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Fun Things To Cook With Your Boyfriend

fun things to cook with your boyfriend
    fun things
  • The Fun Things were a high energy punk band that was formed during the heyday period of punk rock. Known for their admiration of Radio Birdman, they also have been documented as being "modeled on almost exclusively on the Radio Birdman / Stooges / Sex Pistols mould.
  • DA doing fun things with parkour, crutches, and miniature jeeps.
  • Boyfriend is the name of 5566's second studio album. The title track, Boyfriend, was the group's first attempt at an English song. Two repackages of the album were released.
  • a man who is the lover of a girl or young woman; "if I'd known he was her boyfriend I wouldn't have asked"
  • A regular male companion with whom one has a romantic or sexual relationship
  • A boyfriend is a person's regular male companion in a romantic and/or sexual relationship , though normally not in long-term committed (e.g. marital) relationships, where other titles (e.g. husband, partner) are more commonly used.
  • Prepare (food, a dish, or a meal) by combining and heating the ingredients in various ways
  • (of food) Be heated so that the condition required for eating is reached
  • someone who cooks food
  • Heat food and cause it to thicken and reduce in volume
  • prepare a hot meal; "My husband doesn't cook"
  • English navigator who claimed the east coast of Australia for Britain and discovered several Pacific islands (1728-1779)

