Modern extension tables - Black wooden table.

Modern Extension Tables

modern extension tables
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modern extension tables - Brazil Large
Brazil Large Extension Dining Table 5-Pc Set by Sunpan Modern
Brazil Large Extension Dining Table 5-Pc Set by Sunpan Modern
Brazil Large Extension Dining Table 5-Pc Set by Sunpan Modern Casual, functional and compact dining set. Extends from a square into a rectangle for seating up to ten. Solid wood and veneer construction. High back dining chair with solid wood legs and a veneer back. This Set comes with The Brazil Chairs, perfect for compact spaces. This Set includes 1 Table and 4 Chairs. Features: Upholstered Seat Solid Rubberwood Beech Wood Veneer Espresso Brown Finish Faux Suede Brown Fabric Seating for up to 10 Additional Brazil Chairs are Sold Separately Dimensions: Table Size - 47"" - 94"" W x 35"" D x 30"" H (Extended) Chair Size - 18"" W x 19"" D x 38"" H

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Modern-Industrial End Table
Modern-Industrial End Table
This modern-industrial end table consists of baltic birch plywood and angle iron. End table features a spacious 18" full-extension drawer. Getting a high luster on raw angle iron required an extensive process of sanding. The interior of the angle iron has been sandblasted and the whole steel structure has been treated with a clear metal protectant. H 22.5" x L 24" x W 24"
Plank Extension Table & Modern Mission Chairs
Plank Extension Table & Modern Mission Chairs
551WPlank Extension Table Top (44??72–126?) 569WLarge Simplicity Leg 476W2Modern Mission Chair Frame Two Pack 419W2Black Vinyl Seat Two Pack

modern extension tables