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Where To Buy Rice Cooker

where to buy rice cooker
    rice cooker
  • A rice cooker or rice steamer is a self-contained tabletop kitchen appliance for cooking rice. There are electrical and gas powered versions. The term can also refer to a container designed for cooking rice in a microwave oven. Dedicated rice cookers date from the earliest of times.
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Nigiri Sushi
Nigiri Sushi
Making Nigiri Sushi Here is your step by step to making sushi at home. Once you master this you will have fun making it and it is about a 10th the price of a good sushi restaurant. Now keep in mind this is not going to replace a sushi master who is been selecting and making incredible sushi on a very high level. But if you’re picking up the sushi at the local grocery store put it down and start making your own. You will pay on average $8-$12 for 8 pieces of nigiri salmon or tuna when it will cost you about 2 dollars to make. Ingredients: Filet of salmon or tuna Sushi rice Sushi vinegar Wasabi Soy sauce To make sushi rice: Take one cup of short grain sushi rice and cover it in water in a bowl for a few min stirring it around to get the starch out. Drain and repeat until the water is somewhat clear. Now equal parts water and rice cook in a rice cooker for 15-20min taste a grain to make sure it done. Important step, take rice and dump into a big bowl or baking sheets and using a spatula begin breaking the rice up as the hot steam rises from it. Once you have achieved a slightly fluffy mixture take about 3 tablespoon of sushi vinegar (you can buy in good Asian store it is mixture of rice wine vinegar and sugar) and sprinkle it over the rice and begin mixing it in by using a cutting motion, you don’t want to squish or break the grains of rice. Set aside and let cool room temp. To prepare fish: Make sure first of all to buy it from a reputable fish monger. Do not get it precut under cling film in the supermarket that is a bad idea. Also important method if buying farmed fish and important one because you don’t know how that fish has traveled. It is much different than getting fresh caught tuna where the fish monger knows where it has been. You need to do a couple of steps for taste and safety. 1.Rub the entire fillet in kosher salt for about one min then rinse off (this adds flavor) 2.Splash some rice wine vinegar on the fish and leave for one min and rinse off (this adds flavor and texture) 3.Wrap the fish in cling film and freeze for several hours this will kill any bad bacteria that may be on the fish and in fact do this with any fish you are not sure of. Once fish has been thawed trim and edges off so you have a uniform piece of fish like in my photo. Save the scraps for spicy rolls and tar tars. Slice the fish about a ? inch thick all should be very close to the same shape and size. Now follow what comes next: 1.Mix 2 to 3 tsp. rice vinegar with 1 qt. water to make su water. 2.Dampen fingers and hands with su water. Clap hands once to remove excess moisture. 3.Pick up about 2 to 3 tsp. rice in one hand and shape into a rectangle with rounded corners 4.With the same hand, dip your forefinger into wasabi while still holding the rice. 5.With your other hand pick up a slice of fish and position it in the palm of your hand. 6.Spread wasabi onto slice of fish. 7.Place rice on top of wasabi and press firmly. 8.Roll sushi over and press the sides and top to place fish firmly onto rice. That’s is, with some practice and you can buy a cheap piece of fish to practice with you will get the hang and the feel of what it is you want the end result to be. I promise you the taste and texture will blow away any store bought sushi that has been sitting in the fridge for hours drying out. Enjoy! Benny
Singapore Hainan Chicken Rice ( Simplified Version )
Singapore Hainan Chicken Rice ( Simplified Version )
There are two things that nearly all Singaporeans have in common. One is our use of Singlish ( esp when talking among Singaporeans ). Those lah..and mehs that are intensely irritating to the British and the aristocrats. Ok, got carried away :D. The other is our love for Hainan Chicken Rice. It has been called our National dish and is found everywhere and at every corner of the Island. As a Singaporean that have to stay and work out of my hometown, I just crave for this and always look for it when I landed in Singapore. Instead of just craving ( and suffering ), I have decided to find out how to make the dish myself. Now the original Hainan Chicken Rice is a very complicated recipe, requiring extensive preparation work and involving at least several herbs and spices and the flavours have to be blended both into the chicken, the rice and also the soup. I'm just too lazy for that, so here's my simplified version. I'm using chicken tighs here to keep it simple but it works just as well for a whole chicken too, just a bigger pot and longer cooking time and you need to chop them up aftewards. For the chicken : 1) In a pot of water, add salt. Stir to ensure it is fully dissolved. Taste to ensure water is salty enough. 2) Add a generous amount of chopped shallots, ginger and garlic to pot. The ingredients will float on the surface and it should be such that the surface of the water should be entirely and evenly covered. 3) Bring mix to boil. In a separate bowl, put some water and leave it in freezer. 4) When water is boiling, add chicken tighs. Bring heat to simmering level. Leave to cook for 30 mins 5) After time is up, remove chicken pieces from pot and immediately plunge them straight into the icy cold water that is prepared in (3) to stop the cooking. Leave it there for 2-3 mins 6) Remove chicken from cold water afterwards and leave it in a pan to drip off excess moisture. Then lightly coat the chicken with a mixture of seasame oil and soya sauce. For the Rice : This is where I cheat a bit...:-P Buy a ready mix chicken rice paste ( avaliable in all supermarkets )and then mix it in. Ensure it is well mixed with the rice. Cook rice in rice cooker as per normal. Remove and serve with garnish ( usually cucumbers ). That's all! P/S : Oops! I forgot. The pot where the chicken is boiled can be used as a base for the soup after filtering the aromatics and add some fine shallots and pepper.

where to buy rice cooker
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