Why RP is restricted at 5am!
Why RP is restricted at 5am!
[5:24] : Triana Mills OOC : *waves to Kale* Hey baby! [5:24] Quentin Morrisey: (( You whore! =P )) [5:24] Janeiro Renard: ((Jan was just there today. Frankly, I'm beginning to suspect that Jan may be a little oversexed. Maybe he needs more lesbos in his life.)) [5:24] : Triana Mills OOC : Your nood is showing, Kale. lol [5:24] : Triana Mills OOC : Noob! Holy shit, I fail. [5:24] CaptainJenna Gravois was fucking hating life at the moment, "I think I'm don--Br-r-r-rrrrowlph!!" [5:25] Quentin Morrisey pulls out his phone and takes video of this. [5:25] Triana Mills glances over to see a familiar face, to whom she gives a smile. Her gaze quickly returns to Jenna, and she too sighs. "Let it out. It's okay. I don't sleep much." She chuckles softly. [5:25] : Triana Mills OOC : Jenna, meet Kale, my rl boyfriend's AV. :p [5:26] Quentin Morrisey smiles to Triana. [5:26] CaptainJenna Gravois: **The NPC bartender makes his way out to the counter and looks at the blonde projectile vomiting rather bug eyed and sighs as well, "Sonovabitch," he'd grumble under his breath before getting the mop bucket. He wasn't going to get killed by Liberte for leaving yack on the new floor. [5:27] CaptainJenna Gravois: ((waves to Kale from behind the keyboard...yall bringing sexy back?)) [5:27] : Triana Mills OOC : We will be when we log for the night. xD [5:28] Quentin Morrisey: (( Bow chicka bow wow. )) [5:28] CaptainJenna Gravois: photos or yer liers XDD )) [5:29] Janeiro Renard manages to look away from the vomit long enough to blink and shake his head with a shuddered, "Bluuuh" He nodded to Q, and smiled wanly. "Make sure these two don't have any more fun for the month, please." He waved to them, as he made his way out of the bar. [5:29] CaptainJenna Gravois: it's bed time I'd wager...I'm getting silly)) [5:29] : Triana Mills OOC : I would if he weren't cam shy, Jenna. :p [5:30] CaptainJenna Gravois: ((night Jan...thanks for hangin out with us)) [5:30] Janeiro Renard: ((Goodnight!)) [5:30] Quentin Morrisey: "Shit... who am ah ta ruin ah girl's night off?" [5:30] : Triana Mills OOC : Almost bed time for me too. [5:31] CaptainJenna Gravois eyeballs Kale..."uuuuh huh....suuuuuure.")) [5:31] Pilix Nagy: ((back)) [5:32] Pilix Nagy: urf! urf! urf! urf! [5:32] Pilix Nagy: urf! urf! urf! urf! [5:32] : Triana Mills OOC : LMAO [5:32] CaptainJenna Gravois: OMG! XD)) [5:32] : Triana Mills OOC : He's so confused right now. [5:33] Pilix Nagy: ((*totally just raped Triana's man*)) [5:33] : Triana Mills OOC : *pets Lixi for being good* Q? Your turn. Rape him. [5:34] CaptainJenna Gravois: HAH! I'd pay good money to see *that*! Q's so straight he makes an arrow look crooked!)) [5:35] Kale Rodas: /afk [5:35] : Triana Mills OOC :'s bed time I think... [5:35] Pilix Nagy: (('tis for us all.... 'tis for us all.....)) [5:35] Quentin Morrisey: (( wait wha? I don't know if Lixi's a dude or chick. [5:35] : Triana Mills OOC : There're boobs. [5:35] Quentin Morrisey: (( still a cloud. )) [5:35] : Triana Mills OOC : Oh. [5:36] Quentin Morrisey: (( *pounces and rapes Kale* )) [5:36] : Triana Mills OOC : FUCKING WIN! [5:36] Quentin Morrisey: (( IN YOUR FACE JENNA! )) [5:36] : Triana Mills OOC : THIS IS GOING ON FUCKING FLICKR RIGHT NOW! [5:37] Pilix Nagy: ((fuckin.... texture glitch...... BAH... brb....)) [5:37] : Triana Mills OOC : Jenna! Rape him! Quick! [5:37] Pilix Nagy: ((wait till I get back D:)) [5:37] : Triana Mills OOC : He's trying to figure out how to TP away. xD [5:37] CaptainJenna Gravois: I dun have the animation!)) [5:37] : Triana Mills OOC : Just RP it! [5:38] : Triana Mills OOC : Quick! [5:38] CaptainJenna Gravois: oh fine...he lets the big ugy get a piece...but not the lesbian?)) [5:38] Quentin Morrisey: (( you never mentioned it. )) [5:38] : Triana Mills OOC : C'moooon! [5:38] CaptainJenna Gravois: ((Fucks Kale's face like uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss)) [5:38] Quentin Morrisey: (( * pounces, rapes, snuggles, and cooks breakfast the next day. )) [5:38] : Triana Mills OOC : LMAO [5:39] : Triana Mills OOC : And that is all. *goes to post on flickr* [5:39] : Triana Mills OOC : Oh my... [5:39] Quentin Morrisey: It's not gay if you're giving it.. only if you're recieving. )) [5:40] Kale Rodas: Not again.... [5:40] CaptainJenna Gravois: dies laughing! [5:40] Kale Rodas: This always happens to me... [5:40] Pilix Nagy: what'd I miss? D: [5:40] Quentin Morrisey: (( this is why you should Roleplay. )) [5:40] : Triana Mills OOC : XD [5:40] CaptainJenna Gravois: always? You lucky Basterd!! [5:41] Triana Mills: Don't worry babe. Yer gettin' raped again when we log. Mwahaha! [5:41] Kale Rodas: I'm like candy to these people [5:41] Quentin Morrisey: (( Less talkie talkie.. more humpage.)) [5:41] Kale Rodas: I don't even get a drink :( [5:41] Triana
Saint Valentine's Day - Pretty Gifts on Valentine's Day
Saint Valentine's Day - Pretty Gifts on Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day 101- Pretty Gifts for a Surprise It's a great day for lovers on February 14th, which is the famous Saint Valentine's Day. To have a romantic Valentine's Day is every girl's dream, and sometimes, boys also hope to get some surprises during that day. Thus, it's of great importance to do a good preparation on Saint Valentine's Day. The first thing you should do is to prepare a so-called perfect gift. Then, which kind of gifts are popular in Valentine's Day, or what are wonderful enough to touch your partner? 1 Write a love poetry or a billet-doux. Forget about the flowery verse you're imagining with a lot of "thous" and "beset". Over thinking it will only take aware from the spontaneity and fun. If you don't have a lot of prior experience, don't worry about writing a sonnet or even something for public consumption. Write fun, raunchy, bawdy love poetry. If you want to get laughs, make sure it rhymes. Try not to rhyme yourself in a corner (avoid the words "orange" and "vagina"). And if you are not good at writing poetry, don't worry, a billet-doux also can make a great contribution for you. You can tell your partner the story on how you two met, which is a guaranteed beautiful present. Take your time to write out the story of how you first met your partner and how you fell in love. It can be a fun personal exercise in memory recall to do this, focusing as much on the emotional memories as the concrete things that happened. 2 Make a romantic meal. It's a nice choice to make a romantic meal at home instead of eating out. There's no doubt that most people will choose to eat outside and then go to play after eating in a restaurant. So, the restaurants will be so crowded that you have to wait for a long time. It's nothing interesting but boring, is it? As a result, to make a romantic meal is not only wise, but also full of joy. No matter how well or badly you would do in cooking, an exquisitely prepared dinner will make your partner happy and touching deeply. In most couples one partner takes on a majority of the cooking. Even if you love cooking, it's nice to have a night off once in a while, and for the partner that needs some creative motivation to get cooking in the kitchen, Valentine's Day could be the inspiration for you. Check out these great menus and recipes for an easy to make romantic Valentine's Day dinner for two. 3 Make a scarf by yourself. Scarf is a common ornament which people will use always. So, it's a pretty choice to sent a scarf as a present. But, to speak of, a nice scarf bought from a shop or store can never be so good as a scarf made by yourself. Just try to learn to make scarfs, and give your partner a big surprise! It's not so difficult for a girl to make a scarf for her boyfriend, if only she is patient enough. For boys, it seems unbelievable to do that. However, I'm sure that a scarf made by boyfriend could be the most precious gift.

fun things to cook with your boyfriend
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