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Antique Book Table

antique book table
    antique book
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If I needed a book...
If I needed a book...
In an antique store in a small Texas town next to an alley with a boat by the steps there were some books in a wooden bowl on an old table. It really didn't matter what the books were about, they were just beautiful books about people and places. And when the soft afternoon light streamed in onto the antique store books they seemed to blossom like flowers from the trees they came from, warm and luscious on the table that they now lived on. They magically opened up, ready for story telling to any and all who came into the store. How wonderful that they now had a home, a nest really where they could huddle together and tell each other their stories and share their dreams and disappointments, their theories and speculations. To be with friends, the best reassurance, as they aged in grace. No wonder that the boat drew up it's anchor at this particular port, at this antique store in this small Texas town next to the alley with the boat by the stairs. I would, because if I needed a book...
Antique Bamboo Ochovados Table with Pokerwork
Antique Bamboo Ochovados Table with Pokerwork
A turn-of-the-century antique ochovados bamboo table from the Ilocos region featuring fish and ring motifs burnt into the bamboo, using the pokerwork method. Possibly made by or under the influence of Nicolas Badua, probably in the San Nicolas-Laoag area. A similar item is featured in the book "Filipino Style".

antique book table
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