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Rectangle Extension Table

rectangle extension table
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rectangle extension table - New 11
New 11 Pc Luxurious Grade-A Teak Dining Set - 117" Double Extension Rectangle Table, 8 Armless and 2 Arm / Captain Chairs [Model:ST1]
New 11 Pc Luxurious Grade-A Teak Dining Set - 117" Double Extension Rectangle Table, 8 Armless and 2 Arm / Captain Chairs [Model:ST1]
Set includes: 117" Double Exntesion Rectangle Table, 8 Armless and 2 Arm Chairs. The chairs are very comfortable. ** Wood Umbrella Hole Plug is also provided. ** 2" Umbrella Hole is available in the middle of the table. ** Umbrella is not included with the set, but can be purchase separately, please inquire. ** DON'T FORGET TO ENQUIRE ABOUT OUR SUNBRELLA CUSHIONS (SOLD SEPARATELY) ** If you need more chairs, please let us know. ** Assembly: Very little assembly is required. This furniture will be delivered in partially assembled sections. Assembly is quick and simple. **Accessories shown in picture are not included with the set. Please inquire if you are interested.

80% (9)
Your furniture arrangement is in upper left. To enlarge the visual, click on "All Sizes" with the magnifying glass in the little menu just above the picture. The colors I used are for differential purposes-not necessarily colors I recommend. I believe the goal here is to center your conversational seating around the fire place. Rugs used: 8x10 rectangle and 8 foot round. Sofa dimension used: 82"x34 Love Seat: 58x34 Chairs: 35"wide and 34" deep Round Coffee Table: 45" Oval Coffee Table: oops don't remember Round End Tables: 26" Card/Puzzle Table: 42" Sofa Table: 48"x13 Bookcase: 80"x13" (could buy deeper) Plan A has an issue regarding getting electrical extension for lighting. One thought is to buy floor cord covers and snake under rug-but then there's the lump issue. Also it tends to close the whole space off but does sit nicely right in front of fire place. Plan D opens up the entire space and resolves getting electrical to lighting. It also is nicely opened up from entrances of kitchen, stairs and foyer (?) area. It looks like love seat and chair is really far away but it's only about 8 feet since that is what the size of the round rug is. There is a little side/buffet type table at the small window you could use to store games and puzzles. B and E show a sectional. The sectional's over all dimensions I used are: 97"x97". Which really makes one long side 97" and the two seater extension about 64". Check for rugs. They have the best prices, huge selection and shipping is only $2.95. Returns are easy and they refund your money quickly. Look for 100% wool rugs as they are heavier, don't curl and won't slip around on carpet. It's good to invest in a New Zealand 100% wool rug. They are still about $600 cheaper on than buying them elsewhere.
Close up attachment for a rangefinder.
Close up attachment for a rangefinder.
I hesitate to admit that I designed & built this contraption in the mid 70's, a period when I obviously had more time than I knew what to do with usefully! The lens is mounted on an extension tube which has a wire frame attached, and the rectangle represents the field of view & correct distance from the film plane, for that particular extension. I made three different tubes, I can't now remember their lengths, with their own specific frames, and I also made up the little flash unit, which was fairly universally adjustable. In use, there was little or no reason to use the viewfinder, the lens was focussed at it's nearest point, the flash guns switched on, the appropriate aperture selected, and then the frame was positioned as near as possible over the subject and the photo taken. By using small apertures, there was some limited DoF, so insects, flowers and so on were suitable subjects, as well as flat plane ones. The Jupiter lens was quite sharp, and I got some good results from this set up, sadly none of which have survived the intervening five house moves, and I eventually part exchanged the whole rig for a 180mm lens for my Mamiya C220. The whole thing was hand held, and is shown here on a little table top stand that I had made for other macro stuff. - Happy Days! Scanned from an old B&W print, with an Epson V500

rectangle extension table
rectangle extension table
Caluco 50-144 Teak Rectangle Extension Dining Table
Teak Rectangle Extension Dining Table by Caluco 50-144. There is nothing that compares to the natural beauty of our hand crafted Teak furniture. Creating your own backyard retreat can be a daunting process. A well placed teak bench or set of teak furniture will bring out nature's beauty right in your own backy. Machine made from kiln-dried Grade A teak, this table requires some assembly and comes with all necessary parts and instructions. The unique built in extension system unfolds to expand your seating area, or folds away to create a smaller table. Standard umbrella hole included, but is not accessible if the extension is tucked away. Seats 8. ColorNatural Teak Specification This item includes CS-50-144 Teak Rectangle Extension Dining Table 40W x 60-96D x 30H Please refer to the Specifications to determine what items are included since sometimes the image shows more or less items. If you are not sure, please contact us and our customer service will be glad to help.