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Biography of America

NBC News for Education

Footnote (browse historical documents~add annotations or comments to the documents~search for a name, date or event)

Past/Present  Fresh approach to teaching social history to secondary school  students ~is a  digital video game where players live the lives of Americans from eras past.

American History

America's National Parks


Election Links

All About Explorers

Games and Simulations



Indus Valley

Latitude & Longitude




United States

Primary History (includes Greeks, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Children of Britain, Children of WW2)
Stat Planet (Interactive data about our planet... Blog Review)

Smithsonian's History Exporer

eLECTIONS (Your Adventure in Polictics)



High School Money Game



 United States

Show the USA (data by state)
What's in the Wagon (Oregon Trail Activity)

Early US History


PBS Lessons

A sixteen part series of webisodes. You can use all of the webisodes in sequence or use just one episode as it fits your curriculum. The series and the games that accompany it could be good review resources or individualized learning experiences.  Links are below.

Scavenger Hunt Through History (use with above link)
 K-4 Curriculum Guide to SS Games  Everything Maps
photos, news stories, current weather conditions,
articles about the location, events happening in the area
 Medieval Times
 Interactive History    

 United States

Mya Mystery, Great Barrier Reef, King Cobra, Underground Railroad,
Lewis & Clark, Mummy Bundles, other archives



 Virtual Egypt    

SS Interactives

Mission US

Glenn's 15 Sites for SS Teachers

Primary Sources



General Sites

Best of History Web Sites

Name that Flag

Web Explorations on Explorers

Google Historical Voyages & Events

Social Studies Portals

Social Studies Central (Glenn Wiebe collection of links)
Glenn's History Tech Blog is blocked @ school but check it out at home

History for Kids
Kids Past

Lesson Plan Index organized by state

BBC Interactive History 

Time Capsule  (chest with items that kids research to narrow to a period in history)  

 Zip Skinny Info by Zip Code

World History



Beyond Polar Bears & Penguins (Resources for teaching Arctic & Anarctic)


Remix America is a nonpartisan, nonprofit in-browser editing tool that allows citizens around the country to remix the great words and speeches of American History with the hot button issues of today. Use our free online editor to remix America Then with America Now. Declare your patriotism by adding a little historical flavor to the current political debate. 

How are you feeling? Use our remixer to create your own commentary on the current political climate. Talk back to the remixers using the button in our player. Leave comments. And check back regularly for fresh remixes.

The Big Picture (news stories in photographs)

ID the Picture

History Animated Revolutionary War, Civil War, Pacific War grades 6-12

The History Lab  The History Lab™ is an online template where teachers can build primary-sourse based lessons and activities for use by their students. Teachers can store their lessons in the History Lab database and retrieve or modify them at any time.  
The History Lab™ is free for use by all K-12 teachers and university professors who believe in the educational power of primary sources -- the raw materials of history -- and are seeking an effective, pedagogically sound way to incorporate them into their classes.

5th Grade Social Studies