Wireless Sound Bridge

wireless sound bridge
    sound bridge
  • at the beginning of a scene, the sound from the previous scene carries over briefly before the sound from the new scene begins. Or conversly, at the end of a scene, the sound from the next scene is heard, leading into that scene.
  • Lacking or not requiring wires
  • radio: medium for communication
  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"
  • transmission by radio waves

KRE-8 1
KRE-8 1
By Jose Tomas Deluna KRE-8 (pronounced “create”) is a mobile device that bridges music creativity with communication. The user can use a combination of Instrument Mode, Mix Mode or Record Mode to create music. Not only can someone create music on KRE-8, the user can take advantage of the wireless network capabilities of KRE-8. Music created on KRE-8 can transmitted directly to other KRE-8 devices, broadcasted to allow any KRE-8 user to listen in and contribute, or completed mixes can be stored on the wireless network and be tagged with GPS coordinates. The GPS tagging can be used as a way to display where the sounds were recorded. If mixes were made from the user’s surrounding noises, then KRE-8 indicates that, giving a sense of augmented reality. All of the capabilities are access by a touch screen, a record button, or gestures to allow transparent access w/o inhibiting the user, which could affect creativity. KRE-8 can be sheared on half for Instrument mode. The built-in accelerometers detect what gestures the user is making and can create MIDI-based sounds (computer-based sounds) in the tone of the instrument the user is imitating such as guitar, drums, and violin. Though not meant as an instrument replacement for the professional musician, it can make for a real fun time for the user!
HMAS Vampire Destroyer
HMAS Vampire Destroyer
Australia's largest museum vessel is this Daring class destroyer from the RAN. Special tours above and below decks, with sound and light simulations of life and action on board, are tremendously popular with Museum visitors young and old. Built in 1956 at Cockatoo Island Dockyard, Sydney, HMAS Vampire represents the era of big guns superseded now by the modern missile navy. Her cramped living spaces graphically illustrate the nature of warship design: machinery, communications and weaponry come before the comfort of the many crew. Volunteers operate operate an amateur radio station callsign VK2CCV from the bridge wireless office every Saturday from 0000 till 0600 UTC (the old GMT). Length: 118.65 m overall Beam: 13.11 m Draft: 3.88 m mean, 5.49 m maximum Displacement: 2,800 tons standard, 3,950 tons full load Propulsion: 54,000 shp English Electric geared turbines, two Foster Wheeler boilers, twin screws and rudders Speed: 30+ knots Oil-fuel capacity: 600 tons Range: 3,030 nautical miles (5,612 km) at 20 knots Original Armament: Six 4.5-inch (114 mm) dual-purpose guns in three twin mountings; two single and two twin 40/60 mm Bofors AA guns; Mark 10 Limbo anti-submarine mortar; quintuple 21" torpedo launcher Complement: 219 + 75 trainees (1980s configuration)

wireless sound bridge
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