minor. (EVD).

                                          (TG) Sgt. Edward R. Shaffer. (EVD).

                                                           Shot down by
                                                        Lt Helmut Beitz
                                                         of the JG 2/10
                                              at Messac, Brittany, France
                                        Sep 16, 1943 on the Nantes mission.
                             MACR 978. 2 KIA, 8 evaded

                                                              Memorial Site:

                               42-37888  "Aces & Eights"
                             Assigned to the 527th BS
                                     with the Fuselage Code of FO-J
                   You can add another  35 mission bombs to this girl.
      Sixty three missions in total was all she had to give to the war
        Delivered to Denver on 4/10/43; next sent to Gr Island on 28/10/43;  Assigned 527BS/379BG with the Fuselage Code of - FO-J on 21/11/43. Then on a training flight on 5/7/44 with Pilot: Chas Akryd, Co-pilot: Jack Harter, Navigator: Alf Gates, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Tilghman Williams, Radio Operator: Frank Roma, WG-Carl Hirthler she crashed near Andover, Hants on 5/7/44. All six Crewmen were killed but there were no civilian casualties.
Her nose art is a play on words, we all know of the famous card hand but she was named this because of the three eights in her serial number and the Airmen Aces that flew her.

     Boeing B-17F-95-BO Delivered to Cheyenne 10/5/43; 
     sent to Smoky Hill 23/5/43;  Then to Kearney 26/5/43; 
     Next to Dow Field 2/6/43; 
     Flown overseas & assigned 525BS/379BG [FR-P] Kimbolton 21/6/43; 
    Missing in Action Schweinfurt 17/8/43 with Jim Sexton Crew Boarding.

                                         "Unknown Crew Pictured
                            42-31085   "Anita Marie"
                             Ground Crew Chief: William F. Preprzak
                                               524th BS  WA-D
                                       The transferred to the 
                                              525th BS FR-D
                                         lost on 07 July 1944
                                         Leipzig, Germany
                                       with Riedman crew,
                                       3 killed 6 prisonner
                                         1 returned to base

                                                  The Reidman Crew
                                         Donald E Fields - WG - POW
                                         Ray W Pekonen - TG - - POW
                                         Sydney P Kelly - Bom - KIA
                                        John E Reidman - Pilot - POW
                                        Robert H Smith - Co-Pilot -KIA
                                        David E Sarfaty - Bom - POW
                                          Edmund V Moreno - RO - RTB
                                        Albert O Rowe - TTG - POW
                                        Peter G Krosunger - BTG - POW

               It was just a few minutes after bombing the target 
          when we were hit forward by AA fire. I was in the radio room. I saw the Waist Gunners going out of their hatch when the order to bail out was given. I made my way forward with the Ball Turret gunner as I looked back I saw the Ball Turret Gunner and then the Top gunner bailed out of the bomb bay. Lt Safarty our Bombardier Observer was right behind them. As I made my way toward the front Lt Smith came down and stepped aside telling me to quick use the front hatch. That was the last time I saw him. I never saw Kelly but heard he was killed in the initial hit. I saw the
plane explode on impact with the ground.
- S/Sgt Moreno Radio Operator

        Another shot of the Anita Marie taken in the end of May 1944, This photo shows an unknown crew having the wounded Tail Gunner removed from the ship.
                                     For more info on crews loading

                         42-29724 “LITTLE MINNIE”

Completed and Delivered Cheyenne 9/2/43; next to Pueblo 19/2/43; then to Salina 24/2/43; on to Brookley 19/3/43; then Smoky Hill 23/3/43; last stateside stop was Dow Fd 15/4/43.  Assigned overseas duty with the 332BS/94BG [XM-B] Bassingbourn 20/4/43; Earls Colne 12/5/43; Rougham 13/6/43;

Transferred 327BS/92BG [UX-K] Alconbury 3/8/43;

Transferred 524BS/379BG [WA-H] Kimbolton 4/9/43; then 526BS/379th BG [LF-H]; Missing in Action Osnabruck Mission 22/12/43 with Pilot: Ed Mueller, Co-pilot: Carl Helton, Navigator: Pascal Lynott, Bombardier: Turley Bird, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: George Emery, Radio Operator: Jesse Hembree, Ball turret gunner: Joe Kampf, Waist gunner: Ransom Jacobs, Waist gunner: Herman Thomas,Tail gunner: Bob Blankenship (10 Killed in Action); ditched North Sea, near Frisian Island. Missing Air Crew Report 1718.

                       41-9100  "Birmingham Blitzkrieg"   
                                          Painted with white stripes for 
                                          better visibility as formation control aircraft.
                                          However, if it was used at all it could not have been
                                          very much or for very long because very few Veterans
                                          remember seeing it.

                                          Some books and people say it was red and white
                                          but none of the Veterans I have talked to claim to
                                          have seen an aircraft with that paint scheme.
                                         I did talk to two Airmen who said this plane was
                                         used for awhile to practice formation flying and it
                                       was painted with white stripes only over the OD Green.
                                          I have been able to find people who were children
                                        during this time frame and they too confirm the ship
                                        was OD Green with white stripes. They all now have 
                                        agreed with each other that this ship was never red
                                       and white striped

                  41-9100  "Birmingham Blitzkrieg"
                                                  525th BS
                                       Fuselage Code FR-U
                                       Used as a formation aircraft
                                       Col Maurice "Mo" Preston  
                                   appears to be leaning on the prop

               She Came off the assembly line on 11 April 1942
                and was added to the Military Inventory on
                26 June 1942. She arrived overseas and was
                assigned to several Bomb Groups before finding a
                home at the 379th - 525th BS with a Call Sign/
                Fuselage Code of FR-U. She saw very little
                Combat before becoming Col. Mo Preston's
                VIP Ship. Later she was used as a formation 
               assembly ship. This ship remained in England 
                after the war  & was transferred to one of the 
                BAD's on 01 Feb 1945 & finally salvaged on
                  18 June 1945.

