Lg da w5100 wireless home theater system - Handy switch wireless.

Lg Da W5100 Wireless Home Theater System

lg da w5100 wireless home theater system
    home theater
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Home Theater
Home Theater
My home theater that I've been working on. Pieces parts: Panasonic PT-AE4000U 1080p Projector Onkyo TX-NR3007 Receiver/switcher Popcorn Hour A110 Pioneer CLD-S201 LaserDisc Player Sylvania VCR Xbox360 PS2 Logitech Harmony One remote Cheapass old Pioneer mains (3-way, 12" woofers), Junky KLH center, Newer Pioneer surrounds.
My Home Theater
My Home Theater
Rear speakers: KLH AV1001B speakers Here is my current home theater setup. I and very happy with it too as it looks and sounds great. Mouse-over it to see the notes showing each component.

lg da w5100 wireless home theater system
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