36 oak table - Sauder miranda side table in brushed maple - Antique table fan.

36 Oak Table

36 oak table
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English Claw Foot Oak Pedestal Table
English Claw Foot Oak Pedestal Table
English Claw Foot Oak Pedestal Table -$600 or Best Offer Dining Table or Side Table with Center Leaf With Center Leaf: Length: 54.25" Width: 36" Height: 28" WithOUT Center Leaf: Length: 36" Width: 36" There is damage on the center leaf. Fortunately, its directly in the center and we've always kept it covered with a centerpiece.
18th Century Small Oak Wine Table
18th Century Small Oak Wine Table
This oak wine table has an adjustable setting, it can move between 28.5 inches to 36 inches.

36 oak table