                                                          "Bzibziak Crew 
                                                                                 42-29897  "Censored"
                                                      a.k.a.   "Forequetoo"
                                                           524th BS
Fuselage Code WA-A" 

                                        Lt Walter Bzibiak - Pilot
                                        Lt Frederick J. Bohan - Bombardier
                                        Lt William F. Barrrett - Co-Pilot
                                        Lt Charles E. Hebert Jr. - Navigator
                                        S/Sgt Dominic Mancini - Tail Gunner
                                        S/Sgt Wilson L. Harris - RO/Gunner
                                        S/Sgt James P. Codd - Left Waist Gunner
                                        T/Sgt Lewis L. Ainsworth - TT/Eng
                                        T/Sgt Emmet P. Morgan - Ball Turret
                                        Sgt Russel E. Hall - Right Waist Gunner
                                                          Bomber Jacket of
                                        S/Sgt Dominic Mancini - Tail Gunner 

                This would be the Lt John L. Swanner Crew. 
              At this time frame they were just starting their tour and
               were assigned to 42-29897 "Censored" formerly "Forequetoo".
               Censored flew 31 accredited mission for the 524th BS of the 379th BG. 
              The Swanner Crew flew the two missions on her  on the 17th and 19th of
               March 1944and then on 27 March 1944 with the Lt Steven Hennrich Crew 
               on board she experienced some handling problems and was transferred 
               from the group. She was eventually returned to the states and assigned to
               Walnut Ridge. Lt Swanner flew  around 47 missions for the 379th by war's

                                                    "Unknown Crew Pictured"
                                                    Believed to be the Koeppen Crew
                                               42-5809   " Mary Jane 
                                                                527th BS
                                                  Fuselage Code: LF-D
                                           She was one of the original 41
                                               Aircraft that flew overseas
                                              with the 379th BG.
                                        She landed away from base due to
                                               Battle Damage from mission
                                         at RAF Base in Coltishall, England
                                                           June  15 1943
                                                    Turned over and Salvaged
                                                              June 17 1943

                                                   Lt Howard O. Koeppen Crew
                                                   42-30158     "Mary Jane II"
                                                                  525th BS
                                                     Fuselage Code: FR-A
                                                Shot down by Lt Heinert
                                                        of the JG 11/3
                                                         in a Fw 190A  
                                               at Worms, Germany
                                                           Aug 17, 1943
                                            during the Schweinfurt raid
                                              Howard O. Koeppen Crew

                     Howard  O  Koeppen  1st Lt  - Pilot - KIA

                     Floyd  K  Borrowman  T/Sgt  - RO/Gunner - POW

                     Eugene  J  Shadick   S/Sgt  - LWG  - Repatriated

                     Robert  J  Watkins   S/Sgt   - BTG - POW

                     Richard  A  Feese   S/Sgt  - TG  - POW

                     John Hurlo   T/Sg  - TTG  - POW

                     Edward  A  Dennstedt   2nd Lt  - Nav -  POW

                     Harold  N  Thompson   2nd Lt  - Co-Pilot  - POW

        Robert  E  Thomas   2nd Lt  - Bom  - POW
Jack Posemsky   Sgt RWG  - KIA
                                                     MACR 1764. 2 KIA, 8 POW

                                               For more info on crews go to:

                                                  "Unknown Crew Pictured"
                                 42-29772        "Mojo"
                                                               524th BS
                                                       Fuselage Code WA-R
                                    "MOJO" in flight
                                                   For more info on crews go to:


                                      Lt John S. Berwind Jr Crew - Pictured Here
                                     42-31663   "Tag-a-long"
                                                                    526th BS
                                                          Fuselage Code LF-G
        Lost Nov 8, 1944 with the Duffy crew on board
         Douglas  L  Griffin S/Sgt         TG           POW
         Joseph  W  Flisnick  2nd Lt     Bom        POW
          Charles  R  Herbison S/sgt     RO          POW
          Richard  E  Lehmann T/Sgt      TTG        POW
          Gerald  J  Duffy      2nd Lt       Pt             KIA
          Kenneth  E  Foster  2nd Lt       CP)          POW
         James  T  Cheney   2nd Lt        Nav         RTB
         William  V  Machulsky  S/Sgt     BTG        RTB
         James  D  Kennedy Jr. S/Sgt     WG         MIA 
  We were at about 27,000 feet when we were hit by AA fire..
   We were at 17,000 feet near Arcen, Holland when the bail 
   out call was given by the Pilot. All of us bailed except
   Lt. Duffy.
  We were told he died when the plane crashed but our   
  BTG says He saw him walk out and immediately captured
   by the Germans. I only saw the plane hit the ground & find
    it hard to think anyone survived.
                     - Bombardier-Joseph  W  Flisnick
                                  *MACR 10354*
                        For more info on crews go to:

                                   42-37784   " The Old Fox"
                                                                    525th BS
                                                      Fuselage Code FR-P
                                                             Lost on 24 May 44
                                    Mission to Berlin, with Gease Crew
                                                             (Pictured above)
                           After being attacked by enemy fighters
                               was amid-air collision with 42-38082.
                                     8 killed 1 POW (pilot 2 Lt Gease)


                                                    Excerpt from the MACR

     We were about 2 to 3 minutes from bombs away over our target in Berlin when we were attacked by Enemy Fighters. Suddenly our aircraft was hit when another ship slammed into the top of us. I immediately dropped out of the formation and when we lost the other ship I rolled right. That’s when things got even more hectic.

     After the initial shock and action I looked around to assess the damage. We had a fire just outside around engine #2 and there was a fire in the cockpit area also the Oxygen containers were ablaze too.

     I yelled at the crew in my area to bailout as well as screaming it over the interphone (I had no idea if it was working but felt it necessary to try it). I kept at the controls for another 30 plus seconds hoping to give the crew time to bail. Then I started down to the nose grabbing my chute along the way. The fire was intense and burning my face and exposed areas of my body. I had to keep my eyes shut and take a peek through small slits to find my way down.

     The smoke had become overwhelming and it became impossible to see clearly. At the front hatch I found one of the crew sitting there attaching his chute I couldn’t see to identify who it was and we never said anything to one another. Therefore I do not know who it was.

     The ship began to buck up and down plus lurch side to side throwing me into the sides and then down into the hatch where me and the other crewman became entangled with me dangling head first out of the plane. I was holding onto my chute with one hand and the aircraft with the other and my legs entangled in the hatch with the unknown crew mate. I let go not wanting to impede him from getting out.

     As I fell I managed to get one hook of my chute connected to the harness and was working on the other when I spotted two chutes but they were too far to recognize who they were. I managed to connect the other end of my chute but saw that the plane had circled and was just coming over me so I had to hold off opening until it had passed by.

     The cloud cover was about 5000 feet and it wasn't until after I passed through it that I was able to deploy my chute. I could not see any other chutes after that because the visibility was limited. I looked around for the others until I landed in a pine tree. After getting down I was only able to elude capture for about four hours.

     I kept asking about the rest of my crew but they had no answers for me. It wasn’t until much later that I found out that Sergeant Chestnut was killed and the others were missing in action.

                                   MACR 5322
     For more info on crews go to:

                               42-39828 "Penny Ante"
                                                        524th BS 
                                             Fuselage Code WA-B
                                        Pictured above with Ground Crew
                                                    and the Lt Streit Crew
                                                     STANDING L to R: 
                                  Leo A.Chruby (Radio), 
                                  Hershal F. Streit (Pilot)
Jesse  RPitts (Co-Pilot)
Robert  J . Marcott (Bombardier) 
Lawrence  Kundin (Navigator)
Raymond  W.  Finicle (Engineer)
James  E.  Williams (RWG)
John  E.  Snell (Left Waist Gunner).
                                                        KNEELING L to R:
Mike  R. Boyovitch (Tail Gunner)
                                      Sgt. Lopez  (mechanic & Nose Artist)
Stanley  R . Owens (Ball Turret Gunner)
                                           Photo taken on March 5, 1944

                                                 Nose Art by Sgt lopez
                                            Second from right kneeling
                             Lost on mission to Berlin
                                    24 may 44
                  The ship was hit by Flak & briefly control
              was lost. The aircraft was brought back under
              control & crew prepared to bailout. We were
              now under fighter attack & then we collided
             with another bomber in our formation. 

