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2K-tan is a Windows-based android. Her body is synthetic, with a texture 96% similar to skin (users saying the difference being a slightly more 'plastic-y' feel). 2K copies most human functions. She eats, sleeps and most of all, thinks, with a powerful dual processor, one half a near-perfect copy of a human brain while the other is a highly efficient computer. She has several terabytes of personal memory and can store additional data to external units. Tasks: 2K was developed to regulate the powerful computer systems of the future, making networks of many powerful mainframes work together efficiently. She can singlehandedly maintain the average home's computer and electronic systems with little trouble, other than a few quirks inherent to her Operating System. She can surf the internet with her mind, able to load pages she finds onto compatible networked monitors. She is slower than Google, but can search unique content intelligently rather than simply by keywords. She can also near-instantly compose basic programs, websites, and documents such as resumes based on available data. Traits: Her glasses were chosen both to give her charm and due to limitations in copying human eyes perfectly. She gets nervous if she loses them, but can make do without them. The ear-like attachments atop her head can come off, but will disconnect her from all networks unless she is hard-wired into them. She likes to keep written files on paper, despite being able to retrieve data instantly from her own mind or from wireless networking. This is partly just because she likes to give her human AI something to do. She is very task-oriented, coming up with things for herself to do if her owner doesn't provide any, and may become depressed if not allowed to do anything. As a system administrator, more powerful than most users need, she may become too assertive in helping the user run their own life. Even if this happens, she will still behave obediently to command prompts. Synthetic Biology: While she has been programmed to serve, she is still similar to a human, experiencing mood changes and emotional wants and needs. She even produces virtual adrenaline under pressure and has a menstruation-like period to regulate virtual hormones. Though she eats, she skips meals unless invited to them by humans, usually snacking regularly on sweets instead. She likes fruits, particularly cherries, and will drink coffee but risks addiction to it. As she is a false life form, she requires little water, but occasionally needs more for body fluids. She also sweats if she overheats. She is sexually capable but not overly desirous by nature, however her dynamic personality holds the potential to fall in love, which is not a particularly well-tested field, and may yield unexpected results. Mods: There is a healthy modification community online, where custom programming can be obtained and run on humanoid androids to teach them new behavior patterns. Anything from languages, accents, encyclopedic knowledge or even alternate personalities can be used. Some mods can also rewrite the unit's physical structure, endowing it with new body functions or even new parts. These can teach new arts, skills and talents, or make the model stronger or weaker, even altering her voice. Mods exist to change the size of breasts, hips, thighs or other regions, and cater to some fetishes, such as causing the increased production of various bodily fluids. Some of these are official, tested, temporary, and safe; others come with warnings and can void warrantees and rewrite vital code. The makers of 2K-tan cannot be found liable for personal injuries caused by these illegal modifications. (2K-tan is intended for near-future RPs, where people have fancy toys but still live normal, if geeky, lives. It's okay if you want to use her for quick flings, but if you ignore her needs completely, you may end up with Blue Screen and other errors. Alternate personality mods can be requested based on any specifics you want. Body mods of course include hermaphroditic functionality, with customizable settings including whether or not she knows what to do with said organ(s). Physical mods will take time to grow, so if not long-term RP, at the least it will require in-game time periods to pass.) ------------------------------------ Boring Version: In the not-too-distant future, computer science had rapidly progressed, leading to multi-machine computer systems so powerful they can barely run themselves. Complex system maintennance networks were developed, however these have a difficult time integrating networks together, proving expensive and inefficient. Artificial intelligence, meanwhile, continued to prove difficult to develop. Computers seemed incapable of making real-world decisions, lacking elements of judgement such as empathy and wisdom. However, advancements boomed when researchers began to unlock the deeper secrets of the human brain, finding ways
Finally here....
Finally here....
It's finally here!!! A couple of things: First impressions, the first thing I notice is that it's...dense. I can't quite explain it, but its well put together, and feels solid. It's not "toy like" in any way. The camera handles VERY differently than the D40 in many ways. First of all, no grip on the right side. BEFORE YOU BUY ONE: Go and hold it, WITH THE STRAP ON. This is important because the trap lug on the camera is normally covered by the dangling strap hoop. So when you hold it like that it might feel alright. However, with the strap on, the hoop is out of the way, and the lug sort of digs into your middle finger. It took about 1hour of handling for me to change my grip to hold it comfortably. After that it was great. I can see this being an issue for a lot of people. View finder: Many reviews say its small, but considering need to fit the aspect ration of 4:3, one gets used to it really quickly. Camera usage: The menu system: is extremely odd, coming from Nikon. "OK" button in the middle of the directional arrows actually acts as "back" or "exit" ehehhe got used to it soon enough though. The Back LCD menu: really useful and, quite frankly, I feel like "hard buttons" for all the settings you can change with 2-3 clicks aren't that important to me. BEFORE YOU BUY: Coming from Nikon, the "fn" or function button was located next to the lens, reached by thumb of the left hand while holding the camera, the "fn" button is now ON TOP of the camera, on the left side. Not really ideal position, considering the way you are kind of forced to hold it ( The only way I can a person pressing that button while using the camera is if they are holding it as a Point and Shoot and using live-view....not that there's anything wrong with that) i.e. can not change settings without pulling camera away. Preliminary image quality thoughts: The first couple of shots I took scared me. I thought I would have to return the camera and take the 15% re-stocking fee hit. THEN I started to dig through the menus, and changed a couple of things. TURN GRADATION AWAY FROM AUTO. That "special feature" while useful in certain situation, produced ALOT of unnecessary noise EVEN at iso100. So, keep it at normal. Noise filter and Noise reduction can be tweaked to personal pref. I set Filter to OFF and Reduction to standard. THEN I took some pictures and were quite happy with it eheheh.... Now the image quality wise, so far I found the D40 JPGs to be slightly less Noisy, but the difference is minor. Color is more accurate on the e-420 however. I feel that with some more tweaking of the settings the image quality will be very good, if not excellent. ( I would say it's a tie, with the e-420 with a resolution edge, and D40 with a Noise edge) My skills had never allowed me to "out resolve" the D40 or any lens, and I HIGHLY doubt my skills will "out resolve" the e-420. One thing is that the shutter sounds really quiet compared to D40. Where as the D40 is a "slap!" the e-420 is more of a "snick!" Not silent, but def. not as loud as D40. BEFORE YOU BUY: Find the PDF version of the E-420 manual online and read it. It'll save you alot of time + frustration + remorse. Kit lens: Very nice, but slow (I was so used to using the Sigma 30mm f1.4 on the D40 hehehe... spoiled). The Bokeh is quite amazing considering its a kit lens. I would even say it's better than the sigma 30mm. (I never found the "unique" Bokeh of the sigma to be very attractive). Very silent focusing, and very light (considering the reach) BEFORE YOU BUY: The manual focus ring is, well, bad. The lens focuses by wire, meaning that when you turn the focus ring, it sends a signal to the body, then sends a signal to the focus motor in the lens, and it moves the elements. Your turning, is in no way mechanically connected to the actual focusing elements in the lens. If that's important to you. Try it out first. Other things to look out for: Coming from Nikon D40, this camera is jam packed with features. All the reviews point out things like wireless flash control and what not, but actual auto bracketing for me was a feature I couldn't believe nikon left out on the D40, Live view will hopefully allow ME to be in more pictures now... All in all, very happy with the camera, Will post pictures taken with it soon, and as soon as the pancake is widely available, I will do a Nikon D40 + Sigma 30mm VS Olympus E-420 + 25mm Pancake comparason PS. if you havn't noticed. Its small.

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