Thai cooking classes london - Cooking games for 2 players.

Thai Cooking Classes London

thai cooking classes london
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002/365 - Thai Summer Rolls. Simple, wicked healthy, and delicious.
002/365 - Thai Summer Rolls.  Simple, wicked healthy, and delicious.
We made some really good Thai rolls. First time I'd ever used rice paper (I'm addicted)... Marinade: quantities to taste, really up to you -salt & pepper -sushi vinegar -sesame oil -toasted sesame seeds -ginger Filling all julienned or shredded -carrot -red/green pepper -snow peas -red cabbage -crystal bean noodles rice paper wraps Kathy marinated veggies for a few hours. Then I moistened the rice paper one at a time for about 15 sec in warm water. Put in as much filling as you like. Wrap tightly. Cut in half at an angle. Serve with dipping sauces like thai peanut, plum sauce, hoisin or whatever works for you. Simple, wicked healthy, and delicious.
Thai kid
Thai kid
This is the daughter's plate. She doesn't like Thai - too spicy - but she will eat dumplings and rice. She did not appreciate my attempt at Chinese dumpling sauce, either.

Incidentally, serving spicy food is a really good way to make kids drink their milk.

thai cooking classes london
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