                                            Kunda Crew  on Board
                        Theodore  E C  Kunda - 2nd Lt  - Pilot  - POW

                        Robert  B  Burton - 2nd Lt  - Co-Pilot  - POW 
                        Marvin  H  Swift - 2nd Lt  - Nav -  RTB

                         Howard  B  Evans - 2nd Lt  - Bom -  RTB

                                               (Back Row 4th from the Left)
                         Leonard  W  Flatt - S/Sgt  - RO/Gunner  - KIA

                         Roy  T  Pook  - S/Sgt  - Eng/TT Gunner  - RTB

                         Anthony  (NMI)  Tomaselli  - Sgt  - BTG  - MIA

                          George  F  Taylor   - Sgt  - WG  - KIA

                          Russel  G  Vinson   - Sgt  - TG  - KIA
                                              3  KIA - 2  POW - 2 RTB - 1 MIA
                                                              MACR 5320

                                                    For more info on crews go to:

                                 42-102947 "Hellcat Agnes"
                                             Ground Crew Chief: Sgt Farr
                                                             Assigned to:
                                  First the 526th BS with Fuselage Code
                                  & then transferred to: the 524thBS WA-E
                                          Lt. Frank Biorn Crew pictured above 
                                        Back Row
                                                Hubert Couch - Radio Operator
                                                Unknown      -  Waist Gunner
                                                Robert Phillips - Tail Gunner
                                                William Brown - Ball Turret Gunner
                             (William was soaked in fuel on 10th mission)
                                                Walter Volak - Top Turret/Engineer 
                                                       Front Row 
                                                 Frank Biorn -Pilot
                                                 Robert Perry - Co-Pilot
                                                 Joe T. Clark - Navigator  KIA
                                                 Unknown - Togglier


                                 42-102947 "Hellcat Agnes"   

Pictured above & below is the       

Capt. Maurice E. Perkins Crew      

Capt. Maurice E. Perkins          Pilot (Top Left)

Lt. James F. Brede                     Co-Pilot

Lt. James A. Filice                     Nav.

Lt. John J. Newton                    Bom

S/Sgt Chester O. Trammell      Eng/TTG

S/Sgt James R. Dow                  Radio/Gunner

Sgt James M. Fosnaugh            BTG

Sgt Francisco M. Morales       Waist Gunner

Sgt Floyd A. Beam                    Tail Gunner

with S/Sgt. Eugene L. Farr
Ground Crew Cheif
front row w/cigarette
Ground Crew

                                42-102947 "Hellcat Agnes"
                                  Sent to RFC at Kingman, AZ 
                                           Nov 26, 1945
                                Capt. Maurice E. Perkins Crew
                                  Capt. Perkins is (Bottom Left)

            Side story on Crewman Jim Fosnaugh standing
        3rd from the left in bottom photo & 3rd from the 
        left in the middle row  in top photo. 
        S/Sgt Fosnaugh was the Ball Turret Gunner &
        he became the photographer, recording many missions
         for the unit. Many of his photos have been used in 
        several publications. possibly the most recognized is 
          the "Bombs From Above" photo as seen below:

                          For more info on the crew


                                   44-6143   "Miss Behavin"
                                              First assigned to 527th BS then to 525BS
                                               Fuselage Code(s)  FO-A then FR-A
                                                             Lost Oct 6, 1944
                                                    Ditched in occupied territory
                                                Emmet B. Dougherty Crew on board
                                                                 9 POW
                          Excerpt from the MACR
            We were nearing the coast on our return when a
            Shore battery opened up on the formation. we
             received a direct hit between engine #2 and the bomb
             bay doors. The interphone was knocked out and
             The controls were jammed. The Pilot sent word back
             by the Co-Pilot to bailout. He could not reach the mid-
             section because of the damage but we saw chutes out
             one of the windows and started to bailout up front.
             By this time the aircraft was engulf in flames because
             one of the fuel tanks was leaking.

                         Unconfirmed Crew Pictured
          Thought not to be the Lt Emmett B. Dougherty Crew
    Records show that Lt Dougherty's name is spelled
    everal ways and that makes researching these events
    difficult. His Crew and name also appears under the
    name of Lt Doherty. We believe this aircraft was used
   as a backdrop for several crew photos so an Identification     would be difficult.
             If this is the Lt Doherty Crew their
              names at the time of this event are:

                             Lt Doherty Crew       
           Emmet B Doherty - 2nd Lt – Pilot - POW
          William R Harter - F/O – CP - POW
          Gottfried H Binder Jr. - 2nd Lt – Nav - POW
          Robert N Cooke - 2nd Lt – Bom - POW
          George A Kozemczak - T/Sgt - RO/Gunner - POW
          Marvis E Fossett - T/Sgt - Eng/TTG - POW
          Jack C Bishop - S/Sgt – BTG - RTB
          Victor E Moritz - S/Sgt - WG - POW
          Charles E Perry - S/Sgt – TG - POW

                                42-30298  "Tender Tit Tillie"
                                                            later known as
                                          "Ragin Red
525th BS FR-M, 
                                                Transferred to 487th BG 
                                                     837th BS 15 jul 44)

                                  42-97469   "Busy Baby"
                                                                527th BS
                                                       Fuselage Codes  FO-L/I
                     First assigned to the 457th BG 26 January 1944.
                     Then to the 379th BG on 18 March 1944.
                     Declared War Weary 01 November 1944.
                     Sold as scrap at Kingman, Az. 03 December 1945
                       M/Sgt Tom Rowland Ground Crew Chief
                           Pictured above is the Cornell Crew
                           and the Busy Baby's Ground Crew            
                       James M Mellberg      2nd Lt        Bom
                       Raymond F Carre        2nd Lt       CP
                       Mario L Cornell           1st  Lt        Pilot
                       Virgil J Gerth               1st L t        Nav
                       Martin B Cave              T/Sgt       RO
                       David G Willey        T/Sgt    TTG
                       Charles J Baldwin        S/Sgt      BTG
                       James W Bittenback    S/Sgt     RWG
                       John (NMI) Corey        S/Sgt     LWG
                       Joseph W Carl               S/Sgt     TG
                 Thanks to the family of T/Sgt David Willey for
                  the identification of  the crew in this photo. T/sgt
                  David Willey is kneeling & located in the center

                                                           Unknown Crew Pictured
                           All I have been able to discover 
                           on Ginny was that this photo was
                            taken 28 April 1945.

