Wrought Iron Kitchen Table. Solid Wood Dining Tables.

Wrought Iron Kitchen Table

wrought iron kitchen table
    kitchen table
  • a table in the kitchen
  • A kitchen is a room or part of a room used for cooking and food preparation.
    wrought iron
  • A tough, malleable form of iron suitable for forging or rolling rather than casting, obtained by puddling pig iron while molten. It is nearly pure but contains some slag in the form of filaments
  • iron having a low carbon content that is tough and malleable and so can be forged and welded
  • Wrought iron is an iron alloy with a very low carbon content, in comparison to steel, and has fibrous inclusions, known as slag. This is what gives it a "grain" resembling wood, which is visible when it is etched or bent to the point of failure.
  • Used for wrought iron, as opposed to cast iron; usually a building or structural material.

Bobby on the kitchen table
Bobby on the kitchen table
Mom: Oh, this is a sweet picture. Me: So let's take the opportunity to talk about the kitchen, since there are so few photos that show it. Mom: OK, I put the wallpaper up myself. And it was a pretty yellowy gold, it doesn't seem to show up here. It's much duller than it was here. And then those pictures on the wall I got at the kitchen department at B. Altman, and each frame ironically matched a different color in the wallpaper. The chairs were made of white wrought iron — the bottoms, I mean — and they were curlicued — and they reminded me of a garden table. And they were a house gift from Aunt Millie and Uncle John. And those were the kinds of kitchen tables and chairs you had in those days.
this is my kitchen,i painted the tyles myself,if you look at the top cuboards,i have redone the doors,just need to finish the bottom ones,and the silver patterns on the doors are all my own designs. you cant see it very well as its covered by a table cloth but the table is my pride and joy,its all glass and wrought iron,it took me ages and a lot of hard work to get it

wrought iron kitchen table
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