Baby Item Images

baby item images
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baby item images - My First
My First Five Years - Flower (Cover Image May Vary)
My First Five Years - Flower (Cover Image May Vary)
For every parent, a baby's early years are filled with memorable firsts-first smiles . . . first words . . . first steps . . . first Christmas. It's natural that an artist best known for her celebration of babies would create the perfect place to save these precious moments for posterity.
My First Five Years-Flower Edition is graced throughout with the remarkable images of acclaimed photographer Anne Geddes. She uses the gorgeous imagery from Miracle, her heartfelt collaboration with singer Celine Dion, to cast a magical feeling over the entire journal.
Each turn of the page reveals an enchanting image and yet another example of her deep and abiding love for babies-a slumbering baby rests gently atop a peony, the calla lily petals offer protection to a newborn in its loving caress, an orchid tenderly cradles a sleeping child. Through Geddes' eyes we are able to experience the innocence and preciousness of new life.
My First Five Years is filled with touches that make this a truly special journal-an envelope to hold a baby's first lock of hair, height and weight charts to track growth through the years, and plenty of room for announcements and your own child's photos and mementos.
My First Five Years-Flower Edition will become a treasured keepsake of a time that passes all too quickly.

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Baby Hijra Guru No1
Baby Hijra Guru No1
176,148 items / 1,375,618 views It was Baby chela of Ma Madhurima of Park Site Vikhroli who was in charge of the events at the All India Hijda Sammelan gathering of Hijras and their fashion week and fashion show. It was late Ragini Nayak who granted me permission to shoot the fashion show thanks to social activist Mr Santosh Shetty a dear friend , we were just two photographers at that time me and Nitin Sonawane of Times Group. Baby Hijra Guru did not take kindly to us , but later she had a chang of heart and I met her the following day by that time she had Hijda Searched me my background my status and my motive for shooting hijras. Hijra Search is a more powerful engine than Google Search.. The hijras without the Internet come to know where a child is born and if it is a eunuch child they take custody of it as their own.. this is what I was told. Baby came to know of my connection with Laxmi Narayan Tripathi from Thane those days Laxmi was not my guru.. I was new to photography and hijra photography too. Laxmi and I were old friends through Bollywood . Baby was hospitable I had lunch with her and we became good friends for life , we keopt on meeting at the various venues dargah circuits of Haji Malang and Ajmer Sharif,than I shot the 40 th day of Late Ragini Nayaks memory service all the hijras from all over India were at Park Site Vikhroli.. to mourn the passing away of this larger than life Hijra personality and cult figure. I was invited here by Heena Hijra. And today in retrospection without Ma Madhurima and Baby Guru I would have never come this far in documenting the Hijra angst neither for money nor for gain this is my own personal contribution to the Hijras without the aid of Microsoft Foundation ....and I am mere a speck of dust compared to Mr Salman Rushdie. I have shot the hijra pride , the hijra resurgence and the ancestral hijra spirit that survives at all cost.. hijra population does not depend on reproduction unlike mans the hijra is born through the soul of sorrow and pain. These are old images all housed at I am spring cleaning as I have removed my Hijdaeunuchblogs@Wordpress from public view forever... Wordpress is not the right place for me to document the soul of humanity... is my new belief thanks to the bitter experience I have had there. All my sites I have disabled the comment box as I am not a hijra activist , I am not a Hijra counselor I am a poet a photographer who blogs nothing more nothing less. Those that have gender problems queries questions should forward them to the appropriate agency or NGO .. I got tired of saying this even to kids as old as 16 years who wanted information how to become hijras.. And I would simply block them at Flickr or block them at Facebook. I still get messages but I merely ignore all such weird requests... And in all sincerity I have bought the hijra home on your computer as a human being seeking help rehabilitation in society this is my message my primary photographic agenda. And this was some thing I could not tell bigots in my own Shia community too...and bigots in other communities too.
Baby Girl Card
Baby Girl Card
This card to welcome a baby girl has been designed and Handmade with love by pollypurplehorse using only top quality card, materials and designer papers and elements Featuring: best quality CraftWork cards scalloped card base Decorative checked pjnk and lemon papers luxury baby icons printed ribbon pink baby feet topper individual die cut lettering in pink to form the word 'B A B Y' The colour scheme is pale and dark pinks, lemon and white (This card can also be 'made to order' and any diecut lettering can be added to the front, for example, you may wish to put a name or date or other greeting on the front, I can do this for you, just mention at time of ordering and I will make, personalise and have it sent out to you within 2 days) Designer card / paper has been matted and layered and hand punched to create a pretty delicate doily effect A wide ribbon has been fixed across the top of the card, the ribbon features little images of baby items, such as toy rabbit, baby socks, pram, rocking horse, etc etc A topper featuring a pair of little baby feet in pink, has been matted and layered onto silver and pink card to give a subtle delicate accent This handmade card measures approx. 15cm x 15cm

baby item images
baby item images
MLB St. Louis Cardinals Gift Set
With the combination of a bib, bottle and pacifier, this set covers all the essential needs of every little fan. The bib is made of 100% cotton, features an embroidered team logo, a velcro closure for easy use and is machine washable. The 9 ounce bottle is decorated with the team logo and colors, features a silicone nipple and has the measuring scale on the back. The pacifier features the team logo and colors, has a soft, clear and durable silicone nipple, and its orthodontic design encourages healthy oral development. The bottle and pacifier are BPA and phthalate free

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