                               42-38058  "The Wish Bone"
                                         Ground Crew Chief: M/Sgt Miller
     Added to the Military Inventory on 01 December 1943
     Arrived overseas on: 20 January 1944               
     First assigned to the 457th BG until transferred to the 379th BG on 18 March 1944 where she was assigned to the 526th BS with the Fuselage Code of LF-C later she was again transferred to the 527th BS of the 379th BG with the Fuselage Code  FO-E
                        This aircraft was retired after the war and then
                         used as a trainer until in November 1945
                         when it was sold as scrap at Kingman, Az..

                          Pictured above is the Hedges Crew                   
                                        Top Row- Left to Right
                               Clay  W  Hedges - Pilot
                               Chester  W  Paulson - Co- Pilot
                               Walter Mueller   - Nav
                                Thomas  A  Carruth - Bom
                                Owen  M  Davis  - RO/G
                                             Bottom Row- Left to Right
                               Jack  Edwards  - TT/G
                               Laurence  J  Jastinski  - WG
                               Richard  E  Cleary  - BTG
                               Robert  C  Soulies  - WG
                               Mayford (Mike)  B  Barry - TG

                              For more info on crews go to:

                           42-107213   "The Rubble Rouser"
                                                                 524th BS
                                                      Fuselage Codes WA-H/F
                                                          Crashed on Landing
                                                                 From the  Neuss
                                                                       23 Jan 45"

                                                                 Pictured above is:
                   The Roderick Crew

                  Fred W. Heath -  2nd Lt  - Nav 
                 Walter Gritski  - Pvt -  WG 
                   Lester R. Hanes - 2nd Lt  - Bom 
                  Walter H. Roderick  - 1st Lt -  Pilot 
                   Richard H. Vandenburg  - 2nd Lt -  Co-Pilot 
                   James E. Anderson  - S/Sgt - Radio Oper/Gunner 
                   Edwin P. Schmidt - Sgt - BTG  (Center kneeling) 
                   George W. Bold  - Sgt  - Tail Gunner 
                    Harold S. Paff  - S/Sgt  - Eng/TT Gunner

42-97967   "Hun Runner"

Damaged over Frieburg, Germany
Crew bailed
and the aircraft
 force landed itself on the continent
Jan 15, 1945
Mar 6, 1945
This Aircraft completed 63 Missions for
the 379th BG before this incident. She was
heavily Battle Damaged with the
Lt. Warren  B  McAllister Crew on board
1/15/45. Salvaged 3/6/45.

                                                  "Hank Jr"
                    Sent to me by a Veterans Relative. I have not
                    been able to track any info down as of yet on
                     This ship.
                 Hank Jr 's identity may have been discovered
                   Here it is folks Hank Jr was :    42-32091    
                     She was assigned to the 524th BS 30 March 1944
                   Almost all of her 15 missions were wth the Lt Chester M.
                   Karney Crew. Her First mission was on 13 April 1944 and 
                   her last was 13 May 1944. She was forced to return to base 
                   Because of engine trouble and on the 16th sent the 2nd 
                   Airbase Depot and never returned. 
                      Our thanks go to a family member of one of the crew.

                                     42-39789    "Skunkface"
                                                        aka "Little Skunkface"
                                                        aka "Dixie Lee"
                                                                 5 27th BS                            
                                                        Fuselage Codes: FO-P
                                                      Then Transferred to the 
                                                      526th BS LF-W/P 
                                                   transferred to 487th BG 15 July 44


                 42-32093    "Big Barn Smell"
              First assigned to the 527th BS
                       Fuselage Code FO-K
               Then reassigned to the 524th BS 
                       Fuselage Code  WA-N
                 Pictured above is the Ross Crew
         Lt  Ralph R. Ross - Pilot
         Lt Francis W. Drake - Co-Pilot
         Lt Rinaldo N. Procario - Navigator
         Lt Ernst W. Black - Bombardier (Second from right kneeling)
       S/Sgt Wayne B. Anthony - RO/Gunner
       S/Sgt Robert J. Worbois - TT/Eng
       Sgt Robert D. Pressler - Ball Turret Gunner
       Sgt Thomas J. Duffy - LW Gunner (Second from right standing)
       Sgt Thomas P. Guilfoyle - RW Gunner
        Sgt Eugene D. Prehn - Tail Gunner  
                    This Aircraft Failed to return
                            09/ 08 /44 
                      Last seen being hit by
                   AA fire over Walheim, Germany -
                       Lt Willis W. Jones Crew
                           was on board
                    Willis  W  Jones  1st Lt Pilot MIA
                    William  P  Dry  2nd Lt Co-Pilot POW
                    William  E  Black  T/SGt RO/Gunner POW
                    John  C  Phillips  T/SGt Eng/TTG POW
                    Alvin  W  Brady  S/Sgt BTG POW
                    Charles  W  Parrish  S/Sgt WG MIA
                    Bernard  M  Schupp Jr. S/Sgt TG RTB
                   William  R  Mcginnis  S/Sgt NG/Togglier MIA
                    Paul  R  Repas  2nd Lt Bom MIA 
                                   MACR 7392 

                       3 KIA, 5 POW 1 RTB

              For more info on crews loading


                               42-97229    " Hi-Ho Silver "
                                                           524th BS
                                               Fuselage Code WA- Q
                                    #2 prop wind milled into the nose

                               42-5407 "Fightin' Pappy"
                                                  B-17 F- 50 - Bo                                  
                                                        526th BS

                                      Shot down on October 9th 1943
                                           by Hptm Erich Woitke
                                          in a Fw 190A-6 of JG 11/2
                               Lt Vernon P. Smith Crew
                                           on Board          
                       Robert  L  Greenhalgh Lt     Co-P        POW
                       Calvin  E  Ford Lt                  Nav         POW
                       George  A  Dickerson Lt       Bom        POW
                       John  R  Bryant     T/Sgt       ROr/G     KIA
                      Joseph     Lemischak T/Sgt  TTG        POW
                      Walter  D  Johnson  S/Sgt    BTG        POW
                      Howard  D  Hinman S/Sgt     RWG       POW
                      David  C  Sharman  S/Sgt     LWG       POW
                      Quentin  E  Freed  S/Sgt       TG           POW
                      Vernon  R  Smith   Lt             Pilot        POW
         Excerpt from the pilot's account of this mission
         We had just turned for home & was nearing the coast
     when we were attacked by enemy fighters. They ripped 
     through our mid-section. We were at 11,000 feet and
     losing power. All of our crew decided to stay with the
          After I informed them that we were going down. At that moment another wave of fighters hit us wounding Sgt Bryant in the chest. He got up and stayed at his gun firing at the attacking fighters. When I gave the order to prepare for the crash landing the Crew gathered around Sgt Bryant in the Radio Room & braced for the impact. I was later told that Sgt Bryant died just before we landed.
        I put him in for a Silver Star but don't think he was ever awarded it.
                 This aircraft started it's brief career
                  with the 306th BG for seven months
                  & then was transferred  to the 91st BG
                  for just one one mission 27 September 1943.
                  Her last home
was the 379th BG.
                  She fared no better there
                  lasting just twelve days.
                  Damaged on a
mission over Kiel, Germany
                  she crashed just north of the city &
                   was scrapped by the Germans.
                  There is doubt about who did the
                  nose art. Many say that the Nose Art
                  has all of the characteristics of
Tony Starcer of the 91st BG. I now
                   have evidence that backs that theory.

