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Glass Pedestal Tables

glass pedestal tables
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Rose Hill Mansion - Front Parlor / Formal Parlor
Rose Hill Mansion - Front Parlor / Formal  Parlor
Rose Hill Mansion - Front Parlor / Formal Parlor - first floor. Another look at this section of the Front Parlor. Here you see part of the eight-piece Classic Rococo Revival parlor set. The settee/sofa and chairs are made from rosewood, 1854, by Alexander Roux of NYC (1837-1881). The naturalism of the floral carving is quite an accomplishment given that rosewood is very difficult to work with because of its grain and resinous nature. This Roux furniture set is solid rosewood, not laminated. The windows are hung with an Italian silk damask. Under the antique gilt mirror is an Empire pier table made by Haines & Holmes (1826-1830) in NYC. It has white marble columns with ormulu capitals which uphold a marble top. The carved claw feet are "antique vert" which was a method of simulating ancient bronze by using a deep green-black paint highlighted with powdered gold to enhance the effect of burnishing. The apron is decorated with gold leaf stenciling and banding. To the left, behind the parlor set you get a glimpse of the edge of the fireplace with its white marble mantel. You see on the mantel, one of a pair of double Argand lamps. This lamp has its original frosted and cut glass shades which are in the Gothic style by John B. Jones of Boston. The center round table is a mahogany Empire pedestal table with a marble top and gold leaf trim. Paint colors, draperies and wallpaper used in restoring the mansion are typical of the period, as is the wall-to-wall carpeting. Rose Hill Mansion is located on Route 96A in Geneva, NY.
glass table
glass table
Length 60 inches Width 42 inches Height 31 inches Glass 1/2 inch thick Pedestals Material: Plaster Original Price $1,000? Very nice quality, relaxing & entertaining table, which can easily sit 6 people. Please be responsible for handling shipping & delivery. Pickup Area: West Village, NYC Viewing & Pickup available on Sat & Sunday 9am-4pm

glass pedestal tables