Syrah Console Table - Bed Table Sofa - Apartment Kitchen Table.

Syrah Console Table

syrah console table
    console table
  • A table supported by ornamented brackets, either movable or fixed against a wall
  • a small table fixed to a wall or designed to stand against a wall
  • (Console Tables) Tables made for fixing against a wall and having no legs at the back. They came into fashion early in the eighteenth century, and were made often in pairs.
  • A table meant to be displayed against a wall. It may be attached to the wall with only two front legs or freestanding on four legs.
  • A red grape planted extensively in the Rhone Valley of France, Australia and elsewhere; a spicy, full and tannic wine that usually requires aging before it can be enjoyed.
  • One of the hottest wines today, Syrah’s flavors range from earth and gamy meat, to black pepper spice and onward to jammy bombs of fruit. This diversity of flavors has delighted consumers in Europe, with wines ranging from light to densely packed with flavor.
  • Syrah or Shiraz is a dark-skinned grape grown throughout the world and used primarily to produce powerful red wines. Whether sold as Syrah or Shiraz, these wines enjoy great popularity.

Pre-Dessert: Blackberry Syrah Granita
Pre-Dessert: Blackberry Syrah Granita
Blackberry-Syrah granita, buttermilk ice cream, shortbread and sugared-mint leaf. Notes: Chef Krause could have stopped here an I could have been happy. The blackberry-Syrah granita was intensely berry, with a nice pronounced kick from the wine - complex and dark. The buttermilk ice cream, although not tasting anything of buttermilk (I had hoped it would be a tad more tangy), provided the perfect creamy counterpoint to the scarlet icy grainy bits. I took the time to shred the sugared mint leaf over the entire dish - which proved to be a stroke of genius. The combination of flavors and textures was great - like a cross-between a berry-wine slushy and a float! I couldn't imagine a better summer treat!
A row of Syrah
A row of Syrah
A row of Syrah grapes. These grapes won't be ripe for another two weeks or so, but the flavour is killer -- a little pucker factor, but still delicious.

Sasha didn't get any FVRR Syrah this year, but the '04 we both made is fantastic.

syrah console table
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