                       Here is a link to get more details

                                    42-29886  "Scheherazade"
                                                                   525th BS
                                                       Fuselage Code- FR-H
                                                       Lost over Blankenhiem
                                                      Went MIA 29 January 1944
                                                           MACR - 2871
                                                         5 KIA & 5 POW
                                                      Harry P. Mosses Crew

                  William  C  Lordan  1st Lt -Navigator POW
                   Harry  P  Moses  1st Lt- Pilot POW
                   Nicholas  C  Pallota TSgt Radio Operator KIA
                   Joseph  A  Nicosia  SSgt Ball Turret Gunner KIA
                   William  R  Gower  SSgt Lt Waist Gunner KIA
                   Michael  J  Patti TSgt Tail Gunner KIA
                    Edgar  A  Montgomery   SSgt Rt Waist Gunner KIA
                    Sam  A  Giorgianni  F/O Co-Pilot MIA
                    Delmar  F  Bonham  1st Lt Bombardier POW
                    Joshua  E  Rowton TSgt Top Turret POW
42-29886- "Scheherazade" Was one of the "Original 41" (The first aircraft assigned to the newly formed 379th BG). These 41 ships were assigned to the group while still stateside and ordered they flew them to England.

She was assigned to the 525th BS of the 379th BG and her Air Combat Crew was the Lt Harry P. Moses Crew:
Harry P. Moses - Pilot - POW
Sam  A  Giorgianni - Co-Pilot - MIA
William  C  Lordan - Nav. - POW
Delmar  F  Bonham - Bom. - POW
Joshua  E  Rowton - Eng/TTG - POW
Nicholas  C  Pallota - RO/G - KIA
Joseph  A  Nicosia - BTG - KIA
Edgar  A  Montgomery - RWG - KIA
William  R  Gower - LWG - KIA
Michael  J  Patti - Tail Gunner - KIA

Debriefing and excerpts from the MACR- Lt. Delmar Bonham
We had just reached the IP and was ready to make our run for the Target when we lurched and was shaken violently. We were losing speed and altitude and losing the formation.
It wasn't long before their fighters were upon us attacking in waves. there was fire on our port side just behind me and our interphones must have been shot out because there was no contact throughout the ship.
I bailed with our navigator and Top Turret Gunner & I thought Sam our Co-Pilot was coming after me; while Harry stayed at the controls trying to keep the ship flying. Sam Had gone back to help Harry who was badly burned. They bailed after us but I didn't see them until later. You couldn't see back into the rear areas because of the flames. I thought I could see one of our waist gunners slumped over his gun. No one left the plane after we went and she crashed. Just outside of a small town near the Rhine.
                     For more info on crews loading

                                    42-3524 "Vonnie Gal"
                                     Ground Crew Chief: S/Sgt James E. Hess
                                                                   527th BS
                                                           Fuselage Code FO-G

                                          She went Down on this
                                 Mission Number:175 for the 379th
                                                   flown on 7/28/1944

                                        Target City:Merseburg Germany
                                            Target:Synthetic Oil Plant
                                                  July 20, 1944

                                            Lt William F  Moore Crew
                                   William A Shuford 2nd Lt - Co-Pilot
Clifton R Young S/Sgt - BTG
                                   Lewis Risk  2nd Lt - Nav
                                   Frank Wellman  S/Sgt - Togglier/Gunner
                                   Robert R  Shue  T/Sgt - Eng/TT G
                                   William H  Dittamore  T/Sgt - RO/G
                                    Edward A  Zolnierzak  S/Sgt - WG
                                    Robert E  Holden  S/Sgt -TG
                                   William F  Moore  2nd Lt - Pilot

                              Aircraft Hit by Anti- Aircraft fire &
                                   Made emergency landing at
                              Payerne, Switzerland. The aircraft
                              was interned there until returned to UK 
                              at end of war and scrapped
                                             Sept 25, 1945
                                               MACR 7838
                         For more info on crews loading

                            42-97128 "Screwball Express"
                                                Ground Crew Chief:  
                                           S/Sgt Leslie C. Starbuck
                                                           527th BS 
                                                Fuselage Code  FO-M
                                   Lt Howard  E  Towers Crew Pictured
                                                 lost over Ingolstadt, 
                                                   with Hourtal Crew
                                                       5 April 1945

                                                For more info on crews go to:


                        42-38183   "The Lost Angel "
                                                   525th BS
                                            Fuselage Code  FR-C 
                                            Crashed on landing  
                                        Returned to Base  28 09 44   
                                              Reassigned to the
                                                   524th BS 
                                          Fuselage Code WA-G
                                                    Hit by
                                             Anti-Aircraft Fire 
tail gunner bailed out over target & 
                                     the rest returned safely to base 
                                      Sept. 28, 1944. MACR 9363
                                   She was declared War Weary and
                                      AF Alconbury 31 10 45 

                                  2Lt Stanley E. Bailey Crew
                                           1 POW - 9 RTD 

                                                 For more info on crews loading

      This Aircraft was also flown by the
                            "Wolf Pack":





Emerson  G  Zapotosky

2nd Lieutenant


Gilbert C. Heath

1st Lieutenant


Matthew Nathan

2nd Lieutenant


Lester G. Berman


2nd Lieutenant


Martin B. Cave

Staff Sergeant

Radio Operator/Gunner

John E. Hollister

Tech Sergeant

Engineer/Top Turret Gunner

Raymond E. Mullenix      "Dinky"


Ball Turret Gunner

Charles L. White


Left Waist Gunner

Joseph  W. Carl


Tail Gunner

Edwin G. Finance                      "Drippy"

Staff Sergeant

Right Waist Gunner


                By January 1944 many groups had a practice of 
     having a reserve section of crews. Some of the missions of
     1943 had devastating effects on some Bomb Groups where a 
    single mission wiped out entire Squadrons. This way there
     were airmen or entire crews standing by to fill-in for wounded,  
      sick or entire crews that were on R&R, assigned training or
      just standing down for that mission. These crews were very
      seldom assigned an aircraft. If so it already had a name. So,
     these airmen began naming their crews. As previously shown
     just above with the "Wolf Pack".
     It is my pleasure to introduce to you "The Missing Links"
              Thanks to the Reynolds Family we have this photo &
        I have been able to ID & place most of the Airmen
        with a name.

