Wireless neon lights - Mouse wireless review.

Wireless Neon Lights

wireless neon lights
    neon lights
  • Neon Lights is a covers album by Simple Minds.
  • "Neon Lights" (original German title: "Neonlicht") is a song by Kraftwerk, released in 1978 on their The Man-Machine album (released in German as Die Mensch-Maschine). The song was initially a B-side to their single, "The Model" ("Das Model"), but later the sides were swapped.
  • (Neon light) Neon signs are luminous-tube signs that contain neon or other inert gases at a low pressure. Applying a high voltage (usually a few thousand volts) makes the gas glow brightly. They are produced by the craft of bending glass tubing into shapes.
  • Lacking or not requiring wires
  • transmission by radio waves
  • radio: medium for communication
  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"

Playing with food - Part I
Playing with food - Part I
Strobist Info: Nikon D80 - Nikkor 18-135 @135mm (on a tripod) F/5.6, S:1/200sec (to freeze the action), ISO 100 Manual Exposure. Light Sources Used: One continuous neon light source (top-left corner behind the subject) and 2 flashes used. Primary flash, on-camera flash @1/128 from at most 50 cm of distance (front of subject). Secondary flash, Nikon SB600, wireless mode @1/32, positioned left bottom corner of the subject. You can see it reflected on the glass. :) Both flashes controlled on commander mode in camera. A white sheet of paper was placed under the subject (the glass), for more light reflection. All action was triggered by a wireless remote controller. :) Had lots of fun (which I think is necessary) dropping & shooting. :))
Radio Mast Aircraft Warning Light, Old Type
Radio Mast Aircraft Warning Light, Old Type
A pair of redundant neon mast-lights. The glass-fibre dome and 110V supply cable can clearly be seen. The height of each unit is approximately 2'.

wireless neon lights
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