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Black Round Dining Room Tables

black round dining room tables
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283/365 - Pale Blue Dot
283/365 - Pale Blue Dot
Today was the first day in a long time I really had a truly "open" day. Had breakfast in the morning with Adriana and then went shopping for a few DIY strobist things at a Graphic Design store I found in London. Got back and hijacked the dining room table for the rest of the afternoon, playing around with various settings and trying out all kinds of things. I wanted to start taking strobist photos on a black background, which I finally figured out but there's still a few things that are puzzling to me. I think I'm ready for my next round of lessons or a meet-up with someone more knowledgeable than me to go to the next level. Anyway, this is just a squeeze ball globe but I liked the look. Would be cooler if it was a detailed globe. This reminds me of one of my favorite books, Pale Blue Dot by the late Carl Sagan, one of my all time heroes. I'll spare you the book review but if you haven't read it, you should.
55/365 Fantasy Football!
55/365 Fantasy Football!
This is the fantasy football draft board. Matt didn't come to ME with me this weekend because they were having the draft on Saturday...I came home on Sunday and this monster was on my dining room table. It's a ginormous piece of plywood--spray painted black...Matt and I used a yard stick and some white paint to mark all the grids then Matt, Jay, Ed and I cut up some card stock I had and wrote out the players names. There are 12 teams and they draft 18 rounds, each position has it's own color. Matt and I have to figure out a place to store this sucker because it can't stay on the table forever!

black round dining room tables
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