                                              The Missing Links "
                                                Standing left - to - Right
                                   Mark  R  Reynolds Jr.   Sgt - Tail Gunner
                                   Joseph   Romagnoli       Sgt - Radio Operator/Gunner
                                    Thomas  F  Fairbanks  Sgt -  Eng/TT Gunner
                                    Eldred  G  Sellers         S/Sgt - Nose Gunner/Togglier
                                    Milton  S  Kenan            Sgt - Ball Turret Gunner
                                                          Seated Left- to -Right
                                  Maurice  H  Pace  F/ O  - Navigator 
                                   Sylvester  V  Howell   Lt - Pilot
                                    Melvin  E  Weaver       Lt - Bombardier
                                   Kenneth  R  Nobel        Lt -  Co-Pilot

                            The Original Missing Links
                                 ( No Photo Available)
          Eldred  G  Sellers           S/ Sgt - Nose Gunner/Togglier  
          William  T  Griffin       Lt  - Co-Pilot  
          Sylvester  V  Howell      Lt - Pilot  
          Maurice  H  Pace             F/ O  - Navigator  
          Thomas  F  Fairbanks    Sgt -  Engineer/Top Turret Gunner  
          Milton  S  Kenan             Sgt - Ball Turret Gunner  
          Bert  W  Barnett Jr.         Sgt -  Waist Gunner  
          Mark  R  Reynolds Jr.      Sgt -  Tail Gunner  
          Joseph     Romagnoli       Sgt - Radio Operator/Gunner

      Upon arriving in England the original Missing Links lost their 
     Co-Pilot , a Waist Gunner & Bombardier to other duties & crews.
     They  are  unknown to this  
     The above list of names is the make up of the crew's first combat

                        Go to this site to find out the fate of 
                          "The Missing Links" 
               Search this site for Fairbanks & scroll down to  
                                      Mission 309
                           Then  double click on  Show Crew

                                                             On kids Day at Kimbolton
                                                   First Aircraft  (Click to enlarge

  42-5736  "Tampa Tornado"
524th BS
                                                 Fuselage Code  WA-P     
                                    05 11 42 AI 07 05 43 AOS 28 08 43 G 303BG
                                   09 10 43 BAD1 12 10 43 AFSC
                                   06 11 43 ZOI 18 05 45 Ontario, California

                             43-37932    "Spratt-O-Liner
                                                             525th BS
                                                Fuselage Code FR-H
                                                     Lost Nov 5, 1944. 
                                       Lt Byron D. Anderson Crew
                                                    1 KIA 8 POW
                                                    MACR 10353 

                                      For more info on crews loading

                                                        526th BS
                                               Fuselage Code LF/H
                                    Pictured here with the Moates Crew
                    This aircraft was involved in a mid-air collision
                     with 44-8813 over Braintree, England. She
                     was on a Non-Ops sight seeing mission.
                     this occurred on 10 May 1945 11 Airmen
                     died and the remains of the aircraft was salvaged.
                         Lt John B. Moates was a reserve
                         Pilot. He flew with many airmen.
                         Reserve Crews were fill-in type.
                         They would fill-in for sick & injured
                         Airmen or when ever there was an all
                         up mission. There are too many
                         Airmen that flew to name here.
                         If you need to research or find some
                        of the Airmen Lt Moates flew with
                                        go to:
                     Here is a video showing the tail of this aircraft
           on a bomb run. It is about 17:28 minutes into the film.
                                           Go to:
                                                 Lt Vernon P. Carlson Crew Pictured   
                          43-38466 - "Round Twip Wabbit"
                                   Assigned to the 524th BS
                                      Fuselage Code WA-D
                            Added to the Military Inventory on 09 Aug. '44
                            She was assigned to the 379th BG on
                                                    25 Sept. 1944
                                She was transferred to the 447th BG
                                              in December 1944
                   From there we have tracked her to kingman, Az
                   Where she was sold as scrap on17 December 1945
Here is a photo of her at Kingman, Az
                     Note the tail markings of the the 447th BG but
                     If you blow the image up you can see the Tri"K"
                                   of the 379th BG on the right wing.
                        This is a little confusing because earlier in the
                      379th BG AC # 23-39061 was also known by a
                      similar Nose Art Name of "Round Trip Wabbit".
                      Noticed that the spelling of Trip and Twip are
                      different and 061 was assigned the 525th BS then
                      transferred to the 527th BS. While this Crew and
                         Aircraft # 43-38466 was with the 524th BS only.

                                                  Front Row, L to R: 
       Unknown Ground Crewman; James H. Hunt; William J. Larned; William C.        Goodman; Julius G. Stewart; Joseph Sragowitz; Unknown Ground Crewman
                                                  Back Row, L to R: 
      Unknown Ground Crewman; Richard M. Asplund; Robert J. Fassler; Frederick J. Reardon; Robert L. Perry, Jr; Unknown Airman:Unknown Ground Crewman 

                                       42-102627   "Queenie"
                                                              527th BS

                                                 Fuselage Code  FO-Q 
                                         Shipped to RFC at Kingman, AZ 
                                                      Sold as Salvage
                                                      Dec 6, 1945 

                                                         Unknown Crew at this time
                                                                                   For more info on crews go to:


                                   42-29893 "El Diablo"
                                Ground Crew Chief: Kenneth F. Walcott 
                                                               524th BS
Shot down by
Fw Josef Lorey
of JG 2/1
in Fw 190A on
  Sept 16, 1943 at
Erce-en-Lamee, France.
MACR 1346
Lt Floyd H. Jamerson Crew
Pictures above

2 KIA, 6 POW, 2 evaded.
John  (NMI)  Semach  S/SGT  Tail Gunner  EVA/ RTB
Charles T Gray S/SGT  Ball Turret Gunner POW
Floyd H Jamerson  2Lt Pilot  KIA
Joseph F Burkowski  2Lt Navigator  POW
John N Beilstein  2LT Bombardier EVA/RTB
Howard E Moody  S/Sgt Waist Gunner POW
John F Paznar  T/Sgt Radio Operator  KIA
Earl  H  Guyette  2Lt Co-Pilot  POW
James P Reid  S/Sgt Left Waist Gunner POW 
Alvin M Rabun  Sgt  Top Turret Gunner  POW

                                      44-8425  "Connie"
                                                              527th BS
                                                 Fuselage Codes FO-T/P
                                          Connie pictured here at the bottom
                                           of a 379th formation on the way to
                                                  their target.


