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Diets For Loosing Weight

diets for loosing weight
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  • Restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight
  • (diet) follow a regimen or a diet, as for health reasons; "He has high blood pressure and must stick to a low-salt diet"
  • (diet) a legislative assembly in certain countries (e.g., Japan)
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I guess we all have body hang ups some times. But damn its a bad feeling. I have a cut off weight. You know like some people have a pair of jeans that once they dont fit into them they go on a diet. Well I have a cut off weight. I have only been over it once before in my life so Im not doing too bad. But we dont have scales in Mackay so I hadn't been able to weigh myself in a while. When I did finally get down here and on a set of scales I nearly died. I am past my cut off weight. I was WAY past my cut off weight. As in the jeans wouldnt go past my knees kind of past! I know how it happened. Laziness, stress and fast food (again, lazy). But its no excuse. I had been feeling disgusting, I just didnt realise I was looking that disgusting too. That all happened nearly a month ago now. Unlike in the past when I would get close to my cut off and stop eating, I've been a bit more sensible (Ok I didnt have a choice, I had put on WAY to much to stop eating and loose enough without dieing!) I work out everyday, I eat two small meals and one decent one. I dont snack. I dont do fast food. And green tea is my best friend. I weighed myself this morning and I was 300 grams over my cut off. Still not good enough. BUT THEN! I did a poo and am now only 100grams off!!! (you totally wanted to know that, dont lie) Im feeling better. I can do 20 crunches and 20 push ups (girl style, 10 boy), I can do tick-tocks all day and run for 20 mins straight. I think I am the fittest I have been in years. But I still cant face looking at myself not fully covered with out throwing up a little in my mouth. But then, I guess everyone has body hang ups sometimes.
Day 19 / 365 / 2011 - January 19, 2011
Day 19 / 365 / 2011 - January 19, 2011
"Weight Update?" I weigh myself every Monday. For the last nine weeks of 2010, I was 212 pounds. Every week, like clockwork. So I figured that was about all I could accomplish without adding something to my regime, like the dreaded "E" word. Exercise. Like standing on my feet all day, walking almost 10,000 steps a day at work isn't exercise itself. The first Monday of January, I get on the scale and I am 2.6 pounds lighter. I figured it was due to my firing Edwin and working so darned many hours. Interrupts the eating patterns and such. But every Monday this month, I get on the scale and am 2.6 pounds less. I refuse to round down when it comes to weight loss, so we'll go with 210. But it has made these size 34 jeans fit quite comfortably in the waist! In fact, they fit quite a bit better than when I bought them a month or two ago! Size 34's???!!! Nice!! Needless to say, I was feeling quite hot when I went to breakfast on Monday wearing these. Perhaps my New Years resolution on weight should be modified, to be "maintain, or even loose a few more!".

diets for loosing weight
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