Tall Bistro Tables

tall bistro tables
  • A bistro, sometimes spelled bistrot, is, in its original Parisian incarnation, a small restaurant serving moderately priced simple meals in a modest setting. Bistros are defined mostly by the foods they serve. Slow-cooked foods like braised meats are typical.
  • A small restaurant
  • a small informal restaurant; serves wine
  • (bistroic) of or relating to or resembling a bistro
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tall bistro tables - Strathwood Cypress
Strathwood Cypress All-Weather Wicker Bistro Table, Brown
Strathwood Cypress All-Weather Wicker Bistro Table, Brown
Strathwood produces a handsome collection of wicker furniture for outdoor use. Finished in a warm mocha color, this two-tiered table is made of tightly woven flat strips of synthetic wicker, with a modest sheen that sheds drizzle or drips. The legs between the tiers are handsomely wrapped in wicker, while the bottom legs are a nice, deep brown wood. Its versatile coloring allows the table to coordinate with almost any decor, indoors or out. Pair it with the matching arm chair in the all-weather wicker Bistro collection, or coordinate it with the pieces in the Camano wicker collection.

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The Story of 1664!
The Story of 1664!
I thought I first saw the number 1664 a few days after my arrival in France but it seemed to me that I had seen that number somewhere before... I then saw it again a couple of times on walls as a graffiti. I had convinced myself that all graffitis have a meaning, even though in most cases that particular meaning or at least the intended one is apparent only to the creator of the graffiti. So when I saw 1664 again, I grew increasingly curious about it and its origin. I saw it so many times during my first week itself. I considered the possibility that the person had been all over town putting the number up on the walls of distant and well separated buildings. However each time, the signature beneath the number would be different even though the font and layout would remain almost exactly the same, which clearly indicated that there was more than one person involved in the propagation of this number. I was curious because evidently, this number had some significance in the culture and collective consciousness of the French youth. Was it a year? If so, what would have happened that long ago which is still considered memorable by youngsters of the 21st century? I wanted to find out what it was exactly. Shortly after a few sightings, I was at a local open-air bistro. I ordered for a beer and vaguely pondered over the number and its meaning. The waiter came by with the order. He placed an elegantly shaped tall glass and poured the beer into it before placing the bottle on the table when he was done serving. I took a sip as my eyes idly drifted to the bottle of beer. What I saw made me choke on the beverage for a good fifteen seconds. When I regained control of my respiration and was reassured about the state of my windpipe, I took the bottle for a closer look. I then smiled... "1664!" turned out to be the brand of a beer.
D1156 - Bar Height Bistro Stool with Perforated Seats
D1156 - Bar Height Bistro Stool with Perforated Seats
Found at www.upbeat.com/bar-height-bistro-stool-perforated-seats/D... Bar Height Bistro Stool Fills A Tall Order A terrific solution to casual dining or limited space environments. Guaranteed quality construction stands up to the toughest crowd. Commercial-quality Bistro stool seat features perforated heavy-gauge steel protected with a patented high-gloss TopCoat® process. This means it is highly resistant to mold, mildew, stains and sun damage. Heavy-gauge steel frame is also protected with FusionGuard® for exceptional rust-resistance. Tables are sold separately.

tall bistro tables