43-38272 "The Thumper"

525th BS
 Fuselage Code FR-D
Mid air collision due to
Battle Damage with A/C # 43-38178

Clair W. Evans Crew on board
James  M . Blain Crew on Board
"Seattle Sue"
This incident occured on the last mission
of the 379th BG.
Mission Number: 330 for the 379th flown on 4/25/1945
Target City: Pilsen , Czechoslovoakia
Target: Armament Works
MACR Report number
is unknown but can be
found by Serial #
        For more info on crews loading

                                                         Unknown Crew
                                  42-29905   " Suffern Sal"
                                         a.k.a. "4-Q-2"
                                           526th BS Fuselage Code: LF-Z
                                           525th BS Fuselage Code: FR-Z
                                       At the time of this Photo she had
                                     No known Nose Art. Later the Crew
                                     called her 4-Q-2 but when she was
                                     transferred to the 525th BS an Order
                                     was issued by Command to clean-up
                                     the Nose Art so she became:
                                                       "Suffern Sal"
                                      Return to the States July 4 1944
                                      Sold as Scrap Sept. 14 1945
                                                               Altus, OK

                                  42-30107 "Black Magic"

       Assigned to the 526th BS Fuselage Code - LF-D
      She went MIA   25/6/43 with the Weldon Homes Crew
                                 on board.
                          Holmes Crew
              Pilot Wedon Holmes - POW
              Co-pilot: Bill Griffith  -  POW
              Navigator: Leo Gladin  -  POW
              Bombardier: Bob Andrews  -  POW
              Radio Operator: Milton Bailey  -  POW
             Waist gunner: Marshall Sanford  -  POW  
             Waist gunner: Verne Shovan  -  POW
             Tail gunner: Roy Dillbeck  -  POW             
              Eng/TT Gunner: Winston Tinker - KIA
              BTG: Wilbur Koleon - KIA

           Excerpts from Crew testimony on MACR

      We were hit and the ship started a downward
     spiral. There was no controlling it so the Pilot
     gave the order to bailout. The Navigator went
      first followed by the bombardier through the
      front hatch. The Co-Pilot went toward the
     aircraft's rear to check on the enlisted men.
     The Engineer/Gunner was slumped at his
      position having been killed by the initial attack
      and the BTG was found the same way. The waist
      Gunners followed next thorugh the waist door
      and the Tail Gunner had to be coerced to bail
      having manage to climb  into the waist. Next
     went the Co-Pilot through the Bomb Bay Doors
      followed by the Pilot.
                                   MACR 1366


                             43-37755    "Everybody's Baby"

        526th BS LF-Z  
                                  Crash landed 13 Sept. 1944
                                          Meresberg Mission
                                             Ciney, Belgium
                                         Robert Layton Crew

                                     43-38420 "Betty Jane"
                                                                 526th BS
                                        Fuselage codes: LF-J/M
                                               a.k.a. " Yvonne"

                          Was completed on 03 August 1944 & accepted
                          by the military on 02 September 1944. Shipped
                          overseas on 10 September 1944. . Used
                         as a reserve status aircraft until damaged by
                         flak in February 1945. 
                  She  was then transferred to a
                  higher echelon maintenance facility for repair
                  returning to the 379th Bg in time for The Merlon
                  H. Abbotts crew to be her first assigned crew. 
                  They flew her for four missions from 10 March
                   1945 to 18 March 1945. On the 18 March 1945
                   mission to Berlin she took heavy Anti Aircraft
                    fire and was limited by performance and fuel loss.
                   The Pilot and Navigator  Peter J. Kernan decided
                    to try and and make 
Bydgoszcz's Airfield  in
                                              The crew  
consisted of :
                                     1st Lt. Merton H. Abbott -Pilot
                                     F/O Ora T. Hale Co-Pilot
                                    F/O Peter J. Kernan Navigator
               Sgt Stanley Feldman Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
                S/Sgt Angelo Paolo - Radio Operator,
                S/Sgt Thomas L. Vance - Nose Gunner
                Sgt Bernard H. Gasda - Tail Gunner
                 Sgt J. J. Tonsic - Ball Turret Gunner
This crew received a royal reception from the Russians and 
were assigned a room in the Headquarters there. The Soviets gave the crew anything that they wanted and they had a maid, a Lieutenant guide, a truck and driver at there  disposal. Then they flew to Poltava on board a C-47 or Li-2 carrying red stars. They returned to England flying a Fortress named "Maiden USA" via Italy and France. The Betty Jane was left at the Soviet Airfield and listed as captured by the Soviet Air Force.   

The Henry R. Smith Crew 
                               42-97270   "Red Dragon"
                                                    527th BS 
Fuselage Code  FO-A
        Back Row L to R
William  T  Kirk iv -  Bombardier
Henry Ryall “Smitty” Smith -  Pilot
E.J. Dagnay -  Navigator
H.M. Weston - Co-Pilot
William T. Houghton -  Waist Gunner
Front Row L to R: 
Martin  J "Red" Kemmett -  Eng/TTG
Charles  S  Mclean -  Radio Operator
Robert J. Rups -  Tail Gunner
Ralph Knutson - Ball Turret Gunner

The Howard Hamilton Crew
Assigned to the 527th BS
This Crew was later assigned to "Red Dragon's" 
Replacement Aircraft 43-37951 which was
also to be named the "Red Dragon". However, she did
not last long in the unit-arriving 17 July and 
going down on 09 August 1944.with this Crew on board.
All nine of the crew evaded capture & returned to duty.
Back Row (Left to Right):
James Burgess - Waist Gunner
Howard P. Siegle - Radioman/Gunner
Harold Willey – BTG
Robert “Red” Wilmoth - Tail Gunner
Dale D. Dorning – Waist Gunner
(Vincent Miller, Eng/TTG was not present for this photo)

Front Row (Left to Right):
Walter Neilsen – Bombardier
Rexford Feaster - Co-Pilot
Hector Kaufman – Navigator
Howard Hamilton - Pilot

Thanks goes to the family of 
Howard P. Siegle - Radioman/Gunner
for their assistance and help with this story.

 For more info on crews loading    

                     42-39782  "Pistol Packin Mama"
                                                    Assigned to
                                    First the 527th BS Then to the 526th BS
                           Fuselage Code(s):   FO-M      &       LF-M
                                                           Lost Feb 8, 1944.
Rossberg crew on board
                                                            MACR 2880

                                                 Lt Howard Francis Crew
                                        The Francis Crew actually flew this
                                                     ship to  Kimbolton.
                                         After a checkout mission on another
                                         aircraft they were assigned 42-39782

                                     Excerpts from the MACR

            Tail Gunner – Fredrick Brown- Rossberg Crew-

          We were at around 24,000 feet when I heard on the inter-phone that there were Enemy Aircraft coming in from for a frontal attack. Two or more of them at various angles were keeping our nose gunners busy. It wasn’t long after that I heard something about oxygen levels needing to be checked. There must have been some real trouble going on. I sensed we were losing altitude and noticed that we were leaving the formation. I could hear the attack by the Enemy Fighters and after a brief time heard the order to Bail Out. I saw seven chutes including mine open. It was difficult to tell because those Enemy Fighters started to make strafing passes at each of us while we were in the air. I lost track of all of our Crew during this time.


