Baby Crib Parts

baby crib parts
    baby crib
  • A small bed with high, usually slatted sides made for ensuring the baby won’t climb or fall out. Baby cribs may be simple, or they may have features such as built-in soothing music, varying speed vibrations, and a mobile or toys hanging overhead.
  • An infant bed (commonly referred to as a cot in British English and a crib (or far less commonly as a cradle or stock) in American English) is a small bed specifically for infants and very young children, generally up to 3 years old.
  • Divide to leave a central space
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Baby multi funcional crib set "My little farm"
Baby multi funcional crib set "My little farm"
Marketplace: Finally the same multi functional crib and babies bed that we moms looove in RL arrived into SL!!! And you wont believe that its only 10 prims! (12 when you use pillow) The accesories that we included as gift like the mobile or the accesories holder are also super low prims for your hapiness :)) This bed will be for your baby since newborn to around 6 years of age and has so many options so you both never will get tired of it! ¦ Suitable for all prim babies and child avatars all ages ¦ Rezzes two scenes on touch next to the diaper changer "Lets change diaper" or "Lets play" to use only when needed ¦ Includes as gift a georgeous "summer bugs" mobile for your baby to enjoy with the most popular and wonderful song for babies to sleep from Brahms rotates and on/off functions on touch! ¦ Includes also as gift optional a baby accesories holder to hang on the crib and to be able to have all your most needed accecories handly! ¦ The wood its changable into 6 types and different colours of wood. ¦ The cover and the accesories holder fabric are texture changer into 29 GREAT summer, flowers and summer bugs fabrics in many different colour options. ¦ The cover also opens and closes on touch to keep your child warm. ¦ A very sunny sleeping "zzzzzz" pops up everytime your child is sleeping for you to notice that they are resting. ¦ Many mother and baby or father and baby activities like changing diaper, throwing the dirty one to the trash bin and pfff smells!, also rocking baby, putting baby to sleep & staring at my baby. ¦ Mother AND father together activities too like changing diapers and proud parents watching our baby to sleep. ¦ Props included. Everything on this 5 pieces set its copyable so rezz as many things as you like!!! This baby crib is a part of our bedroom set "My little farm", the rest of the parts are sold separatedly.
Wedding Wishes for Baby
Wedding Wishes for Baby
Improvised pattern (apart from the hearts which are from Corazoncitos amigurumi hearts pattern, featured in my Wedding Wishes for Baby (hearts detail) sub project) for a good luck charm for my ‘sister,’ Bec’s, wedding. I’d hoped it all could then be used later on as a mobile to string above her future children’s cribs. With some advisement and suggestions from my not-yet-mother-in-law, the configuration of all the parts was put together and each individual piece hangs down above each other when on Bec’s wrist, and next to each other when strung sideways for a side of a crib. :D I have plans to crochet a Dala Horse for the other end where the wrist hook is currently located - so that the one end with the gum nuts and leaves represent Bec and her outback Australian heritage - and the Dala horse represents her husband, Erik’s, Swedish (and actually specifically Dala connected) heritage.

baby crib parts
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