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Research Tools

Basic Steps in the Research Process

*Digital Research Tools (links to recommended research tools ~ organized by purpose)
Library of Congress
Visual Wikipedia

Dictionaries & Thesaurus

Rhyme Zone (Dictionary & Thesaurus)
Visu Words Visual Dictionary
Webster's Visual Dictionary

Ubernot (note taking from anywhere)

Paper Rater ~ online plagiarism detection, grammar, spelling, proofreading





Search Tools

Google's Wonder Wheel ~ Type in your keyword into Google and hit enter.  When the search comes up, click wonder wheel on the lower left.  You will get a web to help you narrow the topic.  Click any of the sub topics to narrow the topic further.
Quintura ~ search engine for kids
Spezify  (Get an overview of any web search visually using Spezify. Spezify is a search engine that provides both visual and verbal results for the search terms you enter)
Twoogle  (Search Google and Twitter Simultaniously)
Yolink ~ a download to expedite your searching
Wolfram Alpha (Computational Knowledge


KMLFactbook (create mapped displays of demographic, economic, and political data. The data used in the KML Factbook comes from the CIA World Factbook. The KML Factbook allows users to to select datasets from the CIA World Factbook and display that data on a 2D or 3D map using Google Maps or the Google Earth browser plug-in. After creating your map you can download the file to use offline in Google Earth.)

Delicious Names and Links
Jen Wagner's Delicious
Sara Glotzbach ~ Elementary Teacher