                                 Radio Operator- George Bennett

   We started having real trouble at around 20,000 feet some were having  Oxygen problems and the FW attacks were intense. The FW’s were hitting us full frontal and obliquely from the front.The nose section and the Co-Pilots side were torn up with gaping holes.  The Bombardier was killed in the first  attack and the Navigator was wounded I assisted him with his chute and pushed him out of a hole in the nose section. I turned around to see our Top Turret Gunner assisting our Co-pilot who was wounded as well. I left the aircraft with them. I think he said the Pilot was dead. I know that meant that there was at three who were left aboard having checked on the BTG before working my way forward.  We were being  attacked while in our chutes by the Enemy Fighters I was picked up by the Resistance and was told that our TTG was too. I have heard many different tales on the fate of the rest of our crew but do not know the details to this day.

                                                For more info on crews go to:

525th BS
Came off the line at Boeing on 16 December 1943.
Shipped overseas on03February 1944 and assigned to the 525th
BS of the 379th BG. with the Fuselage Code of FR-H.
Date of photo shows 22 March 44 Berlin. That would have been Mission # 86 for the 379th and the 1st Lt John R Martin Crew would have been on board this aircraft for that mission. 42-38111 had no known nose art and after 54 missions with the 379th she crash landed on a Non-Ops 

            "Coming Soon !"

           43-38716   "Miss Anoxia"
            a.k.a.   "Liberty Run Kids"
                           525th BS 
                  Fuselage Code: LF-K
               Sold for Salvage: Sept 09 1948

  Looking For Section
  We need photos and or info on the following Aircraft

      42-29901 "The Fighting Bulldogs"
                          526th BS
                One of the original 41
                Lost on Nantes mission
                       Sep 16, 1943
              Shot down by a Fw 190A-6
         of JG 2/10 flown by Fw Geisthardt
          and crashed at Grand-Fougeray,
                          MACR 1347
                        6 KIA, 4 POW.
              43-37976   "Lillie Marlene"

                 42-39800 "Patches"
                    later known as "Just So"
                          526th BS
                Fuselage code  LF-T
            Assigned to the 303rd BG. Then
             02 November 1943 transferred
             to the 384th Bg. Next transferred to the
              379th BG on 07 July 1943. Declared
              War Weary 11 November 1944 then
              transferred to the RAF as a non-ops
             Aircraft until the end of the war.

           43-38716   "Miss Anoxia"
            a.k.a.   "Liberty Run Kids"
                           525th BS
                  Fuselage Code: LF-K
               Sold for Salvage: Sept 09 1948

                      42-31510  "Paper Doll"
524th BS
                         Fuselage Code WA-D    
                               22 02 44 FTR
                Crashed near Zwolle, The Netherlands
                       Lt  Donald P. McCall Crew
                               6 EVD, 4 POW -
                  E&E 1714, 2084, 2138, 2748, 2795 -
                                  MACR 2875

42-29915    "Thunder God"
524th BS 
                       Fuselage Code:  WA-U    
              11 06 43 FTR GF CR North Sea
                   Lt Raymond J. Zucker
                    10 KIA - MACR 1760

          42-3023 "Boozeness"    
525th BS
Fuselage Code: FR-F
Shot down by
Hptm Wilhelm Gath
of JG 267/2 in a Fw 190A-5
at Brahe, Germany
June 25, 1943
Lt Thomas V. Simones Crew
5 KIA, 5 POW.
MACR 1365.


527th BS
then to 524th BS
Shot down by Fw Mader
in Bf 110G-2 of ZG 76/2
with a rocket at
Singhofen, Germany
Oct 14, 1943.
MACR 955


       Delivered Denver 18/1/43; Assigned 527BS/379BG [FO-R] Presque Is 29/4/43; Kimbolton 26/6/43; Missing in Action Anklam 14/10/43 with:

Matt Zack-Pilot{+ 524BS crew}, Co-pilot: Fritz Minder, Navigator: George Lemen, Bombardier: John Vournakis, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Berge Hekimian, Radio Operator: Joyce Ouellet, Ball turret gunner: Edwin Kiddle, Waist gunner: George Baskovic, Waist gunner: Clint Segraves,Tail gunner: Harry Turner (10 Killed in Action); enemy aircraft, crashed near Singhofen, 12 miles SW of Limburg, Ger.. Missing Air Crew Report 955.

527th BS
Crashed on return to
Framilington near
Parham, UK 30 July 1943
Lt Melton D. Wallace Crew
10 killed
MACR 1364.


                              43-38759 "Dimples"
                                      525th BS
                           30 November 1944
                  Lost on the Zietz mission when
                  damaged by AA fire.
              Lt Raymond D, Alderman Crew on board


527th BS
Fuselage Code: FO-T/H
Shot down by AA at
Bremen, Germany
Oct 8, 1943
MACR 959
10 POW.


526th BS
Flown by crew from the 524th BS
Crew shot down by AAA
& crashed at Epinay, France
Sept. 3, 1943
3 KIA, 7 POW
MACR 1349.


44- 6140 "Miss Lace"

527th BS
Fuselage Code FO-U
Went MIA 30 November 1944
with Gilbert J. Schesinger Crew
MACR 11126

44-6602 "Slew Foot Slew"
526th BS
Fuselage Code FR-M/C
Forced Landed 18 August 1944
Repair & recovery deemed too
much at the time. After the war she
was taken to Kingman, Az.

527th BS
shot down by Obfw Hans Laun
in a Fw 190A-5 of JG 1/3
Jul 28, 1943
crashed near Vries, Netherlands.
 MACR 1761.
7 KIA, 3 POW.

             Coming Soon Photo
            42-29878 "Lady Godiva"
                     526th BG
             Fuselage Code LF-G

(Pilot) Capt. Theodore M. Peterson. (EVD).

(CP) 2nd Lt. Jack W. Bourn. (POW).

(N) 2nd Lt. Woodrow T. Moore. (POW).

(B) 2nd Lt. Warren J. Rosacker. (POW).

(Radio) T/Sgt. J M. Scott. (EVD).

(TGE) S/Sgt. M M. Spencer. (POW).

(BTG) S/Sgt. W E. Blubaugh. (POW).

(RWG) Sgt. W T. Ayres. (POW).

(LWG) S/Sgt. P R. Cribelar. (POW).

(TG) S/Sgt. C A. Brown. (POW).

    For info on memorial site in France go to:

                   Look under 1943


                                     2nd Lt Walter R Neilsen
                                     2nd Lt Hector A Kaufman
                                     2nd Lt Rexford H Feaster
                                     2nd Lt Howard H Hamilton 
               All four Airmen were interred until after the war