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Special Events

Outside of our regular Thursday evening meetings, the Cub Pack participates in the following special events over the year.  Most of these are on weekends:

  • Fall Cub Camp - September
  • Heritage Area Apple Day (fundraiser other 36th Ottawa sections) - October
  • Fall Hike - October
  • Hertiage Area Food Drive (community support activity with 36th Ottawa Scouts) - November
  • Heritage Area Sixer-Second Workshop (leadership training for older Cubs) - November
  • Heritage Area Quest - November
  • Christmas Hampers (community support activity with other 36th Ottawa sections and our sponsor) - December
  • Heritage Area Polar Day - January
  • Baden-Powell Dinner (linking activity with other 36th Ottawa sections celebrating the founder of the World Scouting Movement) - February
  • Winter Cub Camp - February
  • Heritage Area Cub Car Rally - March
  • Great Glebe Garage Sale Hot Dog Stand (fundraiser with 36th Ottawa Scouts) - May
  • Heritage Area Spring Camp - May